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13 Tips for Building a crypto community

13 Tips for Building a crypto community

If you've been around the crypto sphere, you should develop and sustain a network to attract investors. A community will help you reach out to your audience and attract new users. But in today's crowded marketplace, a community means more than just a Twitter following. If you want to have a meaningful conversation, you should use platforms like Reddit or Telegram. A crypto community strategy will help startups stack up above the competition. In this post, we'll discuss how to build a crypto community strategy.

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A crypto project is run by a decentralized community of stakeholders and other interested developers. The stakeholders are those who focus on the execution and roadmap of your project - with the goal of financial gain. This is how Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to capture the attention of the users.

How cryptocurrency impacts value

A cryptocurrency gains value is based on demand and supply. The demand for a coin is affected by many factors like low fees and fast executions. On the other hand, the supply will depend on how many people want to sell their coins and how many coins are mined. Since there's no tried and tested method to build a crypto community, you can start by distributing tokens to ensure they reach the maximum number of people.

But since there are many government regulations, crypto startups sell their tokens to accredited investors. With this in mind, startups should allow anyone to start mining without the pre-sale of tokens.

How to promote a community discussion

For long-term success, you should promote valuable community discussion. The truth is, there're many changes in the crypto space, and the developments are endless. A healthy discussion should announce product developments and respond promptly to concerns. How about establishing a community where people can share their expertise with their peers? A highly engaged online group will increase the customer base further. The trick here is to bring as many people as possible into the discussion.

Even with a real-time discussion, you can talk about the technical aspects and member preferences.

Utilize the NFT community strategy

NFTs offer a direct opportunity for monetization in the creative world. Whether you're targeting the crypto folks or just people who want to trade, you need a focused community management strategy. It requires patience, time, and meaningful planning.

As you develop an NFT community strategy, you should know your goals. Maybe you want to grow the users, promote protocol to more developers, or raise liquidity. The best approach is to sit down with an internal team and discuss what your goals should be.

Educating new users is also vital. That's why you should make it easy for newbies. Another strategy is to cover your community 24/7. With round-the-clock coverage, the investors won't get lost in the weed of a community. Of course, you have to give the members a reason to come back. You can organize events, challenges, or give tokenized rewards.

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Acquire a Blockchain network (users and developers)

Both the users and developers will influence the long-term success of your project. This is where you bring a sense of inclusivity and belongingness. If you're part of the crypto group, you must have noted a variety of people you communicate with. This may include new users, traders, exchange platform owners, investors, etc. With a branded community, you can attract new users.

Reward users and allow them to redeem coins

When you reward users with favorable actions, you boost user engagement. One way to boost your visibility is bringing competition. It's a simple way to get free PR and gain visibility. You should integrate a virtual currency system in the community to reward users for the sign-ups and views they create on the platform.

Protect your project

No matter how efficient you are, there are going to be some disputes. But once the community understands the game, there could be fewer complaints towards the direction of the project.

Be innovative

While effective communication with the community members will steer you in the right direction, innovation is key to success. Members can share knowledge and establish valuable connections on a Blockchain project. With a large community, users can tap into new ideas. A good example is Bitcoin - it's not just about sending money but opening up new possibilities.

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Integrating with third-party apps

There are many ways you can improve community functionalities. You could hold a hackathon, add polls, or integrate with third-party apps. Some of the leading apps include Hubspot, Marketo, and slack.

Incentivize the community

One of the key strategies to building an active community is giving incentives. You can organize social media contests, AMA events, meme contests, trading competitions, or free giveaways.

Collaborate with other projects

While this may sound counterintuitive, collaborating with other projects helps to bring value to users. Also, it allows them to discover new opportunities and tap into a broader community of followers.

Manage your community

Proper management of a community ensures the continued growth of your project. Generally, bigger communities have volunteers who keep things in order. The presence of official representatives will help to engage the community and instill confidence in the crypto project.

But instead of relying on third-party apps, a good company will help you manage conversations. The team will provide you with a roadmap to achieving your goals. Even better, you'll reach out to new users and answer swiftly without missing anything.

Another perk that comes with a crypto community is that it allows for customization. This means that you can create a user-centric experience and merge the company via widgets and expensive API.

By facilitating communal support, you can reshape the customer experience. The online community members come from different backgrounds and experiences.

Telegram does a good job of keeping the conversations open-ended. Don't be surprised if some users question the legitimacy of your project if you have no telegram. This is because the platform allows members to connect with the core teams. Crypto veterans know how the community works.

The network effect

You should invite the community members who are interested in your project. To tap into the network effect, you must be clear about your milestones and how to get others involved.

Get professional help

Sometimes, it's better to leave your crypto community strategy activities to professionals. Lunar Strategy offers a comprehensive list of services, like SEO and social media marketing to build a vibrant community. They are cost-effective and have systems in place to onboard new users.

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13 Tips for Building a crypto community
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