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Backlinks - Easy Ways To Get Them!

Backlinks - Easy Ways To Get Them!

Think about backlinks like building a relationship with another company or a person with lots of influence over their audience. What do friends do? They help each other. So a backlink can basically be seen as one business doing a service to another business by linking content that can be helpful for the audience of the other company.

Ways to Get Backlinks

So what are all the ways a company can get backlinks through? Let's take a look at some of them that can be useful for your company!

  1. Try to ask the other company if they think a link to their site might benefit their audience. It doesn't cost anything and the most awful thing that can happen is that you get a no.
  2. Think about who would benefit from knowing about your website and the content you have and who would benefit from sharing it with their audience? Maybe a blogger?
  3. Why would another company want to share your content with their audience? Check their website and write the content that the audience of the other website would want to know about.
  4. Host An event and receive links from social media followers. An event that gives your audience something useful.
  5. Link to the business organizations you are part of. This can be a chamber of commerce or any industry organization that you belong to.
  6. Go for sponsorship and ask for a link.
  7. Reference a leader in your industry.
  8. Write a blog that expresses strong opinions about things that matters in your industry.
  9. Interview industry experts.
  10. Educate people about your industry. Dedicate some space on your site for this. It will pay off. Google wants to feature high quality web pages and its algorithm is designed to find them.
  11. Create a video and put it on Youtube with a link to the website. The video can contain a special offer or similar which you will get if you follow that link to the website.
  12. Adding content and value on Wikipedia and get a link. Be aware though that what you are coming with should actually add value not only promote your business! You can read more about this following this lin: Wikipedia’s general guidelines for links.
  13. Create quizzes and puzzles. I know it is hard for some industries to come up with clever things. Believe me though. People love these things!
  14. Did you know that getting listed online in business directories also helps? It does so please consider this as well.
  15. Have a consultancy to make a Link Audit.These audits can typically cover things like:
  • Link analysis from Google Search Console.
  • Anchor text analysis.
  • Identification of links that need to be pruned.

16. Get Testimonials. Reach out to your happy clients or customers and ask for a testimonial on their website with a link to your website.

Successful Backlinking

Well, this was only a few of the things that you can do to get a backlink. A backlink that you actually deserve. Because not on this list but on the absolute no-no list. This is a  White Hat list which means never buying links, never hiding links in widgets, and avoiding anything that would violate Google’s guidelines. I know it requires more work and creativity...

Not violating Google's guidelines includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site. There is not really an “under the radar” approach that works for link building. Especially not out of a longer perspective. Google has years of fighting link spam. I think they have seen most of the tricks :) If you think you can do it and not be caught by Google think about a scenario where a competitor reports you to Google… So one good advice; put in that work, play straight, make an outstanding original content and baaam, you are successful!

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Backlinks - Easy Ways To Get Them!
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