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How Can Brave Ads Boost Your Crypto Marketing?

How Can Brave Ads Boost Your Crypto Marketing?

The traditional marketing space is filled with fraud and excessive user tracking. As a result, around 47% of users block ads.

This isn’t a good sign for marketers and businesses. If users don’t wish to see ads, how will your crypto marketing strategy work?

The answer is Brave ads.

Brave is a privacy-focused browser where users opt-in to see ads rather than blocking ads.

Yes, users voluntarily opt-in to view ads. Why? Because Brave blocks all the trackers and shows ads that the users really care about. And guess what, users get paid to see ads. Most importantly, the user's data never leaves their device; all the data is processed locally. Thanks to all this, Brave has a loyal customer base of over 30 million users.

All this is great for users. What about me, the advertiser, you ask?

Well, if the user wins, you win too. Firstly, Brave users have some know-how of the crypto world. Meaning, you are targeting a crypto-educated audience with Brave. Next, Brave has 10x CTR rates than Google, provides more revenue per customer, lowers your CAC, and offers maximum visibility.

It is no wonder why big-name brands like Verizon, BlockFi, Crypto.com, eToro, and Upland, among others, use Brave ads.

That was Brave ads in a nutshell.

Tag along as we discuss how Brave ads can boost your crypto marketing. In this article, we have listed four reasons you should use Brave ads.

4 Ways How Brave Ads Can Boost Your Crypto Marketing Strategy

1. Brave Ads Grab Maximum Attention.

As mentioned, with Brave, users see ads they care about. This implies users won’t just see and ignore your ads. They will engage with your brand.

With Brave ads, users stick to most ads for around 10 seconds. To achieve this, Brave has two ad formats - a) sponsored images and b) push notifications.

Sponsored images are high-definition images of your brand on Brave’s window. These images cover the entire Brave window. As a result, they bring maximum awareness to your brand.

As for push notifications, Brave notifies users with push notifications with a call to action driving users to your website’s landing page. These are ideal if you are looking to increase engagement, bring more traffic, or direct response for your crypto marketing campaigns.

2. Brave Ads Offer 10x More CTR Rates Than Google Or Facebook.

Average web click-through rates fall below 1%. For example, Google has a click-through rate (CTR) of 1% on search results and only 0.35% on display ads around the web. This implies out of 100 people that see an ad on Google, only 1 of them click the presented ad.

Brave offers 10x CTR rates than Google or Facebook. Brave ads have an average CTR of 9%. Brands like BlokFi and eToro have reported a CTR rate of over 12% using Brave. Not to mention, Upland and Nexo achieved a CTR of 15.8% using Brave ads.

Long story short, Brave ensures that your brand gets maximum engagement by showing your ads to users who might be actually interested in it.

3. You Earn Over 2x Revenue Per User With Brave Ads

From the statistics mentioned above, it is clear that more people click your ads with Brave. But that isn’t enough. The users that click your ads should convert into customers to make your crypto marketing campaign successful. And guess what, a significant number of Barve users who click your ads convert into paying customers.

Still skeptical? Let’s talk numbers.

A leader in crypto-financial services, BlockFi, stated that Brave ads helped them in getting 2x more paid conversions than any other paid-media spend. The crypto exchange giant eToro reported a whopping 230% increase in user registration using Barve ads.

The above testimonials indicate that Brave ads outperform all traditional ad metrics and provide the best return per dollar spent on advertising on their platform.

4. Brave Ads Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost By 20% - 75%

Another metric that reflects the success of your cryptocurrency marketing campaign is your customer acquisition costs. If you spend less and get more customers, your crypto marketing campaign is a big hit.

Brave has removed all the go-betweens from the advertising pipeline. You don’t need to negotiate with five or six layers of intermediaries and pay each of them for placing ads. With Brave, advertisers like you directly contact the publisher, i.e., Brave. There are no middlemen. This reduced your CAC by a huge margin.

Further, Brave shows relevant ads to users rather than bombarding them with a hundred unknown pop-ups. And all this while maintaining user privacy. As a result, you convert more users into paying customers with Brave ads.

In short, every dollar of your CAC brings value to your company with Brave.


For Brave, users aren’t targets for your ad campaign. Instead, they are partners that support your business. To achieve this, Brave shows only relevant ads to its users while protecting their privacy. And since consumers opt-in to view ads, your ads get a loyal reach. Thanks to this, your crypto marketing campaign achieves higher CTR and more paid conversions.

If you are interested in Brave Ads then you can send an email to: info@lunarstrategy.com or book a free meeting using this link.

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How Can Brave Ads Boost Your Crypto Marketing?
Shann Holmberg
As head of growth at Lunar Strategy, I understand the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require.

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