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Can Crypto Ad Networks measure up to Google & Facebook ads?

Can Crypto Ad Networks measure up to Google & Facebook ads?


As far back as marketing goes, the audience has always been key, and it is no different within the blockchain, DeFi, and crypto world. Digital marketing has transformed traditional advertising, in much the same way as DeFi and crypto have shaken up the financial sector. Both have gained increasing popularity, and it seems only logical that new blockchain and crypto projects would want to promote their hard work through various social networks and online marketing channels, especially ones that have established themselves as key players. It’s rational, then, that crypto businesses would want support from advertising giants, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. However, within this specialised crypto niche exists an even better opportunity that is often overlooked - the trending Crypto Ad Networks.

Many will rave about the advertising options that are available, but when you really get down to the nitty-gritty, which is the one that’s bound to boost your crypto campaign to the moon? Let’s take a look at Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Crypto Ad Networks in a bit more detail.

Google Bitmedia Facebook

Google Ads


Google’s reach is far and wide and in just one second, has the capacity to cope with 63,000 search queries! The Google ads distributed to the public here are a lot less personal, and people tend to gravitate to them a lot less. That being said, you’re able to target specific keywords, so eventually, anyone who’s looking for that search term will see your ad at some point.


Even though its reach is wide, Google Ads can work out to be the costliest of them all (Facebook/ Crypto Ad Network). Starting from a CPC of just under $1 for the Google Display Network, and ranging between $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network, this makes it almost unfeasible for small companies and brands who are looking at a cost of over $10,000 every month. Even though it does have extensive coverage, you’d need a much heftier budget if you’re opting for Google Ads, and if it isn’t done right, it will be your money down the drain.


Google Ads only allows the advertising of cryptocurrencies under circumstances, such as products/ services related to crypto mining or exchanges (Japan and USA only). You have to also fulfill additional requirements, get certified by Google, be a licensed provider, and ensure the ads are in compliance with industry and legal standards. If you’re planning on advertising across different countries, then you’ll need to apply individually for each one. Everything else is pretty much banned, including trading advice, crypto wallets, the selling, purchasing, and trading of crypto tokens, and so on.

Crypto Ad Networks


Crypto Ad Platforms don’t really differ in any way from the other advertising platforms in question, except that they focus on display ads distribution across blockchain and crypto-related publications. You would still create your native ad campaign and banners, but instead of casting your net far and wide across the web hoping to attract attention from DeFi and crypto fans, Crypto Ad Networks bring the target audience to your front door.

Take the AI-based network, Bitmedia.io, as an example, whose clients reach a monthly audience of over 2.5 billion crypto enthusiasts. With their efficient onboarding process, super responsive support, and a dedicated DeFi and crypto audience in hand, it makes sense to collaborate on your crypto project with advertisers who are already experts in the industry. What’s more, they offer CPM and CPC ad formats and extensive targeting options that are no less precise than what Google Ads and Facebook offer.


Crypto Ad Networks vary in costs, from $0.5 to $5 per CPM or CPC, but considering the billions of impressions advertisers receive (Bitmedia alone attracts 1 billion each month!), it doesn’t seem like a high price to pay.


None. Yes, you read correctly. Crypto Ad Networks solve the issues of banned blockchain and crypto marketing, boasting zero restrictions once your business is approved during onboarding.

“There is no point in downgrading the traditional ways of advertising but the market is, indeed, different when it comes to blockchain. The industry has expanded at such pace that it managed to create a whole new segment of audiences and mediums where the crypto traffic lives. This is where crypto ad networks have the upper hand, because they specialize in the blockchain space and the people who show interest in it”
-Matvey Diadkov, CEO at Bitmedia

Crypto Ad Network Benefits

It’s worth briefly discussing the benefits of a Crypto Ad Network a little bit further, since it’s the main topic of this article, so here’s a list of a few benefits you can leverage by using companies like Bitmedia:

  • Ads are only posted to industry-relevant websites. There are over 500 major crypto websites, attracting a giant crypto audience - perfect if that’s what you’re targeting.
  • Approval is quick and efficient. Marketing campaigns need to be timed well - and you have to be on the ball and ready to whip something up when it’s needed. Therefore you can’t be going back and forth with restrictions and rules and wasted time waiting for approvals. Due to the restrictions of Google and Facebook, along with others who limit or ban crypto advertising, via a Crypto Ad Platform your ad is approved quickly and your campaign avoids delays.  
  • Provide a good stream of great quality traffic for great value. They offer high-quality traffic, promoted on over 500 established crypto websites and platforms that don’t require you to fork out a fortune. There are no expensive CPMs for sub-par websites, mostly because they don’t seem to exist within Crypto Ad Networks.
  • Grant you full control with full support from start to finish. By using a Crypto Ad Network, like Bitmedia, you’ll be in direct communication with a support manager and receive huge support throughout the launch of your campaign, including the manual approval of campaigns as well as the adjustment of bids. If you’re attempting to launch campaigns across Facebook and Google AdSense and they are unsuccessful, you’ll end up with quite an overspend on your marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads


Facebook has dominated social media since its inception, and with over 2.8 billion monthly users worldwide, some of your potential clients are undoubtedly on it. Being a space where many divulge personal details, opinions, interests, and so on, many adverts have also become an intimate affair. Advertisers can use this as an opportunity to dive deep into their ads, targeting values, age groups etc.


The CPC of Facebook Ads starts at $0.97, and the Cost Per Like at about $1.07. Although not particularly expensive, it could certainly work out to be pricey if you miss the mark. These ads must be engaging, targeted towards the right audience, and simply put - done well. If you’re after the highest return on investment, then the ad needs to be right.


2018 saw Facebook’s ban on crypto advertising amidst rising issues with scammers and security. You can still freely advertise crypto events and news, tax services, and general blockchain technology, however, nowadays, Facebook has changed some of its tunes. With permission, and provided you receive confirmation of eligibility and are an approved advertiser, you may have the opportunity to promote your crypto exchange or trading platform, crypto coin, mining software or hardware, as well as trading and investment advice. The sale of cryptocurrencies still remains banned.

Pricing for both Google and Facebook Ads is highly industry-dependent


Although everyone thinks they want to be ‘where the people are’, don’t be too quick to dismiss non-traditional platforms. Yes, everyone seems to be on Facebook and Google, but your particular market might be gathering elsewhere. Many are also disheartened by the harsh crypto marketing limitations and policies implemented by Facebook and Google Ads. Yet, thanks to the emergence of Crypto Ad Networks, a solution to these has been found and the boundaries have expanded. These new marketing platforms allow approved brands to advertise a never-ending array of crypto-related products and services, with no limitations.

Crypto Display Ad Networks offer a better space for you to promote your crypto campaign, simply because they target a wide audience in your niche sector, charge less in the long run, and offer a better return. Choose those with a good reputation, who pretty much welcome you into this sphere with minimum effort, offering unmatched opportunities. Crypto Ad Networks will be central to your marketing campaign and in short, if you want to attract quality traffic, you need to include them.

Are you interested in testing out Bitmedia.io and their crypto ad network feel free to visit their website: Bitmedia.io or schedule a meeting with a marketing expert for Lunar Strategy.

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Can Crypto Ad Networks measure up to Google & Facebook ads?
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CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.

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