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Facebook Shops - A New Platform for Selling Products

Facebook Shops - A New Platform for Selling Products

Facebook announced yesterday that it wants to get a part of the growing online business industry. This by launching Shops, a tool that CEO Mark Zuckerberg described as made for small businesses. Many small businesses had to close doors during the pandemic and needs a fast and cheap online alternative. .

Facebook already has Marketplace, which it launched in 2016. This is though a platform aimed at individuals meanwhile the new Shops is aimed at businesses.

Shops is free for businesses to use. Facebook is counting on this tool to boost the sales of ads. Facebook is at the same time rolling out a tool that will connect loyalty programs with a shopping feature. This is a feature that shows product tags under videos so the consumer can purchase directly while watching a video.

The roll out of the program started yesterday and will continue globally the coming months.

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Facebook Shops - A New Platform for Selling Products
David Kevin Jeppesen
Raised in the spring of technology, solving problems and finding simple digital solutions is part of my nature. I’m a teachable individual who is always eager to learn and develop as a person.

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