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How We Work With Digital Marketing Strategies

How We Work With Digital Marketing Strategies

You know the old saying; you do not see the forest for all the trees. As an entrepreneur, going into the Marketing jungle, it can feel a bit like that. It is easy to get lost and not see the big picture, but to get caught up in the details. There are so many different marketing channels to choose in between. And on top of that many best practices for each channel.

As entrepreneurs, most people are busy dealing with both existing customers and getting new customers. To get the businesses running well and to expand the business.  Even though you can say that there is no bad marketing. Just bad ways to work with different marketing channels. It is advisable to invest your time and money in something that gives a good ROI. For this you have to know how to work with them and how they work the best.

The Effect of Different Marketing Channels

Some of the marketing channels you work with for more long-term goals. Others are the ones that give results faster.

the effect if different marketing channels
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Some marketing channels will drive traffic to the website faster, while other channels will drive traffic to the website in the long run. If you combine the different marketing channels and time perspectives and work long-term, it usually gives a very good result.

How do we work with marketing strategies for companies?

We look at marketing as a whole where the digital marketing strategy encompasses the full range from PPC (Pay Per Click or paid advertising) marketing, social media and SEO. And where we work with all three at the same time.

SEO and digital marketing goes hand in hand. SEO handles the organic traffic while the work with Digital Marketing  strengthens the online presence via social media and paid advertising. Digital Marketing is actually dependent on SEO in order to do a good job. Without SEO, it is difficult to have successful digital marketing. Because Google, and other search engines, rewards good content and quality. This through the quality ranking of web pages.

In practical terms, we work like this

The first thing we do with a new company is to analyze the website and the various marketing channels:

  • Analyze keywords on the website,  where the site stand in relation to  competitors, Domain Authority, keywords etc.
  • Analyze Social Media in relation to competitors. Branding, content, promotions.
  • Analyze previous PPC campaigns and its ROI.

After which we set up a digital marketing strategy that includes all three elements; paid advertising, social media and SEO.

Everything according to the steps below:

  • SEO optimize the website by building the content with keywords so  it meets SEO requirements.
  • Build Social Media and Blogs with SEO Optimized Posts
  • Build PPC campaigns based on keyword and landing page and best practices for creating ads.

Quality Wins in the Long Run

It is important to remember that quality always pays off in the long run. One of Google's most important cornerstones in their quality policy is to highlight quality search results for those who search online. Both in terms of organic results and ads. And we should be happy and grateful for that. Because it means that it is not the size of the company or the advertising budget that decides. But the quality of the content of all one's online presence. An optimized content on social media is just as important as it is with other online presences for a company.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Winners

Building content and online presence with quality and for the long run, is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes you may not be able to wait and then PPC campaigns are good to use. This is also good when you start a new company, new product or service. Or why not when entering a new market or area. No matter where your business stands, you can always reach higher up. Rank better on organic searches, pay less per click on PPC campaigns and have an impact on your particular industry. That is why we work with all three areas simultaneously and in the long term. Long-term congruent activities not only benefit your online presence but also increase your profits in the long run.

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How We Work With Digital Marketing Strategies
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