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Quora Backlinks - Are They Worth the Effort?

Quora Backlinks - Are They Worth the Effort?

The question on everybody's lips is… where do I get a dofollow backlink with authority? What about Quora? Let's take a look at what Quora can do for your website. Quora backlinks can be incredibly useful, but maybe not in the way you thought they would be.

What they cannot do is probably the one thing that you would want them to do. Improve your SEO metrics, with higher domain authority, Trust Flow, rank higher in Google. Since Quora backlinks are nofollow they do not help with this. A nofollow link will not help with the SERP ranking. Keep one thing in mind though, a website also needs nofollow links, and especially from a website like Quora. Google analyses all backlinks individually and there should be a natural balance between dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

What Can Quora Backlinks do for you?

Well what Quora definitely can do for you is to create awareness! Think about it, it is a website with over 200 million unique users, looking for answers. When you answer the right questions with a right and good answer you can be upvoted and seen by many thousands of people. If you include links in your answers they could be viewed by thousands of times every month. With valuable information on your website related to the topic that you are answering it is likely that people will visit your website. This is a referral traffic that can turn into conversions.

Answer the right questions

Answering any and all questions on Quora will not do the magic. You have to find the right questions. Pick the right question in the right niche, with other words a niche that is highly relevant to your niche.

Give some advice, provide a link to your information page or product, and make that link appealing to the reader.

All it takes is one link to a great content

It only takes one link to a great article, and it doesn’t have to be a dofollow link to generate an audience.

If people really like the content that you’re referencing in your Quora answers anything can happen. So, content is still the king!  You could though,  actually generate new dofollow links, simply by placing your links on Quora! With quality content and lots of traffic Quora can turn your lin into a dofollow link. This is nothing that you can take for granted though. You can try some of  these tricks to get a do follow:

  • Write a case study  with tons of great statistics and put it on your website.
  • Include the statistics from your case study as and when appropriate in your Quora answers.

Keep the following in mind with Quora

  • People come to Quora to get answers, proper answers with lots of information. So your view should be that you are on Quora to create awareness and provide answers, not get backlinks…
  • Be prepared that it will take time to find the right questions. Search and you will find but it will not be fast and you have to be patient.
  • Stick to the topics of your niche
  • Give helpful, genuine answers that will help the one asking the question
  • Include a picture, that is always more appealing
  • Place a backlink  to your website only if the content is related to the answer of the question
  • See that the anchor text of the link describes the content

Keep in mind why a forum like Quora is there.  Don’t post irrelevant information on a question just to get backlinks. Be genuinely helpful, spend time on answering the questions with an intent of helping the person asking. If you keep on posting irrelevant information your post will be flagged and your account may be suspended. You can read about the Quora Terms of Service for more information.

Backlinks from Quora might require you to put in some time and effort, as many can witness though, it is definitely worth it even if they are nofollow links! Don't have the time to put in? Don't worry we do it for you! For more information message david@lunarstrategy.com.

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Quora Backlinks - Are They Worth the Effort?
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