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The Google Ads Partner program is a certification system offered by Google to trusted online marketing companies.

The Google Ads Partner program is a certification system offered by Google to trusted online marketing companies.

This article is the perfect solution to your SaaS marketing needs. You will learn strategies to get actionable insights into the most effective methods that you can use today for your SaaS business. It is time to make your business grow faster than ever in 2021.

Even at peak performance, no SaaS platform is ever satisfied with its existing growth rates or client attrition rates. This is precisely why this article will be imperative for your growth now that 2021 is the year of the software as a service business model.

In 2022, SaaS will generate close to $141 billion.

Furthermore, since It is 2021, you better take hold of the different growth opportunities you have at hand. A good recommendation is to read about the SaaS Do's & Dont's for 2021 to ensure everything will run smoothly with the integration of our SaaS growth strategies.

SaaS is expected to bring in nearly $115 billion in 2021 alone.

In today's congested market, attempting to pitch SaaS systems as a conventional B2B solution will almost certainly fail. Moreover, given the rising field of SaaS competitors, most SaaS platforms are so preoccupied with lead generation that they often rely on features and price to close sales.

This is where your business can fine-tune your SaaS marketing strategies to reduce customer churn, optimize pricing, and expand your SaaS subscriptions and ultimately grow faster than ever before as a SaaS business in 2021.

Traditional SaaS marketing methods from the 2000s have proven to be useless. New and fresh tactics are required to meet the level of innovation in these new times. While some SaaS growth hacking approaches are based on more traditional marketing strategies, the whole strategy needs to be rethought, considering how different the trends have become in this day and age.

Let us get into the different SaaS marketing strategies I have for you today.

1. Offering SaaS Trials Are Key

When it comes to the use of free trials, SaaS companies are in an unusual position, as new customers can help move the needle in terms of recurring revenue. Allowing a potential buyer to test out and demo your offering often comes at little to no cost. This is, of course, entirely dependant on your product, but all SaaS businesses should aim to be able to offer a trial for their potential clients.

Moreover, this can be integrated into your SaaS emailing list further to help grow, spread, and expansion of your businesses' client base.

We asked our SaaS marketing clients what video was imperative to their startup? And many of them sent us this video, which we recommend all SaaS businesses to watch.

There are no shipping or return charges; therefore, this SaaS customer acquisition technique has very minimal risk. And a great chance to highlight not only your services but also your customer service and support quality. Conversions to paid SaaS subscriptions may occur without further effort if the product is a good fit, which is why you are reading this. Right?

After the trial period has ended, you can reach out to gather valuable insights about their likes and dislikes while they tested your SaaS platform and peeked beneath the hood. This feedback is invaluable to your product team, as well as your sales and marketing departments. Thus, helping you make the step into the subsequent testing of your product.

If any of the terms that are being used in this article might throw you off, I highly recommend you take a look into our Digital Marketing Glossary, which goes over all key abbreviations we like to use.

2. Content Marketing Is Your Friend

SaaS companies are in a freaky but fantastic situation to use content marketing as a major growth strategy. Customers that are already looking for a solution to their problem on the internet are the most potential audience to try a new SaaS platform.

They frequently concentrate on attributes rather than outcomes. Today’s SaaS marketing is different, and strategic SaaS marketers generate and distribute relevant information to answer the questions the potential customers might have.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as writing a few blog entries. To stand out in the crowded SaaS content marketing industry, you must consistently produce high-quality, persona-driven material. That is not only keyword optimized but also provides value to your potential SaaS customers, allowing them to sell your SaaS platform to their friends, bosses, and colleagues.

Content Preferences Based on Age

This shouldn’t be an issue for SaaS businesses, yet it is all too often. Your SaaS platform is ideally positioned to write as a thought leader on the topic if you’ve put in the effort to generate persona-driven content that speaks to key pain areas.

Consider conversion rates, acquisition costs, and associated SaaS customer onboarding processes while building a SaaS marketing plan.

How do you keep the discussion going and draw leads deeper into your sales funnel without bothering them with cookie-cutter marketing automation emails when someone discovers you as a source of information and a solution to their problem? Do you tailor sales-ready messaging to specific sectors or personas? If you said no, then it’s time to rethink your SaaS strategy.

3. Invest Time Into Your SEO

Optimizing your SaaS SEO strategy is key to growing on relevant, high-value keywords that help grow organic traffic towards your SaaS business. Evaluating your website and adapting it towards a top-notch SaaS SEO strategy will help you save time, money, and mental strength in the future. So when building your website, make sure to follow the best practices for SEO. But you also need to understand that while search engine optimization will help you get leads, it will not help you nurture leads into paying customers.

From that point of view, ideally, the goal for your SEO strategy is to increase ranking and organic traffic from top ranking spots. Doing this will save a ton of money down the road by taking up spots that other SaaS companies are paying significant money for.

When we helped SaaS companies with their marketing and search engine optimization, one of the key mistakes we see them making is their internal linking structure. Almost 90% of the companies we did SaaS marketing services for were missing a solid internal linking structure.

Internal Linking Structure

The first stage is to understand your primary audience and conduct keyword research. Followed by a review of all of your content and meta-data to boost your ranking. Also, don’t overlook the significance of backlinks in terms of search engine rankings. But always make sure to do it in a white hat fashion to avoid any penalties from Google.

A great way to track your organic traffic and how to improve your overall SEO structure. Is by using Google Analytics for your SaaS business which we wrote about a few weeks ago.

Investigate techniques to boost your domain authority by generating high-quality links and referrals. Rather than making assumptions, rely extensively on A/B testing studies to gain information and visibility. This will help you make data-driven decisions in support of your overall content marketing strategy.

4. Use SaaS Review Sites

As customer confidence in online reviews remains stable, the number of SaaS review sites continues to expand. You might discover that potential consumers are using these websites to track down the perfect SaaS business.

Source: Trustpilot.com
Source: Trustpilot.com

As a result, you’ll want to make certain that your solution is well-represented on these websites. If this hasn’t already been a part of your SaaS marketing strategy, you’ll want to check out the leading websites, such as Capterra or G2 Crowd. Make sure you’re listed and well-represented.

Source: G2.com
Source: G2.com

If your SaaS business isn’t already included on popular review sites like the ones mentioned above, send your specifications and value proposition to the site’s editorial team. Some sites additionally have premium features that highlight the key value propositions of your SaaS platform and how it helps others.

5. Enhance Your PPC Campaigns

Do you know what your Google ad quality score is? If you don’t, this could end up costing you a lot of money. Consider a PPC campaign if your content marketing strategy and SEO rankings aren’t generating enough organic search traffic and leads.

Make sure you’re utilizing the proper keywords, long-tail keywords, and variations to get your links in front of the relevant individuals at the lowest possible cost-per-click.

This is where your SaaS marketing plan should consider PPC vs. SEO, which means that your business should use your SEO efforts to help you get top ranks for your top-performing PPC keywords or phrases.

Did you know that while running an enhanced PPC campaign for one of our clients in the field of redirecting users to different test sites for viruses, we managed to grow their monthly revenue by over 100%? That’s the power of running a great SaaS PPC campaign.

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

Keep an eye on your ad quality score as well. Most SaaS firms create a few advertisements and landing pages, then question why they spend so much money on PPC keywords with the highest buyer intent.

Because they are wearing numerous hats within your SaaS firm, no in-house team member will be able to do this effectively. Ideally, your SaaS platform should look at hiring a conversion rate optimization SaaS marketing agency at this point.

This might seem like a coincidence, but you are currently on an article written by expert marketers dedicated to software as a service businesses. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us after reading this article.

But please know that if your SaaS company does not provide a compelling value proposition to potential clients, your ads may not perform as well as you would want, and they may opt to sign up on a competitor’s platform instead.

6. Keep Sign-ups Easy and Short

It’s vital to make signing up as quick and straightforward as possible, especially if you’re offering a free trial to get clients started. Too many steps upfront can sabotage the process, primarily if the consumer isn’t completely sold on your offering.

Examine your signup procedure to determine if there are any methods to streamline or reduce it so that they can start utilizing your product right away.

7. Offer Rewards for Referrals & Affiliates

Customers will go to extraordinary lengths for a free month of service; even introducing a friend or coworker can mean a small new stream of paying customers. Referrals are one of the most effective strategies to reach new clients in SaaS marketing, as they are in every other marketing.

Word of mouth referrals are the biggest growth ever for SMBs
Source: Hubspot.com

A long-term customer who enjoys your SaaS platform is primed to be a great way of finding new referrals. Find ways to encourage your current SaaS customers to spread the word and be compensated for it, whether it’s through subscription discounts, free premium features, or a full-fledged SaaS referral program paying your customers for getting new clients to your platform.

8. Enhance Your Call To Action

Simply asking your SaaS customers to try or purchase your product is one of the most reliable ways to attract more of them to do so. Examine your overall marketing plan and define the following steps you want your visitors to do after visiting your site.

After that, double-check that your CTAs are clear and visible in all of the right places on your site. Make sure the request is obvious, whether you want visitors to join up for a free trial, make a purchase, download a white paper, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Always Adapt Your SaaS Business To Your Audience

These SaaS marketing stratagems aim to generate more high-quality leads and SaaS clients. But keep in mind that in high-churn industries like SaaS, the market is continually evolving, so your team needs to stay on top of SaaS marketing tips and focus on client interaction to reduce churn.

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The Google Ads Partner program is a certification system offered by Google to trusted online marketing companies.
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