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The Importance of Antivirus for SaaS Companies

The Importance of Antivirus for SaaS Companies

As the world has moved to a more remote-friendly working environment, we also see the great importance of each SaaS company making sure all of their computer systems have the most robust antivirus program installed.

The word virus has probably been mentioned more times in the past year and a half than ever in human history. Even if we right now have much focus on a certain type of virus, we still need to remember that there are also digital viruses that can completely destroy our electronic devices by damaging programs, deleting files, or even reformatting the entire hard drive.

New Deceiving Variants

By no means do we want to compare the virus that jumps among humans to the kind that prefers a computer as their host, although a virus attacking your computer system could in the worst case be fatal to your entire company. That is why you need to make sure that your company is safe from cyber-attacks. Even if some viruses and malware are less harmful, they can still disrupt performance, memory and cause frequent crashes.

As our world of technology is evolving and growing, thus are also the variants of threats to or cybersecurity. To understand the importance of fighting cybercriminals, we want you as a SaaS company to be aware of a few relatively new methods of cyber-attacks.

New Deceiving Variants


Besides viruses, we also see Trojans that have started to bother PC users. One big troublemaker, a Trojan called Gustuff, uses social engineering to attack cryptocurrency apps. Gustuff deceives the user and can steal funds from your bank account. To name a few well-known companies that were recently targeted by Gustuff; PayPal, WhatsApp, Skype, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan.

Gustuff is capable of attacking over 100 global banking apps, plenty of cryptocurrency and marketplace applications. By sending you fake notifications it can get into your device if you open up the notification.


We all know what SaaS stands for, but RaaS is the less known abbreviation for Ransomware as a Service which is a growing trend among organized hackers. It is a leasing model, created by ransomware developers who lease ransomware variants the same way legitimate software developers lease SaaS products. RaaS offers anyone, even people without any knowledge of hacking or technology, the ability to use their ransomware service. Normally you can pay a monthly subscription fee, join an affiliate program, or make a one-time lease payment to get your own RaaS kit.

Fake Bitcoin QR Code Generators

With bitcoin QR code generators, you can smoothly convert the bitcoin address to QR codes and get quick access to your money. Although, beware! It was recently reported that hackers are using fake QR code generators to steal bitcoins. They have already stolen bitcoins worth approximately $45,000.

Fake Bitcoin QR Code Generators

Small & Medium Businesses - New Victims of Attacks

Lately, SMB’s have become the new targets for cyberattacks because they are believed to not have enough resources nor the time to fight ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest and spend what is needed to completely guard your company from any future attacks.

Virus Informs That You Are Safe from Coronavirus

While the world is fighting COVID-19, the hackers had the idea of using the pandemic to play some tricks. It was recently found that hackers sent spam mails to Japanese users. The emails inform readers about how to stay protected from Coronavirus. The emails inject Emotet malware into your device and turn it into a botnet.

How to Combat Viruses in 2021 - Get a Powerful Antivirus Program

The best way to keep your PC safe for that uninterrupted computing experience is to get robust antivirus software. One we know is one of the best is Bitdefender. It offers a lightweight and effective real-time antivirus protection against viruses, ransomware, fraud, phishing during online purchases and navigation. It also offers a secured VPN for total online confidentiality.

How to Combat Viruses in 2021 - Get a Powerful Antivirus Program

If it seems fishy, it probably is...

Do not ignore your intuition when you see something that seems a bit strange. Does it look like a desperate ad? Does it seem too good to be true? Or is something simply just a bit off? In the moment of hesitation, the number one thing to do is to search it on various search engines. If you can not find any answers it is always better to ask someone with more experience.

Would you like some more insights for your SaaS company? Here you can read about the "Do's and don'ts"of SaaS marketing in 2021.

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The Importance of Antivirus for SaaS Companies
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