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Top 6 NFT Marketing Agencies

Top 6 NFT Marketing Agencies

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens have dominated the cryptocurrency industry this year. NFTs are available in the form of digital assets. These assets are exchangeable, and this feature makes them non-fungible. You can trade them like physical assets. However, you will have to implement some proven strategies to get the desired benefits. If you hire a reliable and experienced NFT marketing agency, you can get better exposure on social media and search engines. You can reach out to your potential customers and impress them with relevant content.

Experienced professionals will help you to gain credibility and win trust in the crypto industry. Also, they can help you to develop more curiosity among the target. You can reach your audience and achieve more from your endeavour. However, most things will depend on the NFT marketing agency. Instead of new and inexperienced agencies, you will have to focus on reliable, experienced, and reputed companies.

Are you a bit confused? If yes, you can consider going through this article. In the following, we will cover the top 7 NFT marketing agencies. You can check the features and other factors, and then you can decide with a well-informed mind.

Lunar Strategy

You might have come across the Lunar Strategy agency. It is a leading digital crypto marketing company. People find this agency worth spending on since it focuses on modern technologies and approaches to help its customers to get more profits from their goods and services. The agency has skilled professionals to take care of your unique interests. The experienced pros can enable you to get the desired exposure on top search engines and social media. If you have any doubt, you can ask for a free appointment. Yes, professionals will answer your queries. If you find them worth considering, you can go ahead.

As mentioned earlier, the company focuses on advanced strategies. Besides, their professionals will implement policies in advance. It will help you to track your progress more efficiently. Also, there will be no area for confusion. You will be aware of all the stages and can move ahead confidently. The team will decide every step carefully to meet your needs.

Key Features

  1. The agency has skilled professionals with Google and Facebook marketing experience. They know different tools and campaigns. That can help customers to dominate the digital marketing world.
  2. Once you hire the Lunar Strategy, you can notice the difference within a few weeks. The team will work on SEO, marketing, your brand identity, and your target to enable you to get better exposure.
  3. In addition to proven strategies, it will focus on the content. The NFT agency will ensure that the content of your website is genuine, powerful, informative, and relevant. Google uses these considerations while ranking any website.
Lunar Strategy Home Page
Lunar Strategy

Crypto PR

Crypto PR is one of the first blockchain and digital transformation advisory firms, and currently represents multi-million dollar businesses. Crypto PR helps businesses grow a strong identity worldwide by bridging them to key media outlets, KOLs, Venture Capital Partners, corporate and governmental entities across different geographies.

The team come from solid PR experience, having worked for world famous brands before launching the Web3 agency.

Key clients they served are: Avalanche, DEXTools, BitDigital, HSBC, Oxford University.

Crypto PR Home Page
Crypto PR


No Rug Agency is a full-service NFT marketing agency providing access to every resource needed to launch a successful NFT project.

  1. They offer a wide range of resources: From world-class NFT artists to tokenization and staking development. Even A to Z development of Play to Earn games.
  2. The team has access to artists, developers, and the top community partnerships in the NFT space and has helped their clients generate over 50 million dollars.
  3. The company is led by notable and reputable digital entrepreneur Olumide Gbenro who has been seen by millions across CNBC, Forbes, and Asia's biggest news platforms.
No Rug Agency


Crowdcreate is a leading full-service crypto & NFT marketing advisory. Since 2017, Crowdcreate has been a global pioneer in launching and scaling some of the most successful projects in blockchain and Web 3.0 using influencer marketing, community building, fundraising, paid ads, and PR growth strategies.

Key Features

  1. They run one of the largest networks of crypto founders, investors, influencers, and creators; previous speakers at their events include CEO of Solana, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, CEO of Rarible, and 300+ VC investors/influencers/founders in the space.
  2. They've been in blockchain since 2017. In 2018, Crowdcreate helped launched Asia's fastest-selling token sale, and in 2021, they created social media content for top-tier projects such as The Sandbox. In 2022, they created an Expert Network to help projects get connected to top investors, influencers, founders, and key opinion leaders in Crypto & NFTs
  3. They are also expanding into helping projects with legal advisory, M&A advisory, capital raising, and NFT development.
Crowdcreate Home Page


Proleo.io is a new NFT and crypto marketing agency that has already achieved results for its clients. This agency can help you expand your crypto, fintech, or NFT project and give it more exposure. Proleo.io is a fit for projects that prefer a one-stop-shop solution for all and just want a straightforward marketing and public relations strategy for their NFT and crypto marketing efforts. Proleo.io can put your project on the map and give your brand attention through publications, content creation, SEO, and social media promotion.

Key Features

  1. Access to crypto and mainstream publications to make sure the community is caught up with all your project updates.
  2. Influencers marketing on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They provide a timely promotion of your project while focusing on your target audience and goals.
  3. SEO strategy to generate organic traffic, improve your domain authority through backlinks, increase your site’s visibility in web indexes and rank you up in Google search.
Proleo.io Home Page


DAPIXEL is a new addition to the industry. However, it has created a space with its successful strategies. The best thing about this agency is that you will get a free consultation of thirty minutes. It will help you to know the marketing more and decide with a better understanding. You can discuss your concerns and objectives and get suggestions from their experts.

The objective of this NFT agency is to enable users to grow fast and achieve more from their projects. The agency will go through all the possible aspects to work on improvement areas. You can get the desired exposure.

Key Features

  1. Identifies the goals of any project and prepares the roadmap to achieve them fast. The team will work relentlessly to get the best result. You can overcome all the hurdles and reach your target with proven strategies.
  2. Works on your competitors' strategies and finds out the best methods to grow fast and consistently.
  3. It makes the most out of your investment with proven strategies.


An NFT marketing agency can help you to get the desired benefits and exposure. However, you will find many NFT marketing agencies in the current condition. The key is to find the most suitable one. You can consider any of the above names. As all will have unique features, you can go through them to know which one meets the demands of your project. Yes, it is a must to get maximum benefits. It is better to go with one that specializes in different skills. An experienced agency can help to boost the overall look, feel, and exposure of your project. You will get specialized attention and customized solutions in the end. Both these can help you to achieve more from your project.

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Top 6 NFT Marketing Agencies
Tim Haldorsson
CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.

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