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3 NFT projects that aced their marketing

3 NFT projects that aced their marketing

It’s been recently reported that we’ve had an increase of 100% of Ethereum-based collections in 2022.

The Ethereum blockchain now has 80,300 NFT collections, up from 15,540 a year earlier.

NFT addresses on Ethereum have also skyrocketed as the industry is getting traction, despite recent market volatility.

With the general increase, what are successful NFT projects doing to stick out and be noticed?

Learn about three NFT projects that have gone from rags to riches with the right marketing strategies and become the talk of the town.



The term ‘Dippies’ stems from “digital hippies”. And the Dippies NFT project is built around this idea.

Think of them as the modern-day hippies. They share the same values, but they reflect modern sensibilities and technological possibilities.

Their bright, vibrant, and pleasant to look at artwork makes them an attractive NFT project off the bat, however, it’s their marketing that has taken them to the next level.

Their website is as clean as a whistle and brings you on a journey across the ‘Dippieverse’ complete with background music and full-on animations. Their story captivated those who resonate with the values of a hippie and entices them to jump on board for something they believe in.

Fans can additionally show their support by purchasing their flawless merch which is sure to grab the attention of passers-by.

God hates NFTees

 God hates NFTees
 God hates NFTees

God hates NFTees is a great example of marketing executed to the tee, and surprisingly doing so by being a little unconventional when it comes to web3 marketing.

They have caught the attention of NFT enthusiasts by choosing to go against the grain and are now reaping the rewards.

You may be surprised to learn that this NFT project has paved its way through the noise without a traditional website, and instead has stuck to a simple landing page. They also do not currently have a road map and as a substitute troll their users with a simple game on their landing page.

So, what is it that made this project the success that it is today? God hates NFTees launched a genius marketing campaign in which they staged an anti-crypto protest on the streets of Manhatten, bringing their NFT collection to life. Smart, right?

This project goes to show a simple yet effective marketing stunt and choosing to be different is sometimes all it takes to break through the crowd.

Pak - merge

Pak - merge 
Pak - merge 

The Merge by Pak is another example of going against the grain and standing out with originality.

It is the highest price ever paid for a single artwork by a living artist in a public sale, selling for $91 million. With its unique token mechanism called 'merge', the Merge is a dynamic on-chain NFT.

Pak has kept the marketing strategy as simple as it gets, and choosing to stay anonymous throughout the process adds a sense of curiosity to the air, making it an even more alluring project.

Sometimes simplicity is best.

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3 NFT projects that aced their marketing
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