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Adapting and Pushing Harder to Acquire Growth

Adapting and Pushing Harder to Acquire Growth

Some might say it’s a bad idea to take risks in times of uncertainty. Others mean it’s only the valiant that can save the company by pushing even harder to acquire growth.

We Dare You to Keep it Up!

Stay home for two weeks, they said. One year later our world is still under restrictions in a way that we haven’t seen before in human history. It’s a fearful time and many businesses are forced to shut down or stay on the lay-low. Although, if there’s the slightest chance of staying in business, what should be the focus to drive the company towards a brighter future?

we date you to keep it up
Guttannen, Switzerland. Photo by: Fabio Comparelli 

Now, your next moves naturally depend on many factors - from the way your business is set up to the demand, budget, and so on. Not every company is even allowed to stay open by their government. Although, if you are allowed to keep the wheel rolling, even if perhaps slower, it might be a great idea to launch a radical campaign.

Adapting is Key

One thing is certain, the ability to adapt to any situation is a must for any business success. Staying in the know, updating, adjusting, and perhaps most importantly, accepting that things are everchanging is crucial. If you can offer something that resonates with the current mood and situation of people, you will win by default.

Primarily, it’s all about making your target audience feel seen. Next step is of course catering to them at the right time and with the right service or product. Whatever makes people feel a connection is an awakening spark for trust. Remember that what brings forward an emotion is more likely to be remembered.

Photo by: NordWood
Photo by: NordWood

Now, generating this connection with the target audience is the aim of any marketing campaign or strategy. It’s even more important in times when many people feel oppressed, ignored, and most likely a bit lost in the midst of new rules and regulations that are far from natural to humans as social beings.

Simply Connect

We all react differently under pressure. What TUI, the travel and tourism company, realized last year was that many people wanted an escape and a break from the new reality. That’s where they saw an opportunity to launch a powerful campaign and used the theme of escapade to attract customers.

Maldives.  Photo by: Lightscape
Maldives.  Photo by: Lightscape

“A getaway can do so much to lift your mood. As an exercise in positivity and reassurance, the ‘Welcome Back’ campaign resonated. There was no hard sell, offers or deals, just a reminder of who the company is and what it does. TUI is hoping many holidaymakers will now be looking to make up for lost time over the coming months and years. As CMO UK and Ireland Katie McAlister explains, the ad felt like a natural step for the brand,” writes Matt Barker at Marketing Week.

“We take our optimism from the fact that we can provide this escapism and hope, and we know that there’s that demand and desire there, so we feel quite comfortable providing that hope,” Katie McAlister says.

We Got Your Back

Most of Lunar Strategy’s team members have worked for Google Ads previously. If there’s anything we learned from that time is that things change and we need to keep up. No matter how frustrating it may be. The point being, we are trained and well prepared to create the best digital marketing campaigns for your business. We help you push forward for growth when others are trying to hold you back!

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Adapting and Pushing Harder to Acquire Growth
Sandra Vukovic
Content & Marketing Specialist at Lunar Strategy

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