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Best Places For Crypto Ad Banners in 2022

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Apr 20, 2022

Crypto is widely recognized as the internet's currency, yet there have been no large digital marketing campaigns or strategies to raise public knowledge of it. For a long time, major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have prohibited crypto marketing. Learn more about what is allowed on Facebook and Google.

Several blockchain ad network services now allow you to promote bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related adverts on their platforms. Each of these ad networks has its own set of features, pricing, and ad campaign strategies, which distinguishes them from one another.

Let us go over these networks one by one.


Bitmedia would be another cryptocurrency ad network that provides marketers with efficient ads at reasonable pricing. To ensure the best possible ROI for advertising, they carefully evaluate and validate each publication. Advertisers can choose from a variety of targeting options, including Geo, Device, Timing, and Frequency. CPM and CPC ad models are available, with minimum bids starting at 0.0000075 BTC for CMP advertisements and 0.0000055 BTC for CPC ads, respectively. Currently, they just have text and banner advertisements available. They pay publishers in both Bitcoin and fiat currency.


Ad Dragon

In the year 2019, Ad Dragon made its debut. So it's a brand-new Crypto advertising network. It is not an ad exchange, but it does help online ad marketing. It is unlike any other cryptocurrency ad network. It is the world's first DeFi advertising platform, and in a short amount of time, it has risen to become the world's top online marketplace for advertising services.

The platform is the finest alternative to Google Adsense or Coinzilla due to its unique features. The platform's goal is to fundamentally transform the online sector, thus they've created a new marketing model: peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace. Furthermore, they employ cutting-edge blockchain technology to make things easier for customers.

Ad Dragon
Ad Dragon


CoinTraffic is a cryptographic ad platform that has been around since 2014. It offers CPM campaigns and a variety of ad formats, including captions, pop-under windows, and custom ads, among others.

The commissions could be requested at any time, and you would get them on the next pay-out day. The payments are being sent three times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: €25 for BTC and €300 for wire transfer.



Ambire is a blockchain-based ad network that focuses on the issues that affect the performance of ad campaigns. Ambire, formerly known as AdEx, aids in the reduction of fraud, the optimization of campaign costs, and the protection of user privacy. The Ethereum implementation of the company's open-source digital ad technology powers the network.



A-Ads (Anonymous Ads), one of the first crypto ad networks, is a popular choice. The A-Ads advertising platform, like Bitcoin, emphasizes anonymity by requiring no personal information or verification.

You can sign in with a Bitcoin address without creating an account, despite the fact that there is a sign-up page.

A-Ads is well-known for its prompt payment. Withdrawals can be made to an A-Ads account or straight to a Bitcoin address. You're unlikely to run into many issues, and if you do, A-Ads customer service is usually fairly responsive.


The Takeaway

Ad networks that specialize in marketing adverts connected to Bitcoin and other national currencies on relevant sites are known as cryptocurrency ad networks. It's another technique to supplement your website's profits.

There are a variety of networks to choose from, some of which are easier to join, while others are more cost-effective or provide better customer service.

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Your Guide to Crypto & NFT Influencer Marketing For Your Next Project
Your Guide to Crypto & NFT Influencer Marketing For Your Next Project
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With a Passion for Training - Join Our Google Ads Training Program
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