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Combine Competitor Data With AI to Grow Your Web3 Project

Combine Competitor Data With AI to Grow Your Web3 Project

In the ever-growing world of technology, businesses must stay competitive to sustain themselves. That said, in the dynamic, decentralized, and democratized version of the internet - the Web3 - the competition will be stiffer. As businesses have access to more diverse data sources, everyone will keep a watch on their competitors. 

It’s the right time to leverage the potential of emerging technologies like AI. Data being the king, it makes sense to extract and analyze the competitor's information using robust AI tools to stay ahead in the Web3 race. In this article, I talk about how you can tap the power of AI and combine it with your competitor data to arrive at meaningful business outcomes.

Combine Competitor Data With AI to Grow Your Web3 Pro

Leveraging AI to Capitalize on Competitor Data 

Some of the ways to use competitor data in conjunction with AI to boost Web3 projects include:

Use data scraping tools like Phantombuster

Data scraping refers to the process of extracting data from websites. Scraping techniques format the data into a consumable and usable file. Instead of browsing and skimming through numerous websites, data scraping tools like Phantombuster save considerable time and effort by making the relevant data available. Why should I use data scraping?

Well, it essentially cuts down the time, effort, and resources spent going through several websites. Scraping lets us automate several tasks which were earlier performed manually. Some interesting examples include automating your outreach on LinkedIn, extracting leads on repeat, and automating your social media posting.

Use Competitor article titles to create similar titles for your content

It is a perfect strategy to peep in to see what your competitors are doing. I always check on them; I don’t emulate them but consider conducting competitor research. Most keyword research tools provide information on the keywords and the headlines or blog titles competitors use. 

They let you know the traffic volume, paid ads, and more. You could leverage AI tools such as an AI blog title generator or AI headline generator to craft similar titles for your content. AI would ensure that your titles are not just similar but, instead, one step ahead of your competitors.

Use top-class data to create quality content for your websites/blogs

With a huge volume of data out there, it becomes imperative for businesses to use the best-in-class to deliver the desired outcomes. That said, AI tools can help extract top-class data from various websites and offer you the best inputs to include in your content. 

AI-powered software works on algorithms trained to skim the websites and find the highest quality information apt for your blogs or websites. Incorporating such content in your Web3 projects will help you gain an edge over the competitors. 

Use AI to create interesting social media posts

Social media is a great channel to expand your outreach. Through AI tools, it's possible to get information on what trending topics your competitors are posting, who are following them, and more. Use AI and analytics to find specific details and create similar posts to attract the target audience.

Whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can use AI to create engaging text and amazing visual content and increase your brand following.

Closing thoughts

In the world of cut-throat competition, businesses need to stay abreast of technologies. Data being the pivot, everyone is vying for them. Effective content marketing strategy certainly is a mandate to drive expected results. However, incorporating AI in competitor research could make a great difference.

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Combine Competitor Data With AI to Grow Your Web3 Project
Jack Haldorsson
CMO at Lunar Strategy. Been in the crypto space since 2017. Jack leverages his know-how of the blockchain ecosystems and strong KOL relationships to execute result-focused strategies that amplify brand storytelling, drive awareness and grow the project sustainably with the help of Influencer relations.

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