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How to build SaaS website that converts

How to build SaaS website that converts

Without a good website, you don’t have a successful SaaS company, Because a website plays a huge role in communicating the value of your software. So no matter what your product or service offering is, the landing page of your SaaS website is most likely the customer’s first point of contact with your brand. In this article let's understand how we can build SaaS website that will convert

Clear Your Messaging

The only way you can sell more on the website is by connecting with your user. For that first, you need a solid value proposition. I suggest you come up with the value proposition not just by assuming and putting any cool words in it, Best way to come up with a great value proposition that works is to ask, ask your existing customers what they think about your product and make it simple to understand. Easier the better.

Craft a Story

Web pages that describe the best stories convert the more. The most important thing to remember here is, In your story, you are not the hero, Users are the heroes and your product/service is the guide that helps them to achieve their goal.

To craft a good story it's really important to know more about your customers. So here is the trick, Do a little research about who is your ideal audience? What do they like and what they don't? How do they look like? What's their motivation in life? Take user interviews of your previous clients and just learn more about them. The goal of this session is to understand your audience perfectly.

When you are done with copy & strategy

Let's Understand the Design Part Now

When it comes to creating a high converting SaaS website, simplicity is actually a key element. Make it really really simple for users to understand what's going on.

Hero Section

Inside hero section a clear value proposition and clear call to action button or maybe a low transactional form is a good choice. With that use images to visualize your product benefits or any image which tells a story about your software.

Hero Section
Hero Section

If you see the top example, you can see how clear the headline and subhead are. With that, a low transaction form contains only email. Simple and clean

If you see the image, The person is happy with the money he is making from the bitcoin. This is the best way to showcase the story benefits of your app. anyone can tell this story because it's really easy when you see the image. Choose images wisely.

Also, if you see the navigation bar in the example it's clear and easy to understand, browsing through the rest of the web page after the initial customer contact should be a seamless experience. A navigation bar helps smoothen out the user experience during the exploratory phase and allows them to go through the website and learn more about the offerings.

Consistency And Focus on Emotion

Consistency And Focus on Emotion

In the top example, You can see the image used is clearly shows how happy she is using our app, and also the box shows the bitcoins and money. Anyone can easily see this story. On the websites, people don't read they scan so make sure to make each section look a little bit stylish to attract users' eyeballs & Don't make them think Let them feel.

Show benefits of your app in simple points

Show benefits of your app in simple points

Last but not least Sprinkle testimonials on the web page multiple times (social proof is the key) showing testimonials encourage users to buy from you. Because it's a human tendency if other people liked it then maybe, I will like it too. With the testimonials use the same CTA button multiple times on the same page with different encouraging text on it.

Test More Design Less

A/B testing is a two-sample hypothesis testing in order to figure out what works the best for you. You need to constantly test what works for you and what doesn't. With A/B Testing you can also test the web pages before launching them with your previous customers, So you can monitor what they do? Where do they click? What do they like? What they don't like? Before launching your website test it with real users show them to design, prototypes. This will save a ton of time and money.

Dealing with Web Designers

Always remember the person who is designing without thinking about your ideal users are not the best designers. Not every website needs to be an award-winning design in order to achieve its goals. You don’t need to make it pop or create something cool in order to generate more leads. Hire a designer who spends time understanding your ideal customer and actually cares and researches about them.

Hope it helps!

I'm Rohit ( From SaaS Growth Design Team ), I’m sharing tips for SaaS companies on how to Turn Their Website Into A Lead-Capturing machine. If you like what you are seeing give this article a like and make sure to follow saas.growth on Instagram for more content just like this.

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How to build SaaS website that converts
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