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How To Get Started In Web3 Marketing

How To Get Started In Web3 Marketing

In recent years, the marketing landscape has evolved dramatically. As we shift to an era of decentralization, traditional marketing techniques have lost efficacy. In response, Web3 marketing has emerged as a distinctive form of marketing that uses contemporary blockchain technologies and community-centric strategies to create and deliver messages to an acclimated wider audience. So, with that being said we thought we would help to answer the question of how to get started in Web3 Marketing.

If you’re new to Web3, it can be a little daunting trying to figure out where to start when it comes to marketing your project. There are so many options and ways to go about it, and choosing the best platforms and strategies for your project is essential.

This article gives an in-depth guide on navigating the Web3 marketing space without experience or former involvement. We will show you how to start strategizing your Web3 marketing approach with some resources and advice tailored for beginners.

The Basics Of Web3 Marketing

Web3 marketing is the application of fundamental marketing strategies upon decentralized communities using new technologies. The goal of Web3 is to return power and privacy to the community in transparent and decentralized ecosystems. While Web 2.0 had a primary focus on the front end of the internet, Web3 prioritizes the enhancements of functionality for the user at the back end.

This means that to have a successful Web3 marketing strategy, you need to focus on delivering value and cultivating trust with your community/audience. The best way to do this is by building an authentic online presence to find community members passionate about your project or product.

There are six integral steps to start a successful Web3 marketing approach:

Where Should You Start?

1) Determine precisely what you will be marketing

Any marketing strategy starts with introspection; What is the specific project/product central to the marketing efforts; What utility does the project/product hold for potential investors, community members, and stakeholders; What does the ideal community look like?

Defining the answers to these questions will give you a much clearer understanding of how to approach your marketing strategy. Determining your niche can assess your footing in the industry and community. Defining the project’s utility helps you find the unique selling point or USP to attract a specific community. This step is fundamental to starting a coherent Web3 marketing campaign.

2) Develop a substantial understanding of the underlying technology

In this case, the blockchain. Once you grasp exactly how blockchain functions, you can begin to explore ways to market your project or product to a niche target audience. There is an abundance of tutorials and articles that analyze Web3 and its significance in the physical world.

In-depth knowledge about the space immediately transcends marketers beyond traditional marketing and into a world of potential to utilize new technologies for their project’s benefit. However, it is also important to be critical and understand the challenges that come with these modern technologies.

3) Find your niche and establish your community

Another aspect is to understand your community and active members. Who are they? What do they want/need? How can you best serve their interests? By understanding your audience, you can better target your marketing efforts and create content that will resonate with them.

One way to target an authentic community is to be consistent and active on popular social media sites and forums such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. Alternatively, you can also use more specific blockchains or Dapps that have their own dedicated communities, such as Ethereum, EOS, or Tron. Find the platforms crowded with individuals in your target niche and optimize your content accordingly.

4) Spend enough time planning and strategizing

It’s essential to have a clear plan and strategy in place before you start spending marketing resources. What goals do you want to achieve? What platforms and tools will you use to get there? How will you measure your success? There are many key performance indicators or KPIs that you need to consider to strategize effectively and proactively. A concise plan can better focus your energies and resources on achieving your desired results.

The fundamentals of marketing also come into play in the strategy phase. Many traditional models are constructive for developing a coherent strategy for a successful, theoretically-based marketing campaign.

5) Stay up-to-date with the latest Web3 news and trends

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with the latest Web3 news and trends. Regular research will help you better understand the space and how your project or product fits. It will also give you ideas for content, marketing strategies, and partnerships by spectating the Web3 projects dominating the market.

The Web3 space is inherently community-centric and, therefore, volatile to industry events. Staying informed will help you navigate the larger impacts affecting your project and counteract any market occurrences.

6) Create engaging and valuable content

Any marketing strategy’s success relies heavily on producing unique, quality content. It is an opportunity to expertly display what your Web3 project or product has to offer to attract new eyes. You can create a few different types of content, each with its unique features and potential. The main objective of content creation is to inform, inspire, and persuade your audience creatively and transparently.

Some examples include website content, blog posts, social media content, press releases, case studies, e-books or whitepapers, email campaigns, and more. No matter what type of content you choose to create, be sure that it is captivating, accurate, and expertly produced to make a lasting impression. Recently, video content has been a popular type to boost engagement and interest-- this is your chance to put your creativity and persuasive communication skills to good use.

Web3 Marketing Platforms

Now that you have a basic understanding of Web3 marketing, let’s look at some of the most popular platforms in the space.


Twitter is a hub of engagement and interaction for the Web3 community and, thus, essential for growing your audience. With a plethora of active and engaging users, the social media platform provides an extensive opportunity for collaboration, adding value, building trust, and establishing authority. Twitter Spaces is also one of the most potent community-building tools, thanks to a boost in algorithmic exposure.

Twitter engagement tips include optimizing your Twitter profile to present your project, interacting with active users in the same niche, and sharing consistent and quality content with trending hashtags.


Reddit is a platform with a vast array of communities to choose from. It’s a splendid way to connect with like-minded people and participate in lively discussions.

The best way to engage on Reddit is by being an active and valuable contributor in relevant subreddits. You can also consider running ads on the platform to reach new audiences.


Telegram is a popular messaging app in the crypto community. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your audience and provide them with timely updates. You can also use Telegram to run marketing campaigns and host events.

When using Telegram for Web3 marketing, it’s important to consider the app’s user base. Don’t spam users with too many messages or advertise excessively. Instead, focus on providing quality content and engaging in genuine conversations.


Discord is a voice messaging app popular among gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It’s a great place to build relationships and foster collaboration within your community.

Discord marketing tips include creating a server for your project, populating it with relevant channels, and inviting active members of the community. You can also use the platform to run ads and host events.

These are a few platforms available for Web3 marketing-- research and activity on these platforms can help you determine which will best suit your project and community.


Web3 marketing is a unique and exciting way to reach new audiences and promote your project in the evolved marketing landscape. By understanding the nuances of the space and utilizing the right tools, you can counteract any market occurrences with a sound marketing approach and an established community.

As a leading crypto and NFT growth agency, Lunar Strategy guides Web3 projects through the entirety of their marketing initiative, from concept to execution. With experts in various marketing disciplines and an impressive portfolio of clients, Lunar Strategy helps your project reach its full potential.

Are you ready to take your Web3 marketing to the moon and beyond?

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How To Get Started In Web3 Marketing
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