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The Optimal DeFi Marketing Strategy in 2022

The Optimal DeFi Marketing Strategy in 2022

What is DeFi Marketing?

Marketing a DeFi project can be a difficult goal to accomplish, however, there are clear strategies you can use to increase the likelihood of success. When it comes to marketing and communication, digital advertising offers a lot. While we know Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be restrictive, the prohibition policy for crypto is being revised as of lately. Reaching a suitable audience is a doable task with the right information and strategies.

What is Your DeFi Project Type?

Prior to promoting your project, you need to first determine what type of project you possess. You can use unique names for your services as long as you follow with subtext to clearly explain what that particular service means. This will ensure your audience understands you. Keep in mind your users need to see your leading message and tagline right away. When they view your website, this information must be apparent, obvious and easy to find.

How Far Along Is Your DeFi Project?

Once you determine the type of DeFi project you are promoting, you need to define how far along it is. Calculating where you are versus where you need to be is crucial. For example, even if your project is completed, there are always tweaks and updates you can make to better it. Furthermore, the DeFi sector is constantly coming up with new functions on a weekly basis. Even if your project is not 100% completed, you need a comprehensible plan for investors. This is prior to organizing your IDO or ICO. Every DeFi project must include the following if presented to investors in the developmental phase.

  • When you plan on starting the testnet
  • When the mainnet will be available
  • When will additional functionalities be added

If finished, your DeFi project must include the following when presented to investors.

  • Where you will list your token
  • Which partnerships you need for project expansion
  • Which additional functionalities will be included

Is Your DeFi Project Listed?

Generally, the more platforms your token is on, the greater chance of investors recognizing and investing in it. If you are beginning the listing process, utilize PancakeSwap and Uniswap listings. You should aim to acquire listings on centralized exchanges in addition. If your project is listed on a premier crypto exchange, you'll have an audience focused on your project. In fact, being listed on a premier crypto exchange can increase the value of your token right then and there.

Is Your DeFi Project Advertised? Why It Should Be

When you are starting off in this space, no one knows you yet. Therefore, you need to put your brand's name at the forefront. Proper advertising will draw in investors. Furthermore, high-quality advertising prompts visitors to your website and keeps them interested. One of the main ways a DeFi project can be advertised is through Google and Facebook ads. In the past, restrictions existed around cryptocurrencies. Many of those have since been lifted. For example, Google search and display ads are available after satisfying the requirements and getting through the application process.

While Google ads may be more flexible than they used to be, you will most likely not be able to advertise your token. Google and Facebook are both powerhouses and great places to advertise, however, requirements must be met. Once you have an ad up, you can successfully target users. This will allow your message to be in front of the right people. Lastly, keep in mind this process can be done solo, however, you may need the assistance of a PPC specialist due to challenges and intricate details.

Lunar Strategy

Digital marketing agencies, such as Lunar Strategy, are designed to help you reach beyond your expectations. They operate as a DeFi marketing agency and will help you grow your project. The digital marketing solutions from Lunar Strategy are customized for your needs. With the assistance of Lunar Strategy, you will be able to target cryptocurrency-related web pages. This ensures you do not waste advertising on irrelevant or incompatible web pages. Instead, all energy and focus will be directed to users versed in cryptocurrencies. Some places your ad will appear include web pages with crypto articles, crypto-related news, crypto analysis, crypto charts and exclusive content.

All About SEO + Its Importance

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is extremely important for the success of your DeFi project. As soon as you have advertisements running, you need your target audience to search for you and find you. Users may not become customers after the first time they view your products/services, but they will look up information surrounding your brand. Ranking for your brand's keywords is the minimum you should expect from SEO content. Note that Google and Yahoo searches are pivotal in drawing traffic to your website. Let's take a look into the importance of off-site and on-site SEO. Both of these strategies are needed for realizing your brand's potential.

On-Site SEO: Ways to optimize your website, making it easier to find from search results.

For on-site SEO, the focus is on main keywords, title, description, text length, etc. Titles with 60 characters and descriptions with 150 characters typically perform the best on SEO rankings. Images and graphics should always use alt text. This feature is under website accessibility. Creating a section on your website with specific information on how everything works is a smart move. Make sure to utilize relevant DeFi keywords. The best ways to ensure success with on-site SEO are...

  • Use one H1 Title per page only: Use only one H1 per page, as this will yield the best results.
  • Include a primary keyword in the H1 Title: Using a primary keyword in the title is a must.
  • Several H2 and H3 headings per page: Including keywords will increase the number of terms appearing in the search engine.
  • 1-3 internal links per page: These will send users to other pages on your site.
  • Refresh content and update regularly: New and updated content rank better.

Off-Site SEO: Ways to optimize your brand outside of your website.

When it comes to off-site SEO, link building is extremely important because it enables other pages to link back to you. High-quality sources for these links are vital, however, SEO engines pay attention to one thing in particular. Organic links. Organic content with your link will be ranked much higher than index sites. The engine will display web pages to users, ranking them with regard to anchor texts, authority and backlinks. Search engines compare the content of information and allow the organic web pages to rank better. The best ways to expand your list of external links are...

  • Creating Press Releases: Each time something new and exciting is added to your website, send out a press release. The goal is to have other news sites post your release.
  • Guest Posts: Allowing a writer to post on your blog will increase the chance they include that post on their social media and/or website.
  • Social Media References: Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media engagement help search engines rank.

Expanding Your Reach

Websites with the greatest number of backlinks will rank very high and close to the top, if not first. This is how journalists and bloggers discover the content. As they read through it for research, they will link them as references. However, backlinks are not the only roadmap to success. In fact, if you can successfully utilize PR tactics, you can get publishers to post organic articles, press releases and news regarding your DeFi project.

Capitalizing on Social Media + Keeping Communication

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram and Medium are essential for crypto projects. In fact, according to a survey done with over 650 cryptocurrency businesses, these social networking sites were used most, with Twitter coming in at 92.8%. Investors are looking for direct communication channels and expect you to properly engage with your audience. You'll want to show investors you are responsible, responsive and ready to work. Community channels are most common for information such as project updates, new partnerships, a timeline for new additions, etc.

Summing it All Up

Now that you understand the steps needed for success and optimal DeFi marketing strategies, you can begin to implement these into your DeFi project. There are many moving parts to a marketing strategy and cooperation is needed at each level. Don't get discouraged if tasks are taking longer than you think they should. The most important factor is to continue working, marketing and making moves. Once you have your brand and project in front of your audience, there is little work on your part to keep it going. As long as you are consistent with updating and filling in investors, you will have their support.

The best advice is to put yourself in your audience and investor's positions. What kind of information or updates would you like to see? What would you expect from a DeFi project? What strategies would you hope they use? Answering these questions for yourself can really be the difference between mediocre results and exceptional results. Above all, work to build a brand for your project and utilize resources that can elevate your marketing such as Lunar Strategy.

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The Optimal DeFi Marketing Strategy in 2022
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