Make X your best user Growth Channel

Make X your best user Growth Channel

X is becoming the next super app, it’s also the space for the biggest web3 community. In this guide we go over how we help our clients such as OKX, Prime XBT, Oasis protocol,, and more to grow their user base using X.
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In this guide, you will learn:

X User acquisition Strategy

In X marketing, got 2 options, you push traffic to your X profile or landing page. Eitherway you want to have them both optimized for conversions. Once the marketing campaigns start you want to first warm up the audience by building trust & confidence with the user in your ability to deliver.

X ads, PR & Influencer Marketing

We go over the best ways to get traffic and funnel new audiences into becoming users of your product or service.

Battle-tested Strategies & examples

From our experts to you: Everything you need to know about X marketing. Examples, previous results and much more for you to start with your X marketing right away.
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