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The Full Guide to Strategic Fundraising with KOLs in the Crypto Space

Crypto Influencer Marketing

We at Lunar Strategy have been working with Influencer Marketing in the web3 space for the last 3 years evolving how we work, which formats we use, what platforms we work on, and always keep expanding our network to stay up to date with the most relevant Influencers in the space. All of our Influencer Marketing specialists have been carefully educated by Lunar Academy and have extensive knowledge about web3 marketing.

What We Do
We help Web3 projects create strategies that lead to growth through the use of Web3 influencers. With a diverse network of Web3 influencers ranging across different niches, locations, and followings we are able to provide a seamless Web3 influencer marketing experience.
How We Do It
By creating a pitch deck that the influencer will use to understand more about the project, we create an engaged and mutually beneficial relationship. We help projects establish partnership guidelines and expectations with the influencers, as well as, negotiate the best deal possible.
Why Do We Do it
The goal of Web3 influencer marketing is the building of authority in a niche or industry by utilising some of the biggest voices in the Web3 influencer space. Through getting brand recognition via the Influencer's audience, and making people understand what value your project brings to the market.
& Web 3 Growth
We excel at building authentic communities by curating bespoke Web3 and crypto activations for growth-ready companies. Applying our industry-leading expertise gained by collaborating with 100+ Web3 clients and launching more than 1,000 campaigns since 2019, we know what actually works.
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