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Web3 Paid Advertisement

Our paid advertising solutions includes everything from strategy, ad creatives to picking the most suitable platforms to get the best possible chance of reaching your paid ads goals. At Lunar Strategy, we have managed 50+ paid advertising, working around policies and mastering the best practices of each platform.

What We Do
Web3 advertising helps both unknown and known projects alike. Whether the goal is that much-needed initial exposure to a specific target audience or if it’s a longer-term awareness strategy does not matter. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising comes in handy at every stage of a roadmap and, when done correctly, is highly effective.
How We Do It
Knowing a project in detail is of utmost importance. This knowledge is necessary for marketing efforts to be successful, so the first step is to meet and learn about objectives, unique selling points, and the problems a project is solving. After establishing this, we start working on a tailored strategy that fits the needs of any given project. All PPC platforms offer different audiences and demographics, each with pros and cons, which we utilize to your advantage and generate the best results possible.
Why Do We Do it
Community building is vital in the web3 space. This is how projects thrive and grow but what if there is no community yet? How can some activity and traffic be generated? If the marketing budget allows it, paid ads often are the answer, as instant traffic is guaranteed. Suppose the project has something unique and meaningful about it. In that case, the ads will be highly effective at finding and driving more interested people to the website, Discord or Twitter profiles.
& Web 3 Growth
We excel at building authentic communities by curating bespoke Web3 and crypto activations for growth-ready companies. Applying our industry-leading expertise gained by collaborating with 100+ Web3 clients and launching more than 1,000 campaigns since 2019, we know what actually works.
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