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3 Best Marketing Channels For GameFi In 2022

3 Best Marketing Channels For GameFi In 2022

Ever thought of marketing GameFi but don't know where to go? Don't worry, and we got you. This article will discuss the three best marketing channels for GameFi in 2022. We will help you set up and find the perfect channel to market GameFi and build a good marketing and gaming community.

What Is GameFi?

Just a refresher, GameFi is a combination of gaming and decentralized finance, DeFi for short. This concept relies on blockchain technology-based gaming and decentralized financial instruments. This includes lending, borrowing, yield farming, token minting instruments, algorithmic stable coins, Nft's, Etc. the assets you get in the games have no value outside of that game's universe. When invested by the players, these assets transform into cryptocurrency and DeFi products.

GameFi is a popular way that mixes earning and gaming, with players playing different games that would reward in-game currency accompanied by a marketplace and a token economy governed by the games community. This model of GameFi opened the pathway to a new way of earning and using cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology allows players to buy, sell, and trade digital assets with a zero-fee transaction rate. With this unique way of investing, followed by thousands of active players, GameFi is an established and rising blockchain ecosystem.

Marketing Strategy for GameFi
Marketing Strategy for GameFi

What Channel To Use?

There are several channels one can use to market GameFi. You can have popular influencers market the pay to earn games, have social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to run ads about GameFi, or promote them in crypto ad networks and platforms. With the right GameFi strategy and channel, you will surely be successful in marketing GameFi.

Influencer Marketing

Getting a famous influencer or influencers to play and talk about GameFi Marketing can surely boost the popularity of GameFi. Influencers are famous online personalities with thousands or millions of people following and idolizing them. Having these influencers share and discuss GameFi with their millions of followers will increase more players in GameFi, thus increasing the market and making the community bigger. The channel for influencers marketing GameFi is a successful way to popularize GameFi even further. After all, word of mouth is a traditional way of marketing that surely will get the crowd talking and looking.

Facebook And Instagram Ads

Ads have always been helpful when you want to spread the word about a specific topic or market a particular product or item. Why not use ads to market GameFi? Popular social media places such as Facebook and Instagram have millions, billions, or even more people usually logged in every day. Having ads about GameFi and its gaming to earn the market will surely gather the attention of these two vast communities.

Young adults are typically most active on these two social media networks. Gaming and earning is a surefire topic that can be easily marketed to the young adult generation, mixing two topics youngsters and business-minded people are interested in. GameFi is also already on the platform of Facebook, making Facebook GameFi easier for social media users active on Facebook.

Crypto Ad Networks

These crypto ad networks are ad platforms focused on promoting crypto-related projects. These platforms allow crypto-oriented businesses to market their campaigns and ads. To make your marketing strategy, a success, including a crypto ad network as your ads channel will significantly help attract traffic to GameFi, increasing its community. These channels for cryptocurrency are a primary platform to advertise cryptocurrency advertising.

There are a lot of various crypto ad networks that can help you channel and market GameFi. Here are a few examples of excellent crypto ad platforms.


This crypto ad network has thousands of crypto-based websites and campaigns running on its platform, and they also offer various options for its advertisers. This includes geo, timing, device, and frequency for your marketing ads. This channel attracts around 1 billion impressions every month. To add, it has over 20 million visits. Using this website to market GameFi is sure to get a good impression because Bitmedia.io has a strict verification check that allows only legit impressions to its advertisers, removing fraud impressions, traffics, and bots.

Ad Dragon

This crypto ad network is the first decentralized financing platform. This platform is pretty simple to use, and the seller will create their online store with their services posted on the platform. Advertisers can browse through their services and purchase the one suitable for their budget and needs.


Coinzilla is a popular bitcoin ad network, and this platform only supports sellers who have their websites at least three months old. Along with that, their website must be user-friendly and must have fast loading speeds.

AdEx Network

This crypto ad network provides their publishers with accurate time reporting, ensuring the publisher maximum transparency to their crypto ad network. AdEx Network handpicks their sellers, removing low-quality, scammy and pay2surf sites.


This Belgium-based crypto ad network provides quality advertising for its publishers and advertisers. Their quality is top-notch, adding an anti-fraud mechanism that identifies bot and spam traffic. They provide real-time performance metrics to help you better track your ad reach.

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Key Takeaway

GameFi Marketing may seem tricky, but with the right gamefi strategy and channel, marketing this earn and play medium can be done quickly. These three channels can surely help market gamefi and increase its community. Having an influencer to help popularize and advertise the platform further can increase the interest and community of gamefi. Having popular social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to run ads about gamefi can help market the medium better to social media goers, attracting casual and business-minded people to enter and try the earn and pay medium.

Lastly, crypto ad networks are a great way to promote, market, and channel gamefi. These platforms have a broad audience reach that focuses on cryptocurrency, garnering the attention of people interested in this topic. Choosing the right channel for your marketing strategy is crucial, and these three suggested channels can guarantee your marketing success if used properly.

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3 Best Marketing Channels For GameFi In 2022
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CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.

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