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Best Crypto & Web3 Subreddits

Best Crypto & Web3 Subreddits

Introduction to Reddit for Crypto Enthusiasts

It's hotly debated whether the web2 Reddit platform’s censorship model is wholly appropriate. Still, its open-book strategy has led to it being one of the busiest social media self-publication platforms in the world - specifically in America. 

In fact, Reddit is the seventh most visited website in the United States, so it's no wonder that it contains some of the best - and worst - community-created content from crypto and web3 users - along with many other topics.

The Structure of Reddit

Reddit is structured into a number of communities, focused on major topics and themes. These communities are named subreddits and Reddit has become a favorite place for crypto community to share all things crypto.

From crypto traders sharing crypto trading strategies, bitcoin memes, cryptocurrency news, new non-fungible tokens, and digital currency launches - to discussions on the open financial system and decentralized applications - there's a Reddit group for almost anything in the crypto world.

Introducing Crypto Subreddits

Subreddits are basically community pages where users can share relevant posts, and other users can vote on that content. The voting system is pretty simple - a thumbs-up gives a post one point and a thumbs-down takes a point away. 

The post with the most points in a subreddit remains at the top of the thread - drawing more views and engagement than less relevant posts lower down. It's important though to do your own research - even the best subreddits attract promotional posts which the community sometimes pushes along with the publisher.

Reddit adopts Web3

Reddit has also made strides into the web3 world since launching its own NFTs through ‘Blockchain-Backed Collectible Avatars’ which it sells, priced in USD, through its own storefront. These “Avatars” are actually NFTs on Polygon. The ownership is by default on a Reddit wallet called Vault.


Crypto and Web3 Subreddits

Searching Reddit for the communities in the world of crypto & Web3 can be a little overwhelming with all the options out there. Whether you’re interested in crypto trading, a specific token, or looking to mint your NFT collection, the crypto and Web3 Reddit community has content for you to consume.

A huge crypto community

In fact, there are more than 230 active crypto subreddits on the platform at the moment, establishing it as the go-to platform for all crypto-related discussions.

Our list of the Best Crypto subreddits

To save you some time in filtering the best crypto & web3 subreddits - we’ve listed our picks of the best crypto subreddits for anyone in the crypto industry to join. 

Have a look below - and remember, as a community resource, Reddit attracts some interesting opinions from diverse crypto enthusiasts. Be sure to vote the great advice up!

1) /r/CryptoCurrency



Of course, we’re starting with one of the largest subreddits of Reddit crypto. In r/CryptoCurrency, you’ll be able to find everything from threads regarding crypto news, crypto exchanges, investing tips, memes, the best crypto wallets, and cryptocurrency projects.

As one of the first cryptocurrency subreddits, it’s members are highly active. Here you can participate in market discussions and delve into breaking news about different tokens and blockchain-related projects. 

The Size

This subreddit is our biggest crypto subreddit with 5.9 million members.

2) /r/CryptoMarkets



The r/CryptoMarkets subreddit is ideal if you are a crypto trader. The threads are full of discussions about buying and selling tokens, including application tips to help you better analyze the market.

Here you'll find trading education, discussions around pricing, technical analysis, and reviews of cryptocurrency fundamentals on coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as many other altcoins.

Different discussions review crypto projects and trends, market sentiment and opportunities.

The Size

The Crypto Markets subreddit is one of a few which have affiliated Discord servers and has 1.2 million members.

3) /r/Bitcoin



Are you looking for content that can quickly get you into the culture of Bitcoin? Then check out the OG of crypto subreddits – r/Bitcoin. Here you’ll find discussions and breakdowns of everything related to the first-ever cryptocurrency - bitcoin.

As one of the bitcoin branded forums not taken over by the team behind Bitcoin cash (that's at r/btc) - in this forum, you can expect to find some maxi's here. These guys are focused only on building bigger stacks to leave for future generations.

On r/Bitcoin you can expect twitter screenshots of famous crypto CEO Michael Saylor and other people dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the very first cryptocurrency.

The Size

This Bitcoin sub has been around for most of the last decade and has 4.2 million members, making it into the top 50 most popular subreddits.




Want to know more about crypto technology or share your knowledge? Check out r/CryptoTechnology and participate in technical discussions on blockchain technology.

This subreddit passes off a ”serious vibe”, so you can expect discussions around decentralized finance, payment providers, and the latest technology updates in the crypto space. This is a good subreddit if you're into deep-dive understanding of blockchain technology.

The Size

If you're into memes, maybe check out one of the other subreddits in our list. This community has 895,000 members. But's it's only large - it's one of our top crypto subreddits because of the high quality of the posts.




While you may opt for an Ethereum subreddit over r/Altcoin - the biggest of the generalized altcoin subreddits - there is no shortage of content here. Many threads for new tokens are covered as they are created.

You'll also find in-depth threads about several popular altcoins such as Ethereum, Stellar, and Ripple. With such a broad title - you’ll find everything from breaking news to token updates.

The Size

As one of the oldest subreddits - it's surprising that it has only 230,000 members. For the quality of posts and active engagement from its members - it ranks up there as one of our best crypto subreddits.




As the title of this one implies - if you want to be part of the general crypto discussion community - r/Crypto_General is the subreddit for you! As a medium sized community, this is a great place to get started and ask questions about the general market, or the big-picture crypto world.

The Size

This community is about 72,000 members strong with about 150 users active at any given moment.




r/Web3 must be one of the fastest-growing subreddits on the topic of web3 and cryptocurrency at the moment. Its bio claims "Web3 is a vision, idea, and movement for a decentralized web."

It goes on to highlight some of the great claims about Web3 and the future of the individualized internet. With Web3 being such a new topic, this is really a very popular crypto subreddit.

We enjoy the tone of engagement as people are excited about what is being built. You'll find a ton of rabbit holes in this forum where you can learn all about the future of the user-owned internet experience.

The Size

r/Web3 has 26,000 members and a very active, although smaller community. We consider one of our go-to subreddits where our team has been able to contribute.


If you're reviewing or launching a cryptocurrency project, then you'll be well suited to investing some time in the exciting world of crypto Reddit. You can even learn what the best native cryptocurrency is to use for your project.

As a trader or investor, you'll be able to discover the latest currency shifts and launches as you explore the various crypto subreddits above. Whether you select a smaller subreddit or dive into one of the highly active trading threads - you'll be sure to get a lot of opinions!

Final Tip
And that brings us to the final tip for this post - be sure to test all those opinions you come across on these subreddits. As it is mostly an anonymous platform - the users have no risk in sharing their opinion. It's up to you to do your own research and due diligence.

So, what do you think of our picks for the Best Crypto & Web3 Subreddits? We hope you find the info you need out there!

If you're still confused or have specific questions about Web3 - reach out to our team!

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Best Crypto & Web3 Subreddits
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