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How to leverage AI to grow your Web3 social media?

How to leverage AI to grow your Web3 social media?
Ways to Leverage AI to improve your Web3 Social Media

Web3, the decentralized iteration of the internet, is already in. This holds the potential to open the gateways for a completely new dimension of content marketing. 

Besides being decentralized and transparent, Web3 focuses on unleashing the power of emerging technologies like AI. Whether it is web pages, social media, or any channel, effective content certainly matters. 

In this article, I walk you through the various ways you can leverage AI in your social media marketing in Web3. 

Ways to Leverage AI to improve your Web3 Social Media

Use AI to develop social media posts

AI can make creating social media posts a rewarding experience. In my personal opinion, AI tools like AI writers or those which create visual content like images, videos, and memes could significantly help in creating powerful Web3 social media posts.

Harness AI to brainstorm ideas for writing 

Quite often, when I experience a situation like “writer’s block”, I seek the help of my technological comrade - AI. With its vast potential and robust features, AI never lets me fall short of ideas. For my social media articles, I generate a content calendar using AI software which takes just a few minutes. In addition, while some may argue that AI lacks the human touch and such, I strongly feel that these tasks are performed very smartly and efficiently by these intelligent bots. 

It’s much easier to use an AI-enabled tool to create an SEO-driven content calendar. All that I do is enter the main keyword into the keyword-adding tool. It searches Google for each keyword and returns those you must target with the same write-up. AI can go a long way in addressing the challenge of facing a crunch of ideas for developing Web3 social media posts.

Text and Visual Content Creation

AI text generators are highly powerful software that generates text by collecting data from available sources like web pages and videos on the internet. Text generators analyze the content written on earlier occasions and identify the patterns and trends and suggest new ideas for creating better-quality text.

Visual content - videos, memes, images, etc. - creates a significant impact on social media. The message conveyed received a better response when supported with appropriate visuals. AI image generators can do all this and more in just a matter of time.

Editing, Rephrasing, and Polishing your content

Whether it’s social media or blogs, editing and polishing your content is a must. In the case of social media, it’s more important as your connection, followers, and many more will be instantly viewing it. If I need to make a mark, this is absolutely essential. AI performs all the tasks - fact-checking, style, SEO, structure, and presentation. 

Besides, AI tools are a great asset in my arsenal when it comes to rephrasing. AI writing assistants rephrase and polish the sentences beautifully to impart a professional, conversational, or informal tone, as needed, to the content. They structure the flow in a way that sounds natural and coherent. In my opinion, this is a very much required feature, as in the case of social media, I need to put forth my message in the most powerful way. It’s like, “You make or break it!”

Social Media Ad Campaigns

AI image generator, AI text generator, and other software can be used to create highly effective Web3 social media Ad campaigns. These tools are adept at carving really impactful content that will drive traffic on social media.

Closing thoughts

Web3, the next powerful version of the internet, aims to revolutionize the way we think and use technologies. To find the true essence of our content marketing goals, we need to effectively exploit tools like AI. In particular, social media, which is the most widely used channel, can offer a lot when used in conjunction with AI.

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How to leverage AI to grow your Web3 social media?
Tim Haldorsson
CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.

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