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How will AI Change Web3 Marketing in 2023?

How will AI Change Web3 Marketing in 2023?

Web3 marketing is not just evolving; it’s already in. Unlike Web2 marketing, it focuses on applications of advanced tools and technologies. 

Web3 marketing, characterized by decentralization and ubiquity, aims to provide enthralling and interactive ad opportunities to marketers. It opens up a plethora of diverse strategies that marketers can leverage by accessing data from a number of sources. With Web3, the creator economy was born, emphasizing the ownership philosophy. 

In this article, I bring forth some ways AI can dramatically transform Web3 marketing in 2023.

AI’s Potential to Transform Web3 Marketing in 2023

AI’s Potential to Transform Web3 Marketing in 2023

Relevant and Targeted Ads

Web3 will change the way we think about data, and AI will make marketing more intelligent. With greater access to more sources, AI will consider a lot of “relevant” data to understand and analyze user behavior and patterns. From social media to Blockchain transactions, AI will be able to access everything (due to the greater transparency and the decentralized nature of Web3), thereby recommending only relevant ads to the targeted niche audience.

Using AI to manage data

With Web3, user profiles would be single, and there wouldn’t be the need to create separate ones on each platform. That said, as Web3 is decentralized, with access to user profiles on one platform, say Facebook, AI can gain access to the user data on others as well. This implies there’s a huge load of data to manage. However, with AI, all this will be simplified, and large datasets will be smartly managed, producing meaningful insights for users.

Marketers will become more creative

With the perfect combination of Web3 and AI, marketers need to get more creative. I believe they need to become more skilled, develop an appetite for risk, and be willing to experiment with new things if they wish to stay ahead. AI will eliminate the routine tasks of marketers, pushing them to go the extra mile to create something unique.

AI will make marketers more prudent

AI, being completely automated, will pose some threats like the intrusion of hackers, the use of deep fake videos and pictures, and the faster spreading of misinformation. This means marketers must become tech-savvy, understand the nuances of technologies, and be aware of these malpractices. Scamsters could use false logos or hack payment information and such, which could adversely impact the customers or prospects. 

More customer-centric marketing

With Web3, marketers will have access to more data sources. In addition, AI can help marketers understand the target customers better by analyzing various kinds of data. These data include but are not limited to customer interests, preferences, demographics, buying patterns, and more. AI holds the potential to sift through large volumes of such diverse data gathered from different sources and interpret them to draw meaningful conclusions and make informed decisions.

Marketing makes true sense only when it is customer-oriented. Besides, the power of AI will also help convert the leads by analyzing and understanding these various parameters for them. In essence, AI will boost marketing efforts, making them more focused and increasing ROI. 

AI cuts down wasteful marketing expenditures

Through targeted marketing efforts, AI ensures that the funds allocated for marketing are used judiciously and that the desired activities are performed to convert or retain existing customers.

As AI focuses on data-driven marketing approaches, the outcomes are realized within the planned timelines while controlling costs.

Closing thoughts

Web3 is a transparent and decentralized iteration of the internet and holds the potential to completely revolutionize the way we used to think. AI is always capable of “intelligent” actions. That said, I strongly perceive a bright future ahead for Web3 marketing, provided AI is used prudently and judiciously by marketers.

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How will AI Change Web3 Marketing in 2023?
Shann Holmberg
As head of growth at Lunar Strategy, I understand the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require.

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