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Is Quora The Best Platform To Advertise Your Crypto Project?

Is Quora The Best Platform To  Advertise Your Crypto Project?

Is Quora the best platform to advertise your crypto project?

Quora is one of the largest Q&A platforms. In fact, this is something between a forum, a social media, and a website with reviews. Here they ask questions, share knowledge, ask for the opinion of specialists, experts, and just people with experience in the topic.

Quora has existed since 2009, but the ability to launch cryptocurrency marketing has been available only since 2016. The reputation of the user account, the value of information, and the detail of the answer are important on the service, and if we talk about advertising, then the usefulness and relevance will be in the first place.

Otherwise, it can nullify all your efforts. The site has formed its own community of cryptocurrencies and NFT, in which the opinion of the participants has a high degree of importance and trust.

Quora was not created for self-promotion, but to provide the best answer to a specific question. It is this tactic that will form a different opinion about you and your NFT or crypto project.

What is the difference between Quora and social media?

There are 4 things that make Quora stand out from all other social media.

The first thing about Quora is that the platform provides value. By participating in discussions on the platform on the topic of cryptocurrency and NFT marketing, you should try to be useful, be honest, and you will receive the same in return. This is correct and this is how this mechanism should work.

Whenever you share useful content, create a video on your YouTube channel, or engage in any other type of content delivery activity, you should always focus your attention and efforts on delivering quality content to your audience. Always be helpful before asking users to do something.

The second feature of Quora is that users are waiting and looking for your answer. That is, you are offering what the audience needs as opposed to when you post content to Instagram or Facebook. In this case, you are publishing certain content for a huge audience, but you do not know whether users need this information or not, whether this content is useful to them.

On Quora, a quality answer will always be waiting for millions of users because it addresses a specific question. If you do it well, the platform will reward you with more views, comments, and positive votes.

The third feature of Quora is that the published content will always be relevant and remain in the topic of the given question in the feed. It is likely that someone will need an answer and will find yours even after a few years.

The fourth feature of Quora is that it is highly optimized for search engines. When a person searches for something on Google, the chances are high that the answer to this question will be published on the Quora Platform, and the result will be on the first page.

Which business is right for Quora

Quora is a relatively young but promising advertising platform. The platform has gathered a more professional audience when compared with Facebook, review sites, and forums:

  • 300 million monthly active users, 15 million daily users;
  • covers 250 countries: mostly the USA (35% of the total audience), India (21%), Great Britain (6%), Canada (4%), Australia (3%), China (2%), and in general - the whole English-speaking Internet;
  • audience: 43% women, 57% men; 65% of users have higher education; 75% of all sessions are mobile traffic;
  • separation in terms of advertising: 60% - b2b, 40% - b2c;
  • 400+ thousand themes, the most popular are crypto marketing, NFT marketing, entertainment, cars, culture, travel, shopping, fashion, and design.

This is a social service with the usual ad formats, but atypical presentation: ads are "hidden" in the questions and answers of individual company specialists or the company's general account.

Advertising on Quora Ads is suitable for:

  • First of all, you should use Quora for your crypto project or NFT, there is everything you need for this, and most importantly, a huge community that every day is looking for answers related to cryptocurrency and NFT.
  • Companies providing services (marketing, SEO, finance, audit, law, photography, design, health, and beauty, setting up contextual advertising, etc.).
  • Companies that produce a product more for b2b.

Advertising here will help increase traffic to a corporate blog, tell about a new product or service, increase awareness and trust in the company as an expert in a niche, and as a result - get conversions and regular customers.

What are the benefits of Quora Ads for crypto marketing?

Low competition. Quora Ads is still an unpopular channel for online advertising: so it is easier to stand out and increase your brand awareness.

Engaging a real audience and targeting users to specific Q&A rather than broad trending topics or user profiles like Twitter or Facebook. You will hardly find unnecessary information here: user responses compete with each other, and Quora chooses the best one based on views and likes.

You have the opportunity to show your expertise, make yourself known to a relatively narrow circle of people interested in the topic, and gain the trust of the community.

A useful and popular answer with a link to your site can rank high on Google's Result Pages (SERP).

You get indirect access to new audiences interested in your topics through Quora emails. The platform automatically generates newsletter digests. However, using the promotion of strong and most informative answers, you can get into the collections.

Native advertising, where you very naturally promote a product or service by answering questions and linking to a landing page, can drive traffic to your site and conversions.

In this case, there are 2 options: use existing pages or prepare new ones for a specific answer.

Analyzing WHAT is asked, you will understand HOW to answer, what content to do, what kind of advertising is better to launch. If you see someone asking how to choose a PPC agency, mention your services and include the site URL.

Quora Ads targeting features

Quora has several targeting options.

Contextual targeting. Ads are shown to people viewing certain content. You can choose the type:

  • Topics: showing in questions of the selected topic. The principle is similar to the campaigns in the Google Ads display network, in which the display is selected on the pages of sites with a specific topic.
  • Keys: Show in questions with the specified keywords.
  • Questions: showing in specific questions. Similarly, as in Google Ads, when you select specific sites, applications, videos, YouTube channels.

Targeting audiences that have already interacted with ads match similar audiences or contact lists. In essence, this is an advertisement for remarketing lists. Therefore, it is better to use it in cases where you already have some information about users.

Behavior targeting. Focus on interests, query history, and prior questions. Very similar to interest-based audiences in Google Ads and Facebook. The maximum browsing history is 30 days. But the problem is that not all conversations that will show your ad are targeted.

Broad targeting. Broad reach ad for maximum audience impressions by location of the device.

However, when setting up targeting, you can use the function to exclude a specific question, location, or a specific audience. It works like Google negative keywords.

Quora vs Facebook

Facebook, for all its marketing components, is primarily a social media platform that brings people, their families, and friends together.

While Facebook is the leading marketing tool for both new and old businesses, at the end of the day, you'll wade through a puddle of images and other social media campaigns just to reach your customers.

Creating a Facebook page related to your business will do nothing if you cannot reach your customers. Facebook marketing is exceptional, but it is also incredibly costly and eats up your financial resources.

The best Facebook comments are not necessarily written by experts, as there is no well-thought-out structure for filtering out meaningless comments. Unsurprisingly, "sarcastic humor," "insults," and other nonsensical comments flood your Facebook posts.

Quora is a knowledge portal. If the public chooses the best answer, it is almost always filled with excellent writing skills and has a detailed explanation. Unsurprisingly, writers who are fluent in English end up on Quora putting their literary skills to the test.

Facebook is adding ads, while Quora is a blank slate of expert answers to keep your eyes busy. There are no gimmicks like click-baits and memes here. Quora is strictly professional and helps you attract leads.


Quora is the perfect platform for cryptocurrencies and NFT marketing. You can promote your crypto brand by posting quality content to your target audience. If you act correctly in promoting and distributing links to your resources, then Quora will reward you with thousands of views, which in the future will grow into a large number of potential customers.

On Quora, it's important to study the audience, questions, answers, concerns, "pains", expectations. Therefore, careful preparation of personalized original materials for advertising is imperative. But promoting on Quora is well worth the effort.

We recommend starting with one ad type and a narrow audience. Try different options and approaches. Invest time in building a reputation and responses, and then you can count on results.

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Is Quora The Best Platform To  Advertise Your Crypto Project?
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