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Not On Google Shopping? Now Is The Right Time!

Not On Google Shopping? Now Is The Right Time!

COVID - 19 may forever have the landscape of retail. This with many brick and mortar retailers having to close their doors. These weeks of isolation have changed the shopping behaviors for about 90 % of the population. This shift in consumer behavior, from brick and mortar retail to e-commerce is also expected to continue after the crisis.

Google Shopping Opens Free Listings

In the middle of this, Google is opening up the avenue for retailers with their unpaid listings where the Google Shopping Tab will primary consist of free product listings.

“For retailers, this change means free exposure to millions of people who come to Google every day for their shopping needs.  “For shoppers, it means more products from more stores, discover-able through the Google Shopping tab. For advertisers, this means that paid campaigns can now be augmented with free listings. Bill Ready, President of Commerce, Google.”

With hundreds of millions of searches on Google each day this opens an avenue of unlimited opportunities! Existing Merchant Center with shopping ads going on does not have to change anything. The free listing is an add on, which gives you an even better chance to be visible.

Perfect Time to Set Up Or Optimize

If you do not have a Merchant Center account and shopping ads yet. This is the perfect timing to set it up.

Like Google Shopping Ads, the free listing will we done through Merchant Center and the product data feeds. You only need to set up a Merchant Center and take in your product data feed. As a reminder, do not to forget to opt in on the function “ surfaces across Google”.

Google, who strive to have consumer friendly ads with strict quality policies, will undoubtedly keep these policies intact. The shop should be user friendly, transactions transparent and clear for the consumer. For a web shop with optimized product descriptions and titles and with a user friendly process, this is gold worth!  More than ever before, there is a need for SEO optimization of the product descriptions.

Great News with other words! To know more about the changes and how we can help you, reach out to christina@lunarstrategy.com.

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Not On Google Shopping? Now Is The Right Time!
David Kevin Jeppesen
Raised in the spring of technology, solving problems and finding simple digital solutions is part of my nature. I’m a teachable individual who is always eager to learn and develop as a person.

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