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The roles in a thriving community: Community Manager and Community Moderator

The roles in a thriving community: Community Manager and Community Moderator

Managing a community is essential for a business in Web3 and crypto for several reasons. First, it helps build and maintain trust with users. A strong community can provide valuable feedback that can help improve the product or service. It can also act as a sounding board for new ideas and help to spread the word about the business. In addition, a well-managed community can support and assist users, helping create a positive experience. However, running a Web3 community is not a one-man show. It takes a team of dedicated individuals with different skill sets to make it successful.

With that said, several essential roles must be filled for a community to be effective. This article will look at the roles of the community manager and the community moderator.

What is a community manager?

The community manager is responsible for the overall management of the community, including setting the goals and objectives and planning and executing activities that will help achieve those goals. The community manager is also responsible for maintaining relationships with community members and providing support and assistance when needed. In addition, the community manager should actively promote the community and recruit new members.

What is a community moderator?

The community moderator is responsible for moderating the community forums and ensuring that discussions remain on topic. This includes monitoring posts for spam or abusive behaviour and taking action as necessary. The community moderator also helps to keep the forum organized and flowing by providing structure and guidance. In addition, the community moderator may also be responsible for creating and enforcing community guidelines. Both the community manager and the community moderator play essential roles in the success of a community. Without both, the community would likely be less effective.

Hire an agency to manage your community full time

Outsourcing your community management to an agency is a great way to ensure that your community always has someone there to manage it. This can be especially helpful if you have a large or active community. An agency can provide the workforce necessary to keep up with the day-to-day management of the community and provide support when needed.

Remember, the aim of community building for Web3 entities is not to have every community member actively involved every day but rather to have a dedicated group of users that feel ownership over the space.

When you have this passionate group, they will organically bring in new members, keep the quality high and make your job 10x easier.

There are a few key things to look for when hiring an agency:

  • The agency should have experience managing communities for Web 3 entities.
  • The agency should be proactive and have a clear plan for how they will manage your community.
  • The agency should be responsive to your needs and be open to feedback.

A Web3 agency such as Lunar Strategy, for instance, offers its clients a plan of action based on the objectives mentioned by clients. Lunar Strategy's team takes the first step to introducing one of their community managers, who sets the tone seamlessly while onboarding new members and creating a sense of belonging within the community.

Community managers at Lunar Strategy will curve the community into personas to target and boost engagement by segmenting active topics and defining objectives to ensure expected levels of engagement are achieved.

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The roles in a thriving community: Community Manager and Community Moderator
Adam Westerén
Adam's passion is to create self-sustainable communities in the Web3 world. He enjoys when you create a Web3 community that can grow by itself. This is what he does in his current role as Head of sales.

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