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The Top 10 Web3 Influencers To Work With In 2023

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Jan 4, 2023

The Web3 marketing scene is a nuanced space where crypto, NFT, GameFi projects, and more communication with their audiences in the virtual world. Since the desire of mastering bitcoin emerged, a whole new world was born—the world of crypto influencers that are trying to relay the messages and uses of the cryptocurrency space.

crypto currency

Crypto and blockchain technology has created a new dynamic for many a content creator. With the promise of huge returns in the cryptocurrency space, crypto influencers wanting to be the next Bitcoin Jesus, Girl Gone Crypto, Brekkie Von Bitcoin, Crypto Jebb, Ben Armstrong, or the famous Bitboy Crypto are arriving in their thousands.

These influencers discuss everything from bitcoin news, current crypto investments, bitcoin trading, the latest change in global bitcoin law, new digital currencies, strategies for crypto investing, cryptocurrency trends, and their take on technical analysis of an asset providing excellent value to the cryptocurrency world.

Utilizing some of the most famous crypto influencers and some of the biggest names in the crypto world can drive tremendous traffic to your project. Nearly all investors are looking for a credible source of information when making decisions around crypto investments and cryptocurrency trading.

Gaining a competitive edge in the early stages of your decentralized project is paramount, as the community is one of the most crucial elements that influence the success of your marketing efforts. Crypto Influencers with massive Twitter or Instagram account help you along the way!

We have all seen influencers on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, traversing cyberspace in their natural habitats discussing digital currency or next-generation virtual influencers like Lil’ Miquela, expanding the realm of artificial intelligence and virtual influencers.

Famous crypto influencers are almost a dime a dozen these days, and each crypto enthusiast with a crypto project wants to work with the leading crypto influencers.

But how can you find the best Web3 influencer specific to your blockchain project to tap into the target audience you are looking for?

Our influencer management and marketing specialists have compiled a list of the top 10 Web3 influencers you can consider for your 2023 marketing strategy.

But first, let’s briefly contextualize the powerful tool that is influencer management and marketing.

What Is Web3 Influencer Management and Marketing?

Marketing with influencers in Web3 is a strategy that enables you to tap into vast audiences by working with influential personalities in the crypto world. Crypto influencers use social media platforms like their Instagram account, a popular youtube channel, or they have grown Twitter accounts.

marketing influencers in web3

Web3 and crypto influencers are an excellent way for crypto newbies and any crypto enthusiast to stay updated with the latest crypto insights.

More popular cryptocurrency influencers have become crypto experts in many senses and provide the crypto community with the latest on new and existing projects to assist others in unlocking digital currencies.

Instead of directing your marketing efforts to a broader pool of prospective community members, you can employ marketing with influencers to communicate your project’s message and build relationships with your community by proxy via an intermediary - your ideal influencer.

A Web3 project’s success is tied to leveraging crypto influencers, and decision-making in the space is frequently based on social signals. In other words, the best crypto analysts should have crypto and blockchain related content that their audience is engaging with regularly.

Top crypto influencers have added unbelievable value to all things crypto. A crypto influencer wants their audience to be completely engaged in their content. Top crypto influencers do this standard practice with the way they present their content.

By promoting your project to their fans, the influencer demonstrates their interest and trust in it, which will carry over to their viewers and finally cultivate trust from audiences who may not have heard of you otherwise.

Getting involved in Web3 influencer marketing is not rocket science, but it does require a focused effort toward finding the influencer/s who can cause a significant boost in interest, reach, engagement, and conversions for your project.

With so many influencers active in social circles, how can you ensure the influencer you choose to work with will deliver the results you desire?

Before Picking Your Influencer

Research and strategy are crucial in the majority of digital advertising and social media marketing techniques.

before picking your influencer

You need to spend enough time on influencer research and direct your efforts toward finding the best crypto influencers. With the crypto market and sentiment for the blockchain world in a steady decline in recent months, choosing the right crypto influencer for your project could be the difference between success and failure.

We're not talking about finding the next Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, one of the youngest crypto billionaires and regular contributor to bitcoin magazine, Ben Armstrong (bitboy crypto), girl gone crypto, Crypto Jebb, or Ivan on Tech for your project. We're talking about choosing a cryptocurrency influencer or a few crypto experts that represents the value of the project and is in the right niche.

Top crypto influencers tend to cover a wide variety in the crypto market to appeal to a bigger audience. Some tend to speak about passive income from crypto, others about different cryptocurrency and blockchain projects

After following a few youtube top crypto influencers and a few Instagram crypto influencers, it will become evident that you need to select top crypto influencers with an engaged audience and promotes content in line with what your project wants to promote to the crypto world.


Choosing the most relevant influencer will directly impact the results of your campaign, and you want to make sure you are investing your resources into an influencer with potential interest in their direct audience. Top cryptocurrency influencers with an engaged audience can change the trajectory of a project in a few short weeks.

Furthermore, your designated budget will be the main determining factor when choosing your influencers. The partnership between yourself and the influencer needs to be mutually beneficial, so you need to approach influencers whom you can compensate for their services.

Here are some steps to consider when scouting influencers:

Clarify Your Campaign Goals

Your strategy is easier to compile once you define your goals. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Your crypto influencers campaign should be based on a coherent idea of what you want to achieve and a plan of action.

With all of its cryptocurrency and blockchain industry analysts, and crypto traders, the crypto industry is a great way to share cryptocurrency news and improve follower counts on your social media platform. Crypto influencer marketing can completely revolutionize the experience of a project in the cryptocurrency space.

A cryptocurrency influencer should be a crypto expert in everything related to crypto trading and the cryptocurrency market, and they should produce crypto related content reflecting this. The content created for your project needs to be perfectly aligned with the objective of your campaign.

Once you have a clear goal in black and white, finding those cryptocurrency influencers who can align with your overall goals will be more convenient.

Define Your KPIs

establishing key performance indicators

Choosing the correct KPIs can be daunting, but the main thing to remember is that your KPI framework should be clear to people using and measuring it.

If you are using Instagram crypto influencers to promote your project, it's essential to understand what success looks like.

If you are looking at top crypto influencers to help with your marketing, Key Performance Indicators will assist in understanding the success of the collaboration.

Consider the critical marketing funnel metrics that every Web3 project should measure to determine the efficacy of marketing efforts and strategies.

Once you know precisely which KPIs you’re working with, you can strategize accordingly.

Finalize Your Roadmap And Milestones

Web3 communities need to see where you are heading with your project with a visual overview that describes all the goals and deliverables.

finalize your roadmap and milestones

Milestones are a great way to checkpoint the successful completion of significant events, tasks, or groups of tasks along your project’s collaboration with a crypto influencer.

A transparent roadmap will inform the crypto influencer about your plans and allow you to align your efforts to achieve a common goal.

Tone Of Voice

Define your tone of voice and core message by asking yourself how you want to communicate and connect with your audience as a brand. Will you have a formal or informal tone of voice in your marketing?

Top crypto influencers won't work with brands that speak in a way that is completely removed from their usual narratives and content. Most will refuse as it might cause damage to their reputation as a crypto expert.

tone of voice

Having a clear idea of how you want to communicate with your audience makes it easier to find cryptocurrency influencers who can align with your tone while incorporating their personality and creativity.

Aligned Target Audience

If you partner with a crypto influencer, but their target audience does not align with your ideal community member, it would be a maldistribution of time, effort, and resources.

make sure the influencer is in line with your audience

With the technology we have at our disposal to help us analyze audiences, it is easy to ensure that the crypto influencers' user-generated content (UGC) will trickle down to audiences who are most likely to become fans of your Web3 project.

Following this top-down approach will enable you to reach your ideal and right audience via crypto influencers they already trust.

Find the best tools when  by checking out our guide to influencer management and marketing success.

The Most Active Platforms

Being active on a consistent basis on social media platforms with the highest volumes of active and engaged Web3 enthusiasts is essential.

the most active platforms

Twitter and YouTube are Web3 hubs, and it would be beneficial to focus your efforts on social media platforms that are the most likely to generate the interest and conversions you are looking for.

Again, working with a top-down approach of first vetting the most active platform and then reaching out to a prominent influencer on that platform is a suggested approach.

Now let’s finally outline the top 10 influencers you need to check out for your 2023 marketing campaigns:

Note that these influencers represent a wide spectrum of categories - from trading to GameFi.

Macro Influencers 

Macro influencers are typically internet-made celebrities on a social media platform or are podcasters, bloggers, etc., usually unrelated to Web3 and have 100k-1m followers.

macro influencers

Although working with more prominent influencers means reaching a larger audience, they are significantly harder to partner with if you don’t have a budget to match.

PRO: High value in brand association, better CPM and impression rate, and mass awareness.



Crypto Banter is a live crypto streaming channel that covers topics related to the crypto market like Bitcoin, breaking news, news updates, altcoins, and more daily.

Involved in the crypto space since January 2021, the Crypto Banter channel operates at high levels of ethics and education to bring enthusiasts the information needed to navigate each aspect of the crypto space.

Below is a featured video where Crypto Banter discusses the future of crypto gaming.


Bitcoin, crypto, educational content, reviews, and analysis.



DataDash is a crypto influencer that servers aas a hub for viewers of videos related to cryptocurrencies, crypto trading, and financial markets.

Linked to the Twitter of content creator Nicholas Merten, who has been in the space since 2017, DataDash is one of the largest YouTube channels for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

Click below to view the most recent video on the channel.


Bitcoin, crypto, trading tips, SQL & data analytics.



CryptoBusy is a resource for crypto news, reviews, and more.

Owned by Tom and Josh, who have been in the crypto space since 2017 as cryptocurrency influencers, CryptoBusy was created in 2018 to educate crypto enthusiasts.

Click below to view a video where CryptoBusy discusses the recent FTX scandal.


Bitcoin, crypto, educational content, reviews, and analysis.



Crypto Crow is the YouTube channel associated with Jason Appleton, crypto educator, entrepreneur, and Cardano advocate.

The channel began in 2017, discussing cryptocurrency projects and blockchain news. Crows Nest is a channel featuring scripted research into the blockchain and crypto space in 12-minute videos.

Here is one of Crypto Crow’s most-watched recent videos about 8 Layer 1 blockchains to watch in the bear market:


Bitcoin, crypto, Cardano.


Micro-influencers are cryptocurrency influencers that tend to have higher engagement rates and higher content personalization, resulting in more authentic content and more trust from their follower base.

micro influencer

Among Micro-influencers are subsections like Native Web3 influencers, for example, who have gained clout from the Web3 world, so their followers turn to them for related advice.

Their follower bases can sometimes be less, but followers are far more active, loyal, and engaged.

PRO: More affordable, diverse reach, authentic content, and high engagement rates.



The Millennial Market is a channel dedicated to investment education, including stocks, cryptocurrency, and other assets.

The channel releases YouTube videos on a near-daily basis, and the Twitter account is equally active in sharing information about $LUNC tokens, crypto, and more.

Click to view the most recent video from The Millennial Market:


Crypto, Bitcoin, stocks, $LUNC.



Zueljin Gaming is a channel by Zueljin, a gamer, NFT Enthusiast, and influencer, dedicated to games in general and with a recent focus on blockchain and NFT games.

The channel is a hub for gamers interested in NFT games, Play-To-Earn games, and more.

Click the video to view a paid promotion video by Zueljin for Voxies.


Gaming, GameFi, NFTs.



Crypto 4Light is a Youtube channel about cryptocurrency, NFTs, metaverse, and reviews of crypto tokens.

The channel is focused on the idea that the Web3 industry will alter the future, and is geared towards the financial freedom of subscribers and fans.

Here is a video where Crypto 4Light discusses Schnoodle Finance:


Crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs, metaverse, trading and indicators, technical analyses.



Tom Games NFT is an NFT games review channel that features the experiences of Tom investing in several NFT game projects.

The channel is described as unique, fun, and entertaining while educating viewers simultaneously.

Click below to view Tom Games’ video about the Olympus NFT game.


NFTs, gaming, DeFi, educational content.



Fomotion is a community-centric daily content YouTube channel featuring videos about the latest crypto news, airdrops, hidden gems, and the newest coins on the market.

After joining the space in March 2021, Fomotion, along with its community, looks for magic 100x coins and keeps members up-to-date with everything crypto.

Watch this video for a breakdown of the best crypto launchpads:


Crypto, news, analyses, and educational content.

Influencer Campaign Features & Benefits

Let’s outline some of the features and benefits that have been proven to go hand-in-hand with successful influencer campaigns:

what are the benefits

  1. Web3 projects are building meaningful relationships with their audiences via third-party influencers, which boosts credibility.
  2. Web3 projects can recycle content creation from the influencer in the form of user-generated content.
  3. Web3 projects are creating partnerships for the long term and cultivating authentic and engaged ecosystems.
  4. Web3 projects can stay relevant on social media due to being featured on influential accounts in the cryptocurrency market.
  5. The combination of Web3 projects and cryptocurrency influencers influence the purchase decisions, opinions, and actions of consumers in favor of the involved parties.
  6. Web3 projects can organize events on social media communication channels to feature their influencer for extended content creation opportunities.

Ideas And Market Trends

Web3 projects are more likely to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and community members when they reward users.

Giving special access to events and items, providing rich value, and cross-marketing across multiple platforms to strengthen funnels are examples of making community members and influencers feel valued, thus inspiring better efforts and results.

ideas and market trends

As mentioned previously, blockchain technology and crypto marketing depend on the community to a degree, given the industry's inherent decentralized, people-centric nature.

If you find unique and exciting ways to incorporate value-driven incentives via your influencer to the community, you’re going in the right direction.

Trending community incentives include whitelisting, giveaways, social media features, and good old reward systems.

Tips And Tools

There is an abundance of new technologies and ad tech websites to help Web3 projects across the internet ace the first wave of their marketing efforts to build a solid foundation for building forward, even if you are looking g become the next bitcointo.

Web3 influencer management and marketing leaves little to no space for guessing, as there is a tool for every insight and analysis you need to determine which influencer has the most potential to generate interest and conventions on your behalf.

Consider these tools to analyze influencers for your Web3 marketing campaigns:



Build, scale, and measure your influencer campaigns.

Find relevant influencers, manage campaigns and measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns.

Social Blade

socal blade

Track social media statistics and analytics, most notably for YouTube videos.

For You: A Gem Of Extra Information

Take the stratospheric rise of Bored Ape Yacht Club after public figures such as Snoop Dogg used their Apes as profile pictures on Twitter, or the price of Dogecoin surging over 200% in less than 24 hours following Elon Musk’s tweet of support in February 2021.

Thus, if you use the technique optimally, marketing with influencers like Ivan on Tech is a highly effective and profitable opportunity in Web3 marketing.

  • Ensure that the influencer’s persona fits seamlessly with your brand’s voice and requirements to create a powerful marketing campaign that yields results.
  • Be clear on your objectives for yourself and the influencer before starting any campaign. You need to know the metrics you aim for with every influencer you use. For example, are you using influencers primarily to promote brand awareness or to create leads?
  • A clear strategy is integral to the success of a campaign, as well as measuring the results for future campaigns.

Final Word

Influencer management and marketing campaigns have the potential to alter the success of your Web3 project fundamentally. Across social media networks that house audiences looking for information on the crypto market are influencers keen to partner with Web3 projects and nurture mutually beneficial relationships.


Although there are rumors that virtual influencers will dominate the industry, we believe that the market for influencers with the ‘human language’ will not soon blow over.

Our digital lives are influenced every day. The technique works when you look at influencer management and marketing in its basic form because communities value the views, opinions, and advertisements their favorite influencers post on social media.

group of influencers

It boils down to the fact that people are likelier to follow a trend or take the desired action if it is endorsed by a trusted and authentic external personality. Influencer marketing effectively reaches new audiences, promotes your project, generates conversions, and builds credibility through external sources.

Are you ready to dive into the influencer marketing pond and see what all the hype is about?

Lunar Strategy

With a curated set of services, the Lunar team tailors marketing strategies with influencers specific to your needs and ideal community. If you're looking to become the next bitcoin magazine or the next version of Ethereum, we've got you covered.

Get in touch with the influencer marketing team at Lunar Strategy and take your Web3 influencer marketing to the moon and beyond.

lunar strategy
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