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Top 5 Cosmos Projects to Follow This July 2023

Top 5 Cosmos Projects to Follow This July 2023

If you’ve been in the crypto and blockchain space for some time, you might notice how blockchain networks are in their own worlds, seemingly detached from other blockchains. 

And while you’re looking from the outside, seeing the whole picture, sometimes you’d wish there was a way for them to connect so that you don’t have to use a bridge every time you transfer from one network to another. 

This problem is often referred to as blockchain siloes. 

Blockchain siloes are characterized by the isolation and lack of connection between different blockchain networks. It's like having separate islands where each blockchain operates on its own without being able to easily interact or share information with other blockchains.

The problem is that it limits the potential and usefulness of blockchain technology. 

People using one blockchain can't easily access or transfer assets or data from another blockchain. It's as if they're stuck in their own little world, missing out on the benefits and opportunities of collaborating with other blockchains.

This is where Cosmos, the internet of blockchains, solves this problem. 

Cosmos aims to create a network that connects all these isolated blockchains, allowing them to communicate and share information with each other. It's like building bridges between the blockchain islands, enabling seamless interaction and transfer of assets and data.

By connecting different blockchains, Cosmos breaks down the barriers of blockchain siloes. It provides a standardized framework called the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which allows blockchains to securely and efficiently transfer assets and messages across the network.

If you’re excited as I am about Cosmos, here are my top 5 picks for Cosmos projects to follow this July 2023:

Secret Network

Secret Network is a standalone blockchain network constructed using the Cosmos SDK. It provides a foundation for developing smart contracts while emphasizing data privacy as a fundamental feature. This privacy-centric approach allows developers to build decentralized applications that safeguard user data and maintain confidentiality.

What I love about Secret Network is its groundbreaking customizable privacy. 

As the first blockchain to offer this feature, Secret Network grants users full control over what information they disclose, to whom it is shared, and in what manner. This not only ensures the protection of users' privacy but also empowers developers to create a more advanced Web3 ecosystem.


Stargaze is a decentralized NFT marketplace operating within the Cosmos ecosystem. It is a zone within the Cosmos network that represents high levels of security, decentralization, transparency, and flexibility. 

Designed as a Proof-of-Stake Cosmos zone, it ensures it has exceptional protocol design flexibility, compatibility, and scalability. Leveraging the governance-driven development approach of Cosmos chains, Stargaze enables rapid creation and iteration, particularly suited for consumer social protocols. 

Additionally, Stargaze can seamlessly interface with other blockchains, including Terra, Cosmos, and potentially Ethereum and Ethereum L2 networks in the future, facilitated by IBC and possibly Gravity Bridge.

Akash Network

Akash is a purpose-built, open network that enables secure and efficient buying and selling of computing resources. It empowers users to own their cloud infrastructure, allowing them to deploy, sell, and buy cloud resources for running applications. Akash operates as an open Supercloud network, facilitating easy scalability and global access to services.

One unique aspect of Akash is its "reverse auction" system, where customers set their desired price and providers compete for their business. This competitive process often leads to significantly lower prices, up to 85% lower compared to other cloud systems.

What sets Akash apart is its community-driven approach. It is owned and managed by its community, providing a free public service. Likewise, the source code behind Akash is open and available to everyone. 

Built on reliable technologies such as Kubernetes and Cosmos, the community actively participates in decision-making, including the implementation of new features.


Sentinel is a cutting-edge blockchain framework specifically built for developing decentralized VPN (dVPN) applications. With Sentinel, you can enjoy a more private, censorship-resistant, and accessible internet experience. 

It's like taking control of your online freedom. 

So how does it work? It leverages Sentinel’s Cosmos-based blockchain through the use of decentralized consensus, open-source networking integrations, and a community-based network, in order to construct cost-effective, scalable, distributed, and decentralized networking solutions. 


Persistence is an IBC-enabled app chain dedicated to Liquid Staking, empowering a DeFi ecosystem that unlocks the liquidity of staked assets. With a vision to be a comprehensive platform, Persistence offers users a seamless experience in Staking and DeFi, while enabling developers to create innovative applications around Liquid Staked Tokens (LSTs).

The suite of DeFi applications hosted on Persistence's Core-1 chain includes:

  1. pSTAKE Finance: A multi-chain liquid staking protocol that enables the issuance of LSTs. Users can stake their assets while participating in DeFi.
  2. Dexter: An Interchain DEX designed for yield-generating assets like LSTs.
  3. Bamboo: Currently under development, Bamboo is a borrowing/lending protocol and vault product specifically tailored for LSTs.

Wrapping Up

Cosmos is revolutionizing the blockchain space by addressing the problem of blockchain siloes and creating an interconnected network of blockchains. This enables seamless communication and asset transfer between different blockchain platforms. 

Secret Network, Stargaze, Akash Network, Sentinel, and Persistence are just some of the few projects to look out for under Cosmos, as they showcase the power of Cosmos in fostering collaboration and advancing the decentralized ecosystem.

With Cosmos leading the way, the future of blockchain is brighter than ever, promising a decentralized ecosystem that empowers individuals and revolutionizes industries.

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Top 5 Cosmos Projects to Follow This July 2023
Adam Westerén
Adam's passion is to create self-sustainable communities in the Web3 world. He enjoys when you create a Web3 community that can grow by itself. This is what he does in his current role as Head of community and the NFT & Crypto marketing agency Lunar Strategy. ‍

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