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Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in London

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in London

In this article, we will be highlighting the top 5 crypto marketing agencies in London. These agencies are known for their expertise in utilizing the latest digital marketing strategies, including influencer marketing and SEO, to help their clients effectively reach and engage their audience.

www.lunarstrategy.com - Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in London

Some may call them a bitcoin marketing team, but each Web3, crypto, and blockchain marketing agency mentioned in this article is pioneering a new marketing frontier.

Whether you're a crypto project looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate more leads, these agencies have the experience and know-how to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to offering ICO marketing and social media marketing services, many of these agencies also specialize in helping crypto businesses develop a comprehensive crypto marketing strategy.

As the best crypto marketing agencies in London, they have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative marketing campaigns that drive business growth.

Read on to learn more about the top crypto marketing agency in London.

What is a crypto marketing agency?

what is a crypto marketing agency?

A crypto marketing agency is a company that specializes in marketing and promoting cryptocurrencies and related products and services.

They may provide market research and analysis and consulting services to help clients develop and implement effective marketing strategies in the cryptocurrency space.

These marketing specialists can help cryptocurrency businesses reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive the adoption of their products and services.

What other services do they offer?

Crypto Marketing Services - www.lunarstrategy.com

The top Web3 agencies in London offer marketing services to help crypto companies effectively reach and engage their audience.

These agencies utilize blockchain technology to deliver innovative marketing campaigns that drive organic traffic and business growth. Many of these agencies also offer influencer marketing management, content marketing services, helping crypto brands establish a strong presence in the crypto space, and even ICO marketing strategies.

Some offer services such as acting as a projects crypto PR agency, with some of these web3, crypto, and blockchain marketing agency teams focused solely on providing long-lasting organic traffic.

In addition to their expertise in crypto, these agencies have a proven track record in driving long-lasting communities that continue to grow a project. They can help develop effective campaigns for leading crypto exchanges and other blockchain industry players.

Whether you're looking for a marketing partner to help develop a comprehensive marketing plan or a full-service marketing agency to handle all aspects of your marketing efforts, like your email marketing, the top crypto agencies in London have the experience and know-how to help your business succeed.

Let's expand on the services they offer

All the agencies we will list today are among the best crypto marketing agencies in the industry, providing excellent value to crypto projects looking for crypto marketing services. It's almost impossible to decide which is the best crypto marketing agency, as all of these agencies have played a significant role in the growth of the crypto industry.

Web3 Public Relations

Web3 public relations - www.lunarstrategy.com

Web3 public relations, also known as decentralized public relations, involves using decentralized technologies such as blockchain to improve the transparency and trustworthiness of marketing efforts.

This can include using blockchain-based tools to verify the authenticity of the information shared with the public and using decentralized networks to distribute information more widely and efficiently.

Web3 Social Media Management

Web3 social media management - www.lunarstrategy.com

Web3 social media management involves using decentralized technologies to enhance the effectiveness of social media marketing.

This can include using blockchain-based tools to track and measure the impact of campaigns and using decentralized networks to reach a wider audience and engage with potential customers in a more personalized way.

Web3 Community Management

Web3 Community Management - www.lunarstrategy.com

Web3 community management involves using decentralized technologies to build and manage online communities of customers, fans, and supporters.

This can include using blockchain-based tools to track and reward participation in the community and using decentralized networks to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions and foster a sense of ownership and belonging among community members.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization - www.lunarstrategy.com

SEO refers to improving the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results pages.

Web3 SEO involves using decentralized technologies to improve a website's search performance.

This can include using blockchain-based tools to verify the quality and relevance of a website's content, as well as using decentralized networks to distribute and promote that content more effectively.

Web3 paid advertising

Web3 paid advertising - www.lunarstrategy.com

is a type of digital marketing that involves using paid ads on web3 platforms to promote products or services.

This can include tactics such as sponsored posts on multiple platforms, paid search ads on popular search engines, display ads on web3 sites, PPC campaigns, and other marketing strategies.

The goal of web3 paid advertising is to reach potential customers and drive them to take the desired action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase.

Web3 influencer management

www.lunarstrategy.com - Web3 Influencer Management

Web3 influencer marketing involves working with influencers on web3 platforms to promote products or services.

Influencer marketing can include identifying and reaching out to relevant influencers, negotiating deals and contracts, and managing the relationships with these influencers to ensure they effectively promote the product or service.

Web3 influencer management can be a powerful tool for reaching potential customers and building brand awareness in crypto.

Crypto marketing agencies can help businesses and crypto projects identify and work with the best crypto influencers to create effective influencer campaigns on web3 platforms.

The top 5 Web3 Marketing Agencies in London

These 5 leading cryptocurrency marketing agencies are leading the way in communicating their clients' mission. Web3 and Crypto marketing has seen significant growth worldwide in the last two years, and these 5 cryptocurrency marketing agencies are amongst the top crypto marketing agencies in the world.

Below you will find crypto marketing firms that provide the service of cryptocurrency marketing to the London area.

Let's review the top 5 crypto marketing agencies providing digital marketing strategies and services in London, England.

Lunar Strategy


Lunar Strategy is a Web3 advertising agency founded in 2019 based in Lisbon, Portugal. The company has become a popular crypto marketing agency focused on helping blockchain-based Web3 firms grow and attract customers, focusing on crypto, NFT, Gamefi, and digital token companies. The Lunar Strategy team has consistently been involved in the conversion of the best crypto marketing agency in Europe.

Lunar Strategy offers various services, including blockchain PR management, community building, influencer marketing, paid advertising, and content marketing services to projects wanting to operate in the crypto market.

Some of Lunar Strategy's key achievements include:

  • Successfully grew the PixelPix community by 12,900 followers with an increase of 85% in engaged followers on Twitter.
  • Helping JPEGvault achieve a 500% growth in social media and a market capitalization of $3 million in just five months.
  • Boosting the trading volume of Dark Frontiers on Binance to over $3 million in the first few weeks.

To learn more about what Lunar Strategy has done for its clients as a Web3 and crypto marketing agency, you should look at its case studies page.

To give visitors a unique experience, Lunar Strategy launched pixel art versions of its team members on its website. In addition, the company offers its services in digital tokens as part of its NFT advertising strategy.

Some of Lunar Strategy's top clients include Olympus Game, Sahara Protocol, and Game Starter.

To contact the company, email them at info@lunarstrategy.com, book a call directly with their sales team here, or call them at +46720478390. Visit their website at lunarstrategy.com to learn more.



Lemonade is a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency founded in 2015 and based in New York, USA. The company stays up-to-date with the latest meta and Web3 trends to provide its clients with in-depth and fully integrated insights into the blockchain.

Lemonade offers various creative Web3 marketing services, including content development, video production, 2D and 3D animation, design, illustrations, and documentary narration to help clients better understand their products.

In addition to handling all phases of marketing, from conceptualizing to finalizing, Lemonade also offers influencer amplification, marketing funnel development, and paid media advertisements to promote its clients' products. Some of Lemonade's key clients include Manta, Salt, Iskra, IMAX, FreeFire, TikTok, and Dapper.

Some of Lemonade's key achievements include

  • Running a successful hashtag campaign for Manta's "Under The Oak 2" launch that reached 3 million views and received 1.5 million video reactions,
  • Doubling IMAX's cross-platform engagement through real-time pop culture commentary and new content initiatives, and
  • Creating 516 new pieces of unique content to help build SALT's brand and customer trust.

To contact the company, you can call them at 415 800 2012 or visit their website at lemonadetheagency.com to learn more about their services.


coinbound homepage

Coinbound is a Web3 and crypto marketing agency founded in 2018 and based in California, USA. The company specializes in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain companies through various strategies and tools. Coinbound helps its clients go viral through media partnerships with well-known Web3 influencers and media agencies that cater to their target audience.

In addition to publishing articles, interviews, and podcasts through recognized media outlets to help many a Web3 and crypto project get maximum organic coverage, Coinbound also assigns a Web3 advertising executive to individual firms to assist with research, strategy planning, and business development. The company also helps Web3 firms build and connect with the NFT community on platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

Some of Coinbound's significant clients include Cosmos, Stake, Nexo, Blockcard, Gilded, and Voyager. The company offers various services, including social media marketing, community and setup management, online advertising campaigning, influencer advertising, SEO, and Web3 blog and executive networking.

Some of Coinbound's key achievements include

  • Helping Coinstats improve organic growth by 1020% in just three months,
  • Increasing Metamoose's NFT discord server engagement from 7.14% to 60% in a month, and
  • Helping Ethermail generate 100000+ registrations on their portal in a month helped them feature on platforms like CoinTelegraph, TechCrunch, and Blockworks.

To contact the company, you can email them at info@coinbound.io or call them at 9492295650. Visit their website at coinbound.io to learn more about their services.


ninja promo homepage

Ninja Promo is a Web3 and crypto marketing firm based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017, the agency offers various services, including influencer campaigns, content creation, content marketing, paid advertising, ICO marketing, and Security Token Offering (STO) support.

They also provide a paid media tool to help clients maximize their return on advertising spending and use strategic SEO techniques to maximize reach and exposure.

Some of Ninja Promo's top clients include Dopamine, Polka Pot, Bull Perks, Ironfx, Okex, and Hycon. The agency offers various services, including website development, influencer advertising, community management, full-stack blockchain development, video production, branding, and crypto PR services.

Ninja Promo has achieved several notable milestones, including

  • Helping Debay, a digital asset management platform, gain 1000+ new sign-ups on their website, a 100000+ increase in engagements, and 70% website conversion growth.
  • Similarly, Intellectsoft saw a three times subscriber growth and a 200% higher level of engagement, leading to a 250% increase in brand awareness and 700000 monthly impressions.
  • Ninja Promo also helped Tozex achieve four times subscriber growth, 3000+ new users, and 150000 monthly impressions.


crowdcreate homepage

Crowdcreate is a top crypto marketing agency based out of Irvine, USA. The company adopts a data-driven approach and is a Web3 and crypto agency specializing in paid social advertising, creative content marketing, and social media strategy.

The company strongly focuses on the crypto and Web3 sector, in which their team has deep industry knowledge and has worked with several crypto wallets and other crypto-related companies.

Crowdcreate has funded 35+ crowdfunding campaigns, raising approximately $25 million in 3 years. The company offers a range of services to Web3 and crypto firms, including influencer promotions, video creation, and promotional events to help increase the reach of these companies to the targeted gaming and crypto communities. They also provide consultation services, such as web content creation, advertising strategy, Web3 token offerings, and research.

Crowdcreate has raised approximately $250 million in funding and has reached 7.1 million users through their completed 500+ projects. They have worked with brands Forte, Casper, Jamcity, YieldGuild, The Sandbox, NFL, Animoca Brands, and Solana.

Some of their key achievements include

  • Gaining 75000 views for Divine Anarchy through influencer promotions  
  • Achieving high email open and response rates for campaigns with Pastel Network and Cypherium.

Their services include NFT marketing, web3 advertising, NFT consulting, advisory and strategy planning, DeFi promotion, video advertising, and web3 marketing.


As companies offering services in Web3, crypto, and blockchain marketing, each marketing company mentioned above consists of a team of crypto marketing experts that provide excellent value to each Web3 and crypto project they encounter.  

Each of these agencies creates a marketing plan, including tactics such as influencer marketing, email marketing, paid crypto advertising, publishing articles on Web3 and crypto websites through crypto PR, and campaigns on leading social media platforms.

Each marketing agency that provides services in Web3, crypto, and blockchain marketing has increasing competition every day; a new blockchain advertising agency is being founded.

Whether it be ICO marketing, running social media campaigns, or simply making a marketing strategy, each marketing agency listed above is excelling at providing crypto marketing services.

If you're wanting to get in touch with the Lunar Strategy team, visit our website! If you're looking to learn more about Web3 marketing and how it all runs in 2023, follow take a look at our blog.

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Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in London
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