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Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications

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Nov 14, 2022

In cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, countless publications cover the latest news and developments. However, not all publications are created equal. Some are perhaps more reputable than others, some have a more specialized focus or specific niche to whom they provide news articles, and some cater to particular languages. So, we wanted to point out the Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications for your ease!

With the growth of the blockchain industry and its emerging technologies and ideologies like digital currencies, decentralized finance, smart contracts, and digital assets, it's easy to see why blockchain has started to gain significant traction. A Web3-focused world makes more sense to many people. As a result, blockchain projects have been popping up worldwide, with crypto entrepreneurs seeking to share the knowledge and simultaneously explore a new and undiscovered frontier. The crypto world is gaining traction!

Worldwide the growth of the crypto influencer market has seen a sharp increase in the creation of crypto youtube channels that provide educational resources on what exactly crypto, Web3, and Bitcoin are. Others offer courses on mastering bitcoin, mastering Ethereum, and being able to make intelligent crypto investment decisions. The demand for a stable crypto market is growing as the traditional finance market sees value in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Crypto and web3 publications are beginning to have international reach, and the crypto space is rapidly globalizing!

Crypto news is at an all-time high. More people want to learn about crypto trading; they model their most favoured style of crypto traders and follow their favourite crypto influencers. People want to learn more about this exciting technology from the most trusted sources. Which brings us to our next question, what is a Crypto and Web3 publication?

What are crypto and web3 publications?

A publication is something made to communicate with the public. The point of crypto and web3 publications is to relay niche-specific news, press releases, and sponsored articles to those looking to engage in crypto and web3-specific content. The top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications are perfect examples of this.

This could be content about crypto investing, web3 marketing techniques, or any niche in the crypto industry. These publications are usually backed up by a good social media presence so be sure always to invest a little time when exploring these platforms if you're looking for a place you think you'd like to publish something.

Are you looking for some Caliente Spanish resources to stay up-to-date on all things in the Web3 scene? We made a list of the five best publications in the space. Whether you're a seasoned crypto investor or just getting started, these publications will help you navigate the wonderful world of decentralization.

For the latest in Web3, look no further than these five Spanish publications and put them at the top of your list.


CriptoNoticias home page - Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications
CriptoNoticias home page

CriptoNoticias was established in 2015 as a Spanish digital newspaper that covers the most relevant news related to Bitcoin money technology. The publication offers readers the latest trends, progress, crypto news, educational content, and opinions about the social, economic, and political implications of the Bitcoin ecosystem now and in the future.

The publication was founded to provide a reliable source of Bitcoin information to educate the Hispanic population. Since then, CriptoNoticias has positioned itself as an established reference, attracting millions of readers. It currently has more than thirty collaborating Spanish countries on board, hoping to onboard much more of the general public.

Click here to view their media kit.

Avg. monthly visitors: 373.8K per month.

Diario Bitcoin

Diario Bitcoin home page - Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications
Diario Bitcoin home page

DarioBitcoin is a publication that offers the Spanish crypto community various resources, including current crypto news, press releases, crypto explorer markets, podcasts, and more.

In addition to news and articles, Diario Bitcoin features educational content and analyses aimed at both beginners and more experienced crypto enthusiasts. The Diario Bitcoin team creates engaging, informative, and, most importantly, helpful crypto content for readers to extract extreme value from.

Click here to view their editorial guidelines.

Avg. monthly visitors: 149.7K per month.

Crypto Plaza

Crypto Plaza home page - Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications
Crypto Plaza home page

Crypto Plaza aims to be a world reference for Spanish speakers and Southern Europe in the blockchain and crypto asset sector. The publication is a dynamic hub and frontrunner in the decentralized era with a constantly-expanding international readership.

The publication offers readers the latest crypto news, events, educational content, community information, and more. Crypto Plaza conveys the message that decentralization is disrupting the economy and accelerating a paradigm shift to the world of crypto, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, and aims to keep readers in the front seat as that happens.

Click here to view their press kit.

Avg. monthly visitors: 5.3K per month.

Hola BlockChain

Inside Blockchian homepage - Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications
Inside Blockchian homepage

Hola BlockChain is a blockchain and cryptocurrency blog with simple and easy explanations for beginners based in Barcelona, Spain. The publication features their initiative, Inside blockchain, which organizes physical events related to the blockchain world.

Hola BlockChain offers readers a blog with the latest on blockchain technology, crypto news, NFTs, exchanges, and much more. Hola BlockChain has earned its spot in the best Spanish web3 publications network as it starts to connect with more and more industry-curious readers.

Click here to get in touch with the editorial team and exchange information.


Cripto Passion homepage - Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications
Cripto Passion homepage

CriptoPasion is a Spanish cryptocurrency blog based in Spain that offers readers the latest news and information on cryptocurrencies, market analyses, and events on a global and national level.

The publication is a hub for Spanish readers to find information, tutorials, crypto news, interviews, and more, to keep them abreast of everything happening in the space. The team at CriptoPasio has carried forward the vision of providing users with all of the necessary news in the space in the hopes of sharing opportunities to explore an exciting new industry.

Click here to view to get in touch with the team.

How should I monitor crypto and web3 publications?

With the constant flow of news from social media on anything crypto and blockchain at the moment and the market value of crypto taking a sharp knock as companies go to war, it's very hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn't anymore. There's a string of news headlines on a daily basis preaching a different narrative on a breaking piece of crypto news so the problem here is a real one.

After all, crypto and its digital currency group have gained quite the reputation as being a financial bubble or a scam. So how do you tell the difference and how do you monitor what's good and what isn't? How can I learn the most from the Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications This is the question we need to answer next.

Search for "crypto news" on google

When you search "crypto news" in google you will be able to see an array of results that are pieces of crypto-related news for the day you have searched. The websites publishing these pieces of news are publications. These are the type of websites crypto news can be found on, as well as information on the latest projects making waves in the space.

Read a few articles. Understand the tone and the narrative the publication uses

It's important to understand what kind of news you want to read. Does the publication speak broadly about crypto news as a whole? Or is it a website that only provides Bitcoin news?

On the day of your search, there could have been a piece of news that touched on a part of a different niche in the crypto space as well. So, do a bit of reading and understand not only the tone of the news being provided (informative? or unbiased?)! Make sure this aligns to what you are wanting to engage with.

Sign up for the publication's newsletter

Publications work on traffic. In other words, they rely on people viewing their content. Many publications have created incredibly good forms of communicating critical information to their audience.

More often than not, publications will have a newsletter containing all of the most important news going on in the space. It is always advisable to sign up for the newsletter of the publication of your choosing so you have the opportunity to stay as in the loop as possible.

Follow their social media accounts

The birth of the internet gave us the birth of the fastest channel of news distribution in history, social media. Make sure you go and follow the publication you have chosen on social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are prime examples, however, these days most publications also have a youtube channel.

Like, engage, and stay up to date with all things crypto news by following these steps. It's easy to get lost in the enormous amount of content that we create. The right platform is followed the right way silences a lot of the noise and focuses more on the tech.

Final Word

These five publications we listed in our Top 5 Spanish crypto & web3 publications article are essential reading for anyone interested in staying up-to-date on all things blockchain and cryptocurrency. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, these sites will provide you with news, analysis, opinions, and more-- all in Spanish!

Also, if you're looking for information in a different language like French, then take a look at our list of the Top 8 French Crypto & Web3 Publications, and we've got heaps more to come.

So, don't hesitate! There's a wealth of knowledge waiting to be engaged with and companies of people dedicated to providing the absolute best possible experience for Spanish crypto and web3 publications.

Tim Haldorsson
CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.
Jack Haldorsson
CMO at Lunar Strategy. Been in the crypto space since 2017. Jack leverages his know-how of the blockchain ecosystems and strong KOL relationships to execute result-focused strategies that amplify brand storytelling, drive awareness and grow the project sustainably with the help of Influencer relations.
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Adam's passion is to create self-sustainable communities in the Web3 world. He enjoys when you create a Web3 community that can grow by itself. This is what he does in his current role as Head of sales.
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As a Community Manager at Lunar Strategy, I'm passionate about finding new ways to connect people, add value and build strong community relationships.
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As head of growth at Lunar Strategy, I understand the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require.
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Crypto Content Creator, Nick is creating engaging Twitter threads & posts for leading crypto & NFT companies.
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Influencer Manager
Influencer Manager at Lunar Strategy.
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Head of Partnerships
Head of Partnerships at Lunar Strategy, creating win-win solutions for Web3 companies. You might have heard his music on Tomorrowland from his previous ventures in the music industry.
Jarrod Frankel
Head of Community
Jarrod is responsible for the teams that provide both engaging social media content and enticing and informative articles for our clients.
Tayler McCracken
Editor at Coin Bureau
Tayler McCracken is the Editor-in-Chief of the Coin Bureau, a leading publication that provides cryptocurrency education.
Vineet Nair
As a web3 storyteller, Vineet brings a wealth of experience in content, journalism, and management, with hands-on knowledge of metaverses, NFTs, AI, and finance.
Hassan Shafiq
Lunar Strategy
Lunar Strategy.
Mairead Finlay
British writer specialising in NFTs, luxury lifestyle & travel based in Portugal. Previous publications include Business Insider, LoveEXPLORING, The Guardian and My French Country Home Magazine. Previously the SEO Editor of tech & startup website TechRound.
Sandra Vukovic
Content & Marketing Specialist
Content & Marketing Specialist at Lunar Strategy.
David Kevin Jeppesen
Lunar Strategy
Raised in the spring of technology, solving problems and finding simple digital solutions is part of my nature. I’m a teachable individual who is always eager to learn and develop as a person.
Julieta Ose
Crypto Content Creator
Crypto Content Creator at Lunar Strategy.
Gino De Graaf
Google Ads Specialist
Google Ads Specialist at Lunar Strategy.
Sam Runge
Media Manager
Lunar Strategy.
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