The Full Guide to Strategic Fundraising with KOLs in the Crypto Space

Top 50 Strategic Crypto VC Investment Funds

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Apr 2, 2024

If you're a startup whiz, a tech enthusiast, or just crypto-curious, you've likely heard the buzz about VC funds. But what makes crypto VC a big deal in the space? Our Top 50 crypto VC fund guide will dive deep into what makes funding in crypto a big deal, and who the whales are in driving this massive change forward. 

Crypto VC funds provide crucial (often lifelong) support to new and upcoming crypto projects, offering the necessary financial investment, strategic guidance, and networking opportunities to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures. 

These funds are essential for bridging the gap between great concepts and their execution, helping to transform promising projects into leaders in the finance and technology sectors. 

Through their investments, crypto VC funds play an important role in shaping the future of how we understand and interact with value.

Stages of VC Funding

Crypto investment stages are basically the same as any other VC funds. Here’s a refresher through the various stages of funding:

  • Pre-seed: The inception point. This stage is where ideas are raw, almost ethereal. Pre-seed funding is like the initial nudge for your startup spaceship, getting it off the ground. It's about belief in the idea and its potential at this stage.
  • Seed: Here's where things get more serious. Seed funding is the water and sunlight to your budding project. It's about laying the foundations, building the team, and initiating product development. It's the first taste of growth, often thrilling and terrifying in equal measure.
  • Series A: Welcome to adolescence. Series A funding is about scaling up, refining your product, and perhaps most importantly, finding your fit in the vast crypto market. It's about strategy, expanding your reach, and making significant strides towards maturity.
  • Series B: Growth, growth, growth. Series B is about taking what works and making it work harder, better, faster. It's about expansion, building authority, and solidifying your place in the market. It's no longer about potential; it's about performance.
  • Series C: The big leagues. By Series C, you're no longer a startup. You're a force to be reckoned with, looking to diversify, acquire, and perhaps even prepare for public offering. It's about scaling to new heights, with the wisdom of your journey guiding you.

Each stage of VC funding is a milestone, marking the evolution of startups in the crypto cosmos. With the right VC fund by your side, the impossible starts to look a lot like the inevitable. 

Up next, we’ll uncover the top 25 titans of the industry, those who’ve mastered the art of strategic investment and are shaping the future, one project at a time.

Top 50 Crypto VC Funds You Need To Know In 2024

Continuing with our curated journey through the cosmos of strategic crypto VC investment funds, let's embark on unveiling the top crypto VC firms driving innovation and growth within the crypto space for 2024. 

1) Lunar Capital 

Lunar Capital emerged from Lunar Strategy's significant wins in web3 marketing, leveraging their extensive experience from promoting over 150+ native Web3 clients to pioneer strategic investing and KOL fundraising in the crypto space. 

This venture capital firm is designed to direct key crypto influencers and strategic investments to empower crypto projects, aiming to replicate the multi-million marketing successes previously achieved. 

With a strong foundation in understanding the intricacies of Web3 marketing, a team that lives and breathes web3, and even a top-selling book on crypto marketing, Lunar Capital offers unparalleled support and insights to its investors. They are at the forefront of innovation and growth in the 2024 crypto market.

2) Enigma Fund 

Enigma Fund is a trailblazer in Web3 venture capital, offering an evergreen fund and advisory expertise with a unique focus on innovation. Over two decades, it has delved into creative ventures, nurturing startups across various domains like DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and beyond. Its portfolio boasts collaborations with leading-edge projects such as Avalanche and Shardeum

Enigma Fund's advisory and investment reach extends to a diverse range of projects within Web3, including but not limited to Movement Labs, known for their innovative blockchain networks, and AltLayer, which focuses on customizable rollups for enhanced blockchain interoperability. They've also backed Ready Games, a platform offering comprehensive Web3 game development tools.

This broad portfolio showcases Enigma Fund's commitment to fostering growth across various sectors of the blockchain industry, from gaming and smart contract platforms to privacy-focused applications and decentralized financial solutions.

3) Draper Associates

Draper Associates, founded by Tim Draper, has made significant investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. The Web3 VC firm has made extensive investments across various sectors, including notable cryptocurrency and blockchain projects like Bancor, Bitcoin, Coinbase, Ethereum, Etherscan, Ledger, Maker, and Tezos

Tim Draper is recognized for his early support and investment in over 50 crypto companies, demonstrating his commitment to growing innovation within crypto. Their portfolio demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering innovation in the space, highlighting their role as a supporter of foundational and emerging technologies within the ecosystem.

4) AU21 Capital

A hybrid firm with a keen eye on blockchain and AI sectors, AU21 Capital leverages its extensive network to propel entrepreneurs into their industry's limelight. AU21 Capital specializes in enhancing the value of crypto pioneers, leveraging extensive experience from leaders in the field, including Huobi and Galaxy Digital

Their strategic investment expertise is evident in their diverse portfolio, which features collaborations with leading entities like Astar and Axie Infinity, and extends to crucial partnerships with top launchpads and exchanges to foster product market introductions.

5) Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital, established in 2013 as the pioneering venture capital firm dedicated to the crypto sector, now boasts over $2 billion in assets under management. With a focus on supporting crypto innovators, the firm emphasizes its simple value proposition: using industry expertise, conducting thorough research, and prioritizing the needs of founders and their teams. 

The firm made history in 2017 by launching the first tokenized fund of $10 million, introducing the BCAP security token, and has continued its momentum with significant fund raises in subsequent years, including a $580 million combined early-stage and Opportunity fund in 2023. Its portfolio features innovative projects such as Worldcoin and Polymer.

6) Multicoin Capital 

Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm specializing in crypto assets, tokens, and blockchain companies that are redefining vast markets. Since its inception in 2017, Multicoin Capital has been recognized for its innovative approaches to token economic models and valuation methodologies. 

The firm actively participates in the networks it invests in, leveraging its deep understanding of the crypto landscape to support its portfolio companies comprehensively. Multicoin Capital's portfolio includes groundbreaking projects like Solana, Arweave, and Audius, demonstrating its commitment to growing technological advancements and infrastructure that enable trust-minimized computation on a global scale.

7) Side Door Ventures

Side Door Ventures is a global venture capital firm with a focus on supporting entrepreneurs who are set on building transformative companies across various sectors including software, life sciences, space, deep tech, blockchain, logistics, gaming, media, security, food, and financial services.

Their investment strategy is sector-agnostic, aiming to back projects that have the potential to revolutionize industries and enhance human life. Among their notable investments are OMEGA in DeFi, Hivello focusing on infrastructure, Liquidium in NFTs, Uniblock in Web3, and LunarCrush categorized as others. 

8) The House Fund

The House Fund is a venture capital firm prioritizing UC Berkeley's vast talent pool, adopting a unique community-first versus the traditional capital-first approach. It focuses on early-stage startups, providing them with crucial resources and access to the Cal Knowledge Network, fostering innovation and growth. 

Notably, it has facilitated significant funding rounds for startups like Eclipse and SkateX in the blockchain infrastructure and GameFi sectors, with raises of $6 million and $5 million respectively, highlighting its commitment to nurturing groundbreaking ventures across diverse industries.

9) SV Angel

SV Angel, led by Ron Conway, is a venture capital firm known for its founder-focused, community-oriented investment strategy. With a history of supporting major tech successes like Google, Twitter, Meta, Airbnb, and more, SV Angel also extends its expertise to the crypto sector, backing innovative projects such as Coinbase

Their approach combines deep engagement with founders and a commitment to leveraging technology for societal betterment, including efforts in racial justice, healthcare access, and income inequality. SV Angel's legacy and ongoing work reflect their dedication to shaping a more equitable world through technology and entrepreneurship.

10) Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group (DCG) positions itself as a leading force in crypto VC funding, focusing on incubating, acquiring, and operating businesses that service financial institutions, corporations, and startups. DCG's investment portfolio spans across various segments of the market infrastructure, including software, exchanges, and blockchain technology. 

Notably, beyond the well-known Coinbase, DCG has backed innovative projects such as Abra, a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency transactions and lending; Acala Network, the DeFi hub of Polkadot facilitating smart contracts and decentralized stablecoins; and AlloyX, a decentralized protocol offering liquid staking for crypto loans.

11) Polychain Capital

With a keen focus on actively managed blockchain digital assets, Polychain Capital is at the forefront of backing innovative blockchain projects, highlighting its commitment to the crypto ecosystem's growth.

12) Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z)

If you’ve ever been around the crypto block -  Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is a household name you are sure to encounter. The firm is a multi-billion (yes, with a “B”) dollar establishment with its resources fueling multiple sectors of the crypto universe. A trailblazer in bringing traditional venture capital investments to the crypto world, a16z's extensive portfolio showcases its decade-long commitment to the cryptocurrency sector.

13) Moonwhale

Positioned as a strategic investor in the digital asset space, Moonwhale's influence spans across various blockchain initiatives, driving innovation and market adoption.

14) Signum Capital 

Dedicated to empowering early-stage blockchain startups, Signum Capital's expertise and strategic investments are important in nurturing the next wave of digital asset innovations.

15) GBV Capital

With a focus on blockchain tech and digital assets, GBV Capital has become a key player in supporting and scaling innovative crypto projects, contributing to the broader adoption of blockchain solutions.

16) Consensys Ventures 

The investment arm of Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has backed dozens of Web3 and DeFi startups including AirSwap, Hyperledger, and Virtue Poker.

17) Fabric Ventures 

Fabric Ventures is a Europe-focused crypto VC firm founded by ex-Elevation Partners execs. Investments include Near Protocol, Basis, and Substack. Manages over $130 million in AUM.

18) 1confirmation 

Founded by early Coinbase employee Nick Tomaino, 1confirmation invests in crypto networks like Celo, Skale, and Dapper Labs. Based in San Francisco.

19) First Round Capital

First Round Capital is a long standing VC firm that has embraced crypto startups including Coinbase, Dapper Labs, and OpenSea. First Round manages over $7 billion in assets.

20) SL2 Capital 

Spin-off of Sea Capital, SL2 Capital focused exclusively on crypto assets and networks. Investments include Serum, Solana, and FTX. Based in New York.

21) Variant Fund

Variant Fund is an early-stage investor in crypto startups and decentralized protocols like DeFi Pulse and AllianceBlock. The fund was founded in 2018 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

22) Slow Ventures 

Backed by early PayPal employees, Slow Ventures has invested in Over 10 crypto and blockchain startups including Coinbase, Rippling, and Harbor. Manages over $250 million in assets.

23) Passport Capital 

Passport Capital is a crypto hedge fund founded by John Burbank has invested in both public stocks and private crypto deals, including Coinbase,, and Xapo.

24) Castle Island Ventures 

Castle Island Ventures is a crypto venture fund and hashpower provider backing Bitcoin startups like BlockFi, Parallel Finance, and Bolt. Based in Cambridge, MA.

25) Liberty City Ventures

Liberty City Ventures are investors in crypto companies like Anchorage, TaxBit, and MathWallet. Also partnered with Asian crypto fund CMB International.

26) Mangrove Capital

Mangrove Capital Partners, a Luxembourg-based VC firm with offices in Berlin and Tel Aviv, has a strong track record of backing successful European startups like Skype, Wix, and WalkMe. Recently, the firm has shifted its focus to blockchain and web3 investments, supporting industry leaders such as Diem, Dapper Labs,, and Everstake. Mangrove takes an active role in helping its portfolio companies scale globally through expansions and strategic partnerships.

27) KR1

KR1, a pioneering London-based crypto and blockchain-focused VC firm co-founded by George McDonaugh in 2016, has invested in over 30 leading projects such as Polkadot, Chainlink, and Aave. The research-driven firm concentrates on supporting revolutionary decentralized networks while also providing advisory services to help projects with marketing, structuring, and token economics.

28) BitSpread

Founded in 2018, BitSpread is a Zurich-based crypto VC fund that invests in early-stage blockchain and Web3 startups revolutionizing finance, gaming, data privacy, and sustainability. With a portfolio spanning decentralized finance, NFTs, and metaverse gaming, BitSpread offers hands-on support to its companies, utilizing its vast network and crypto-economics expertise. The firm, led by a team with extensive banking experience, manages over $100 million in assets.

29) Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures, a London-based venture platform founded in 2014, supports startups developing technologies for Web3, the metaverse, and the open internet. With investments in over 100 blockchain projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs, Outlier focuses on the convergence of AI, VR/AR, IoT, and blockchain. The firm operates an incubator, provides founder services, and builds communities to drive mainstream adoption of Web3 applications through its accelerator programs.

30) CoinFund 

Founded in 2015 by Jake Brukhman, Julia Spiva, and Aleksandr Bulkin, CoinFund is a Berlin-based blockchain technology venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments in cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and open metaverse startups and protocols. With over 60 companies in its active portfolio, including prominent projects like Solana, Audius, Livepeer, and NEAR Protocol, CoinFund offers capital and strategic and technical guidance to entrepreneurs building the decentralized future across Europe and North America.

31) North Island Ventures

Founded in 2019, North Island Ventures is a Zurich-based venture capital firm dedicated to investing in web3 infrastructures and digital assets. The firm partners with leading projects in decentralized finance, NFT platforms, crypto infrastructure, and other areas, leveraging its team's experience at major banks and blockchain pioneers like Xapo to identify the most promising use cases. North Island also offers hands-on support with governance, token models, and global expansion.

32) Venrock

Venrock, a Rockefeller family investment firm with a global presence, including an office in Zurich, was founded in 1969 to partner with entrepreneurs driving disruptive innovation in tech and healthcare. Recently, the firm has invested in web3 projects such as Coinbase, TripleMint, and Franklin. With a long track record of identifying transformative technologies, as evidenced by early investments in Apple, Intel, and Cisco, Venrock provides patient capital and access to an extensive investor network to help its portfolio companies scale.

33) Bitkraft Ventures

Founded in 2012, Bitkraft Ventures is a Berlin-based VC firm that invests in blockchain-based gaming, esports, and digital entertainment projects. With a portfolio of over 50 startups, including leading gaming blockchain platforms Immutable and Sorare, Bitkraft leverages its expertise and experience from the traditional gaming industry to identify the most promising opportunities at the intersection of games and Web3. The Bitkraft team supports its portfolio companies with business development, marketing, and global expansion through its extensive worldwide network.

34) Better Capital

Better Capital is a Santa Clara-based micro venture firm that creates and invests in innovative businesses with a strong focus on profitability and delivering value and impact. The firm operates Better Labs, an operating portfolio of product businesses they create and fund, including ReadyContacts, PicBackMan, DataDoctor, Magik, Simple wall, and Maroun Place.

Better Capital focuses on investing in Software, Financial Services, and Information Technology sectors, primarily in the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages. The firm invests in companies based in India, the United States, and Singapore.

Some of their notable crypto investments include Mudrex, a smart way to invest in crypto based in Bangalore; Vauld, considered the BlockFi of Asia and based in Singapore; Virtualness, a Shopify for digital goods based in San Francisco; and Sahicoin, a platform to discover crypto with friends and experts, based in Delhi.

35) Placeholder Capital

Placeholder is a venture capital firm that specializes in investing in decentralized protocols and web3 services. The firm is managed by partners Joel Monegro and Chris Burniske, with Brad Burnham serving as a venture partner. The research team consists of Mario Laul as Head of Research and Gurnoor Narula as Research Analyst, while operations are managed by Shelly Gogol and Crystal Kwan.

Since its founding in 2017, Placeholder has invested in over 75 early-stage companies and networks across a wide range of blockchain and web3 projects. Some of their notable investments include:

  1. DeFi protocols: 0x, Balancer, MakerDAO, Nexus Mutual, Solend, and UMA
  2. Blockchain infrastructure: Agoric, Aleo, Avalanche, Celestia, Cosmos, Filecoin, Kusama, Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, and zkSync
  3. Web3 services and applications: API3, Arweave, Ceramic, Ethereum, FOAM, Magic, Pocket, Radicle, and Stacks
  4. NFT and gaming projects: Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult, LooksRare, Mona Gallery, Movement, and NFTX
  5. Other notable projects: Bitcoin, Decred, Eclipse, Numerai, Obol, Sarcophagus, Seed Club, Squads, Vault, and Zcash. 

Placeholder's diverse portfolio reflects the firm's commitment to supporting the growth and development of the decentralized web and blockchain ecosystem.

36) Graph Ventures

Graph Ventures, a Palo Alto-based early-stage VC firm founded in 2011 by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, has made 229 investments across America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Focusing on Crypto & Blockchain, Consumer, Developer Tools, Fintech, Education, SaaS, and Enterprise, Graph Ventures invests in seed and early-stage companies. With 77 successful exits, notable investments include OlaClick, NayaPay, and SkillWallet, showcasing the firm's commitment to supporting innovative startups globally.

37) Fenbushi Capital 

Founded by Bo Shen in 2015, Fenbushi Capital is a blockchain-focused VC firm with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, New York, and San Francisco. Investing in seed and early-stage companies across Crypto & Blockchain, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, DTC, and Fintech, Fenbushi typically invests between $100,000 and $3,000,000 per project. With 186 investments, 18 exits, and $15,000,000 in raised funds, notable investments include Dexilon, Matrix World, and Slope Finance, showcasing Fenbushi's expertise in the evolving blockchain industry.

38) KPTL

KPTL, a Brazilian venture capital firm founded in 2020 by a team of experienced investors, is headquartered in São Paulo with an additional office in Belo Horizonte. Focusing on early-stage investments across diverse sectors such as Media, Healthcare, Government Technology, Crypto & Blockchain, DTC, Energy, Agriculture, and Fintech, KPTL has made 112 investments and seen 21 exits. Notable investments include Chatbotmaker, Integrado, and Zapro, showcasing the firm's commitment to supporting innovative startups and driving economic growth in Brazil.

39) First Minute Capital

First Minute Capital, a London-based seed-stage VC firm founded by Brent Hoberman and Spencer Crawley in 2017, invests in tech companies across the UK, Europe, and the US. Focusing on sectors such as SaaS, Deep Tech, Climate, Crypto, Gaming, Consumer, Fintech, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Proptech, E-Commerce, Enterprise, and Open-Source, the firm invests between $250,000 and $5,000,000 per deal. With 112 investments and $320 million in raised funds, notable portfolio companies include Apothera, Argent, and Automata.

40) Next Financial Technology Venture

Next Financial Technology Ventures (NFT Ventures) is a Stockholm-based venture capital firm founded by Pär Roosvall in 2014, focusing exclusively on investments in fintech companies. The firm invests in early-stage startups across various fintech subsectors, including Crypto & Blockchain, E-Commerce, InsurTech, and Proptech & Real Estate.

Since its inception, NFT Ventures has made 73 investments and has seen 19 successful exits. Some of the firm's notable investments include:

  • Yabie - A digital platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling real estate.
  • Capcito - A fintech company that provides working capital solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • - A blockchain-based platform that enables the tokenization and trading of real-world assets.

NFT Ventures' specialized focus on fintech investments positions the firm as a key player in the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape in Sweden and beyond.

41) Endiya Partners

Endiya Partners, a Bangalore and Hyderabad-based seed-stage VC firm founded by Sateesh Andra in 2015, focuses on digital transformation and healthcare startups. Investing in seed and Series A rounds with check sizes between $500,000 and $1,500,000, Endiya has made 49 investments across Healthcare, Deep Tech, Fintech, SaaS, Life Sciences, Consumer, Internet & Mobile, AI & ML, Crypto & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Education. With 5 exits and $39 million in raised funds, notable investments include Alphaics, Aquaexchange, and Cell Propulsion.

42) Dutch Founder Fund

Dutch Founder Fund, an Amsterdam-based pre-seed fund founded by Hidde Hoogcarspel in 2019, exclusively invests in marketplace startups in the Netherlands across various sectors, including Media, Biotech, Enterprise, Fintech, SaaS, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare, Education, Climate & Sustainability, and Crypto & Blockchain. Focusing on early-stage rounds from pre-seed to Series A, the fund has made 29 investments, seen 3 exits, and raised €62 million. Notable investments include WeTransfer, YourCampus, and Shypple.

43) Kraken Ventures

Kraken Ventures, a San Francisco-based corporate venture fund founded by Brandon Gath in 2021, partners with early-stage fintech and crypto companies. Investing in seed and Series A rounds with check sizes ranging from $500,000 to $2,000,000, the fund has made 22 investments across the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, and UAE in sectors such as Fintech, Crypto & Blockchain, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Developer Tools, Big Data & Analytics, AI & ML, and Enterprise. With $65 million in raised funds, notable investments include LimeWire, Presail, and Hashflow.

44) SATUS Starter 

SATUS Starter, a seed to Series A venture capital firm founded in 2017 by Staszek Rogozinski, Bartek Knichnicki, and Lukasz Wasikiewicz, invests in companies across Poland and the CEE region. With offices in Kraków, Wrocław, and Warsaw, the firm focuses on sectors such as AI & ML, SaaS, AR & VR, Fintech, Crypto & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Marketplace, and Industrial. Investing in early-stage rounds with check sizes ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000, SATUS Starter has made 11 investments and raised $12 million in funds. Notable investments include Cyberstudio, Sternkraft, and Cthings.Co.

45) BlackRocket

Blockrocket, a Frankfurt-based venture capital firm founded by Benjamin Horvath in 2019, exclusively invests in early-stage and seed-stage blockchain companies worldwide. With a focus on the Crypto & Blockchain sector, Blockrocket's check sizes range from €100,000 to €500,000. The firm has made 10 investments to date, with notable portfolio companies including Asvin.Io, Trality, and Venly. Blockrocket's specialized focus on blockchain technology positions the firm as a key player in the global blockchain investment landscape.

46) 4490 Ventures

4490 Ventures, a Madison-based American venture capital firm founded by Dan Malven in 2014, invests in early-stage B2B SaaS companies with a focus on web3 technologies. The firm targets investments in the Crypto & Blockchain, SaaS, and Enterprise sectors, with check sizes ranging from $6,000,000 to $10,000,000. 4490 Ventures has made several notable investments, including Comscore, Alliancehealth, and Marketo. The firm's emphasis on web3-enabled B2B SaaS companies positions it at the forefront of the evolving enterprise technology landscape.

47) Basinghall Partners

Basinghall Partners, a B2B-focused venture capital firm founded by Andrew Irvine and Ginette Oebel in 2017, invests in early-stage European companies. With offices in Luxembourg, London, Munich, and Lisbon, the firm targets investments across various sectors, including Supply Chain & Logistics, Big Data & Analytics, Marketing, IoT, AI & ML, Robotics, Crypto & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and AR & VR. Basinghall Partners' check sizes range from €500,000 to €5,000,000, supporting early-stage startups across the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, and Luxembourg. The firm's focus on B2B companies and its presence in multiple European countries position it as a key player in the European venture capital ecosystem.

48) Maya Capital

Maya Capital, a São Paulo-based venture capital firm founded by Lara Lemann and Monica Saggioro in 2018, invests in early-stage, seed, and Series A rounds of Brazilian startups. The firm has a diverse investment portfolio spanning various sectors, including Healthcare, InsurTech, Proptech & Real Estate, Fintech, Marketplace, SaaS, Food & Beverage, Supply Chain & Logistics, Internet & Mobile, E-Commerce, Education, AI & ML, Cybersecurity, Social, and Crypto & Blockchain. Maya Capital has made 34 investments and has had 1 exit to date, with notable investments in companies such as Gupy, Divibank, and Treble.Ai. The firm has raised £100 million in funds to support its investment activities, focusing on fostering innovation and growth in the Brazilian startup ecosystem.

49) Left Lane Capital

Left Lane Capital, a Brooklyn-based venture capital firm founded by Dan Ahrens in 2019, invests in early-stage and late-stage internet and consumer tech companies. The firm has a diverse investment portfolio spanning various sectors, including Fintech, Marketplace, Education, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce, SaaS, Healthcare, Gaming, Entertainment, Supply Chain & Logistics, Crypto & Blockchain, and IoT. Left Lane Capital has made 55 investments and has had 3 exits to date, with notable investments in companies such as Diamond Stand, Exo Freight, and Yokoy. The firm has raised an impressive $2 billion in funds to support its investment activities, focusing on fostering innovation and growth in the US internet and consumer tech startup ecosystem.

50) 4Founders Capital 9

4Founders Capital, a Barcelona-based venture capital firm founded by Javier Perez-Tenessa in 2017, co-invests with angel investors and other VC firms to fund early-stage European tech companies. The firm focuses on Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds, with check sizes ranging from €100,000 to €4,000,000. 4Founders Capital has a diverse investment portfolio spanning various sectors, including Fintech, SaaS, Travel & Hospitality, Crypto & Blockchain, Gaming, Education, Climate & Sustainability, Entertainment, and Marketplace.

Since its inception, 4Founders Capital has made 65 investments and has had 9 exits, with notable investments in companies such as StockAgile, Improfit, and Banktrack. The firm has raised €62 million in funds to support its investment activities, focusing on fostering innovation and growth in the European tech startup ecosystem. By co-investing with angel investors and other VC firms, 4Founders Capital aims to provide strategic support and resources to help early-stage companies succeed in their respective markets.


Crypto VC firms not only provide financial backing in the form of funds but also strategic guidance, industry connections, and operational support to their portfolio companies. They play a crucial role in the crypto ecosystem, driving innovation, adoption, and growth across various sectors within the blockchain and digital assets space. 

As we move forward in 2024 with crypto experiencing a full-swing bull run, it’s vital to understand the investment landscape in the sector. Crypto VC funds make it so that no idea goes unnoticed, or fades away in this ever-evolving scene. 

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May 12, 2020
With a Passion for Training - Join Our Google Ads Training Program
With an interest to educate our audience and clients, we have set up a Google Ads Training Programme which you can follow and get help from.