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Top 7 Crypto & NFT podcasts to follow in 2023

Top 7 Crypto & NFT podcasts to follow in 2023

Introduction: Are Podcasts Relevant in the NFT and Crypto Space?

Did you know that there are more than 2 million podcasts available across Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and various other platforms? With so many to choose from, which one really sticks out as the best in terms of value? Well, we decided that we would analyse who we thought were the top 7 Crypto & NFT podcasts to follow in 2023. It's clear that Podcasts are gaining traction given the information below:

  • In the United States, there are more than 100 million active podcast listeners.
  • 91% of Australians have tuned into a podcast episode.
  • In Europe, Scandinavian countries have the highest podcast penetration rate.
  • By the start of 2023, there should be about 425 million podcast listeners on the planet.

It’s obvious that people like you and me are active listeners!

Shout out to Daniel Ruby of DemandSage for collating current statistics on Podcasts hosted worldwide

Shout out to Daniel Ruby of DemandSage for collating current statistics.

Why should you consider Podcasts?

Part of the reason for the rapid growth in podcasting is that they stimulate a different part of your brain. This allows you to learn faster than when reading text. Especially when it's a topic that you are interested in, you’ll find these conversations are quite engaging.

It’s no wonder hosts who deliver value in their episodes often end up building a great community of followers.

Podcasting in Crypto, NFTs, and Web3

With +/- 66 million episodes to choose from - you may find it a little overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately, you are able to zoom in on a specific niche.

Even looking just within the crypto podcast space - you still have thousands of options.

As a crypto enthusiast, it’s a great way to dive into the rapidly changing industry of non-fungible tokens and crypto assets - or stay up to date with the latest NFT marketplace news.

And it’s all about you!

With the key success factor of Web3 being community engagement - it's no wonder that a search on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts will deliver a whole host of results. Podcasters are building the type of content you want to hear.

You’ll find NFT (non-fungible token) podcasts, crypto podcasts, and a whole host of episodes discussing other projects - including cryptocurrency investment strategies and technical aspects of the NFT space. It’s an amazing resource for our community.

Finding your Best Crypto Podcast for 2023

Regardless of how long you've been in the crypto space - you’ll benefit from listening to some "getting started" podcasts first. Long-running daily podcasts have some really valuable early episodes.

Once you have a specific focus - you can begin honing in on the niche that you are most interested in. Various topics are covered

Be it crypto markets, decentralized finance, virtual worlds, or one of the many NFT talk show podcasts - in the crypto field, there are many interesting topics and podcast series which make it easy to learn about blockchain projects, digital collectibles, and the NFT market.

Many industry experts will host a weekly podcast - while some choose to do a daily podcast.

At Lunar Strategy we're focused on web3 marketing and are committed to helping people learn about NFTs, Web3 projects, and cryptocurrency innovations.

That’s why we've gone out to find tested and respected crypto and NFT podcasts with blockchain experts and brought you this list of the top seven crypto and NFT podcasts to follow in 2023.

There's something for everyone!

Are you new to the crypto world and need an introduction to blockchain technology and the crypto market? Maybe you're just looking for the latest NFT news? Our list has something for you.

Topics will vary from crypto news to discovering relevant NFT projects, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about the future of this rapidly evolving industry, you have the opportunity to increase your knowledge as you follow industry pioneers and late entrants who have crossed over from more traditional markets.

Drawing the list down to seven was difficult enough - but in these episodes, you'll find a ton of really good value.

It’s worth issuing a warning though - you'll find different people with different opinions,  some of which you'll appreciate and some that may not suit your taste.

The joy of podcasting is that there are always more options out there.

Just be sure to avoid the shills, cons, and crypto hype by sticking to long-standing players in the crypto space.

Take a  look, have a listen, and give us some feedback - what do you think of our selection?

The List of The top 7 crypto and NFT podcasts to follow in 2023:

The Nifty Show

The-Nifty-show - http://theniftyshow.com

Joel Comm and Travis Wright are the long-standing hosts of this in-depth and inspiring podcast. They’ll highlight the latest information on various non-fungible tokens.

The NiFTy Show has been around for a long while - they’ve interviewed some of the top NFT founders and blockchain projects before they were successful - including Crypto Kitties and Garbage Pail Kids.

Insights for you:

  • Their show homepage comes with a warning - they claim listening will make you smile while spending crypto on some new collectible NFTs!
  • We appreciate their simple way of communicating complex information - and their ability to draw in top NFT pioneers.

NFTs for Newbies

nfts4newbies.com - Lunar Strategy

Podcasting veterans Heather Parady and Rich Cardona decided to bring you along on their journey into discovering NFTs and the new world of Web3 on their first NFT podcast.

Their engaging and friendly banter is refreshing, while the content they share is insightful and educating. Their style was honed on mainstream markets and is easy to listen to. This one may be a little simple for veteran Web3 users - but overall it's not a bad crypto podcast.

Insights for you:

  • From their first episode, the concept is that they are learning live - with you coming along for the journey. You may need to test some of their ideas in the real world.
  • We love a fun and dynamic duo to journey with people who are new to the Web3 and NFT industry. These hosts do the trick.
  • If you're just getting started - this will be your best NFT podcast!

Edge of NFT

The Edge of NFT Podcast is hosted on various platforms
The Edge of NFT Podcast is hosted on various platforms - edgeofnft.com

The Edge of NFT team has been hard at work selecting only the top 1% of the latest projects to review. Follow along as they dive deep into the nuts and bolts of both the business and human side of the latest NFT projects. Eathan, Jeff, and Josh bring a very clever wit to their episodes, making every episode a bit of fun with a lot of learning.

Insights for you:

  • This podcast has attracted well over 100,000 listeners and covers projects at quite a high level. Past episodes are great when reviewing a specific project (if they covered it)
  • This team made the list as they’re focused on growing the Web3 and NFT ecosystem. Listen along to hear about the cutting edge of new developments in the industry.
  • This is a leading crypto podcast from a team with excellent crypto knowledge.

The Crypto Funnel

The Lunar Academy brings you the Crypto Funnel Podcast
The Lunar Academy brings you the Crypto Funnel Podcast

This one is for crypto marketers and Web3 innovators! Straight out of the Lunar Academy comes the Crypto Funnel Podcast. Learn about marketing and growth with a focus on Web3 and truly innovative crypto projects.

The Lunar Academy teaches you how to be the best Web3 marketer you can be. On the podcast, you’ll look at the ins and outs of how to be seen and shine above your crypto competitors.

Insights for you:

  • A professional and engaging podcast discussing the ins and outs of marketing in the new Web3 world.
  • If you’re involved in launching a new crypto project or looking to work in the space - or simply want to understand how founders think about marketing - you’ll find this content is perfect for you.


The Unchained Podcast is hosted by Laura Shin

Unchained is hosted by Laura Shin. She’s a self-proclaimed “nocoiner” and is a respected journalist. She covers a huge range of topics from within the emerging industry and the blockchain space. With her journalism background and independent stance, Shin makes the industry jargon easy for you to understand.

While most episodes are perfect for beginners in the world of crypto, Laura is also very comfortable diving into very complicated and technical subjects.

Insights for you:

  • The Unchained podcast attracts some big guests onto the show - look out for some industry leaders and project founders when tuning in.
  • Friday shows are an easy way to catch up with the latest crypto news.
  • Every second week the podcast hosts “The Chopping Block” where Haseeb Qureshi, Robert Leshner, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra discuss the latest happenings in crypto.



A large part of the innovation in crypto and web3 is self-sovereignty - or just taking control of your own life/assets /value. The team at the Bankless podcast initially launched with the aim to help you figure out how to go about this process safely.

Your hosts, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman invite you into the wild west of crypto as they help you understand how to get started with open finance.

With a focus on crypto finance, they tackle topics across DeFi, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

Insights for you:

  • Technical deep dives and excellent educational materials are a great help when you are looking for proper education around decentralized finance.
  • Their interviews are highly rated as they draw great insights from their guests who are some of the great innovators of our time.
  • While individual episodes are valuable, it’s great to start at the beginning to put all the pieces in place in the right order.

Two Bored Apes

Of the best NFT Podcasts - these two apes are genuine NFT experts. Definitely not just an overpriced jpegs podcast.
Two Bored Apes - twoboredapes.com

If your focus area is all things NFT - the Two Bored Apes will keep you entertained while coving a whole lot of really interesting topics across the NFT landscape.

Each show is informative and engaging as Jamie and Roy discuss what’s currently happening in the crypto world along with popular NFT projects. The name comes from their metaverse characters Jaime Musings and Zeneca. But you don’t need to worry - this show is not only about the Bored Ape Yacht Club or digital art!

They cover various topics, current affairs, and interesting projects with a light-hearted narrative that leaves you listening to the next episode straight away.

Insights for you

  • These guys have some excellent interviews and guests who frequent the show.
  • While NFTs are their main focus - they cover all aspects of the crypto world.
  • As with many others, the early episodes are very educational if you’re just starting out while there’s a consistent mix of learning and innovation waiting for you as you make your way through later episodes.

Much more to Explore

With a huge range of highly credible crypto podcasts and NFT podcasts available out there, we hope you'll find that these seven will cover the topics you need.

While we may have left out one or two of the traditional bitcoin and crypto podcasts (eg. the Pomp podcast) - we've chosen ones that focus on the NFT space for 2023. These will cover NFT Gaming and NFT artists as well as educational content you’d find on other crypto podcasts.

You’ll also get some interesting insight from the latest crypto research findings as you listen and learn about the innovations and exciting happenings in the world of Web3, NFTs, and crypto.

Enjoy the journey!

As you start exploring crypto podcasts we hope you will enjoy the experience. Most listeners will put an episode on while traveling in the car or taking public transport. It's a powerful way to keep learning.

You'll find some producers host their podcasts only on Apple, while others may only use Spotify, Google or even YouTube. It may be worth listening on multiple platforms - or just browsing around on your platform of choice. We've tried to include ones that are available everywhere or on Spotify at a minimum.

Wherever you listen, we hope you'll enjoy learning through the medium of crypto podcasts.

Get started now

Dive straight into The Crypto Funnel with Tim Haldorsson and Julieta Ose - Episode One

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Top 7 Crypto & NFT podcasts to follow in 2023
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