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Top 7 Gamefi Projects to Look for in May 2023

Top 7 Gamefi Projects to Look for in May 2023

Gamefi, an exciting mode of gameplay that leverages blockchain technology to let players enjoy video games, is gaining significant momentum. The perk with these games is that they reward the players with NFTs and other awesome prizes for the time and effort they invest in playing.

In this article, we delve into some of the best gamefi projects to look for in May 2023.

So, let’s get started.

Top 7 Gamefi Projects to watch out for in May 2023

Wombat Dungeon Master

The gamefi project brings great doses of thrill and fun-filled experiences. It is similar to a treasure hunt, but is much more adventurous and captivating! As a player, you define your objectives in the “Dungeon Master”. The whole idea of the game lies in you hiding your NFT treasures smartly and letting the Wombats hunt for them. The gamefi project offers four options for you to send the Wombats to find the NFT loot - 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 1 day.

While the Wombats find the treasure NFTs along with other items, after each run, you receive XP to increase your level and other materials like uranium, iron, coal, etc. Wombat Dungeon Master can be played as a single player or by creating clans. These are expected to become a prominent feature in the future.

From a technical standpoint, you actually stake the NFTs hidden in the dungeon. Make a note that while your NFTs are staked in the dungeon, you cannot use them elsewhere. In one blockchain, a maximum of 100 NFTs can be staked. At any time, if you want to take back your NFTs, you can unstake them, and they will be available after 24 hours. For players out there, you will get a lot of rewards such as reward points, packs, NFTs, and Wombat token bonuses. 

To learn more about this nail-biting game, click here. Follow them on Twitter.


MetaMerge is an enthralling gaming experience that is just the right mix of AIGC, NFTs, DeFi, and of course, gaming. The gamefi project brings an array of features to keep you engaged every moment. While the AIGC feature helps you automatically generate mighty pets, the adventure component lets you solve unique quests, strengthen your teams, and more. 

Not just that, you have PvP/PvE combats that bring tournaments to win real money prizes. Above all, you can create mind-blowing NFTs by capturing, collecting, and merging monsters.

Meta Merge, as the name suggests, creates opportunities for you to build huge monsters and tackle your enemies. There are multiple genres and levels associated with each monster. From NFT Mystery boxes to NFT badges, you can trade meta merge monsters, box catchers, and many more interesting items in the marketplace. There’s a helluva of action-packed experiences to derive from this superb game! 

Check out here for more info! Follow them on Twitter.

Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns, a browser-based gamefi project that is built on blockchain, is very simple to get started with. The game primarily revolves around collecting pets, breeding, and farming activities. To get started, you need to complete a few requisite steps. First, you must have a digital or crypto wallet to store and manage digital assets like Unicorns, tokens, lands, and more. Usually, the Metamask wallet is recommended. 

Next, you must purchase the Crypto Unicorn and Land NFTs, which you can easily get from the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Third, you must get the RBW and UNIM, which are mainly needed for breeding activity. Once all this is done, you can get started.

Check out the gamefi project here. Follow them on Twitter.

Decentral Games

Decentral Games, the next wave of gamefi projects, lets you test your poker skills on the first-ever Metaverse poker platform. You get the chance to play against thousands of other poker fiends and win amazing prizes like Macbooks, iPhones, and more. The poker game essentially comes in dual modes - Challenge mode and Arcade mode. 

While the former lets you finish daily challenges and earn rewards, the latter offers the excitement of 6-player tournaments. You get to play it on any device -  mobile or web browser. Besides, it lets you get an immersive experience by taking you into the virtual world of Decentraland.

Check them out here. Follow them on Twitter.

My Crypto Heroes

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, My Crypto Heroes is a role-playing game (RPG) that offers the right doses of thrill and fun-filled adventure. It basically allows the players to go on quests, unearth rare items, and win exciting prizes. You can play the game in PvE mode, wherein you send your heroes to a dungeon to collect materials that you use to create equipment. 

They are a kind of asset that can be traded with users on other blockchains. Alternatively, you can play the game in PvP mode, wherein players compete with others to get NFTs and the governance token from MCH. 

To know more, click here. Follow them on Twitter.


BullDOGE is a crypto platform that offers $bDOGE and brings together all DOGE fans as a community. BullDOGE is developed to unite all cryptocurrency enthusiasts to fight the harsh bear markets and be optimistic about the upcoming bull market. 

While most crypto communities lack a long-term vision, BullDOGE is focused on carving a sustainable community that matches BULLRUN's bullish spirit. With a completely decentralized and community-managed token, the BullDOGE ecosystem aims to address the challenges of liquidity and volume.

Check out the gamefi project here. Follow them on Twitter.

Lord of Dragons

Lord of Dragons is the first P2E MMORPG, a completely decentralized game from traditional video games. The game revolves around a series of combats and lets players use their fighting skills to tackle the enemies smartly. You can play the game in PvE and PvP modes with diverse strategies through differentiated mastery. Enabled with auto-hunting mode, search methods, and a whole array of attacks and skills, Lord of Dragons can be the best P2E played ever!

Check out for more info here. Follow them on Twitter.

Wrapping up

Gamefi is gaining a lot of attention, and the frenzy is only on the rise. Check out the primary gamefi projects outlined here and experience the unstoppable thrill!

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Top 7 Gamefi Projects to Look for in May 2023
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