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Top 7 SaaS Businesses - October 2021

Top 7 SaaS Businesses - October 2021

Check out this list of our top SaaS businesses for October 2021. At Lunar Strategy our specialists have worked with hundreds of different SaaS companies under 2021 and here is our list of the most promising SaaS companies for October.

Here are the top 7 SaaS companies that might match the services you are looking for:


For coaches, team players, and basically any sports-based business, Heja can be an ideal addition to your team.

Heja provides an accessible platform where team members, teachers, and even the parents can communicate with each other. Through this, you won't have to go through several messaging tools just to coordinate the people involved.

Other things you can do with the said SaaS business include setting schedules, attendance records, reminders, and likes. What made it even better is you can do all of this in just a single app.

Hence, rest assured that Heja will save you a lot of time and effort. Because you can simply automate all of your communication methods, you can say goodbye to manual texts, phone calls, and more.

Heja Homepage


No matter if you're a beginner or an expert in programming, coding can still be a tedious task. This is what Coderr can help you with.

Coderr acts solely as an error detector app. It deeply checks your application or site, and checks it for bugs, coding mistakes, and other possible malware. Not only that, but they also automatically fix them along the way.

The app will also provide you with monthly reports. You can use them to get an overview of what you need to improve in your platform.

One of the best things about Coderr is, even though it runs alongside your application, it won't cause any slow-downs in your system. This applies even if it detects and fixes an error.

Coderr Homepage


For utility and network businesses, Digpro maybe your newest holy grail.

Digpro is a GIS software that will allow you to have a full view of a network's details and geographical information. This comes with two sub-products, which dpCom and dpPower.

The former will help you put out your telecom network on the map. Doing so will optimize tasks like planning, design, documentation, and handling of operations. This will also help bring your resources' efficiency to the max level possible.

The latter, on the flip side, will mainly help with resource management. This is specifically designed to aid in the needs of electric utility businesses. Same with the previous product, this also has tools for planning and design.

If you're a huge network whose services revolve around resource distribution (electricity, water, internet, etc.), then Digpro and its solutions will be a big stepping stone for your overall quality.

Not to mention, this is also one of the most cost-efficient GIS apps in the market.

Digpro Homepage


N'gager is a people-focused tool that will help you bring your team to their best potential. This SaaS business aims to increase your brand's overall quality and productivity by targeting the people behind it.

One of this platform's main assets is its science-backed features. It actually follows the art of motivational psychology to efficiently develop its employee-related features.

Moreover, instead of false positivity, the app will motivate your employees in a strategic way. In this way, you can still stay professional throughout this training.

N'gager promises results like continuous learning, effective cooperation, and increased commitment.

Like the others, this also comes as an all-in-one app for convenience. You can expect tools for microlearning, cross-generational connections, a modern intranet, and more.

All in all, this is a worthy app to have, especially if you want to prioritize your team's wellbeing inside the work environment.

n'gager homepage


Augmentt is a SaaS business for SaaS products.

If you're using a lot of platforms for your business, then using Augmentt will be a great choice. It will help you manage and operate your SaaS tools at once without being overwhelmed or confused along the way.

With this tool, you can backup all of your data from your SaaS apps, get an overview of how risky they are in terms of security, manage subscriptions, set passwords, and more.

Augmentt's services are perfect for businesses, no matter the size. As long as you're using several SaaS apps, using this tool will save you a lot of time, effort, and even money.

augmentt homepage


For e-commerce businesses, your main goal should be to prioritize gaining sales, leads, and engagements. This is exactly what Adoveo's tools can optimize.

Some things that you can do with Adoveo include creating and integrating video banners, interactive ads, and more. Rest assured that all tools are designed to gather revenue and increased retention rates. What makes this different, though, from other sales-boosting apps is, it guarantees fast and high-quality results.

The app's main offer is its vast choices in terms of ads. You can add promo ads, transaction ads, and donate ads.

Any type of e-commerce business will definitely benefit from Adoveo. This especially applies to those who are looking for a breakthrough in their sales rate.

adoveo homepage


Working online is probably one of the most convenient trends in the business field. However, there are some things that are just hard to complete through online means. Recognizing this, Oneflow came up with several solutions to help businesses solve this issue.

Oneflow primarily pays attention to formulating, managing, completing, and signing digital contracts. It will manage every contract you get and make and assure that you keep track of all of its requirements.

With this tool, you won't ever have to worry about spending a lot of time finishing digital agreements.

In addition, you can also get tools for collaboration, team management, smart automation, and other business-related needs.

oneflow homepage


Depending on the SaaS business that you use, expect varying tools for your brand. As you can see from the ones above, there's no doubt that each business has its own niche and forte.

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Top 7 SaaS Businesses - October 2021
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