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Top 7 SaaS Businesses – September 2021

Top 7 SaaS Businesses – September 2021

Most companies have already brought their businesses online. Since the playing field has become congested, those who offer the best customer experience always stand out. Knowing the top SaaS companies for September is one of the best things that you can do to improve your business. At Lunar Strategy our specialists have made a list of our top picks for SaaS Businesses in September 2021.

Here are the top 7 SaaS companies that might match the services you are looking for:


If you are aiming to be more cost-efficient, Capmo suits your needs. It is considered an intelligent tool for construction and real estate agencies. Capmo does not only give you a digital solution for your operations but also partners with you as you digitize your entire company. It's similar to having a personal guide in navigating a foreign territory.

Its user-friendly software is also one of the reasons why it belongs to the top SaaS companies. Using their software is just like using your smartphone, rigorous training is not necessary for you to get the hang of it.

Capmo is built with a lot of practical functions such as digital blueprints, digital construction time planning, and mobile construction diary. It's absolutely the construction software for your multiple processes.

Capmo Homepage

Pagero Network

Another top SaaS company that is included in our list is Pagero - a cloud-based platform that makes e-invoicing an easy-peasy task. Regardless of your industry and company size, you can easily issue, transmit, receive, and process all your invoices digitally with Pagero Network.

It ensures tax compliance anywhere you choose to operate. It delivers a seamless transaction with any system and accurate data on all your inbound and outbound invoices.

Pagero Network's AR and AP Automation are the ones responsible for digitizing your outbound and inbound invoice flow. These features are efficient and practical even for those who do not have digital capabilities.

Pagero Network wants to make sure that you can have a smooth e-invoice adoption so a step-by-step guide is downloadable from their website.

Pagero Network Homepage


The third SaaS company is Apptus - your best digital "app(ara)tus in converting your shoppers into buyers.

Apptus is a master in eSales as they encourage your customers to make the most of their shopping experience which leads to higher sales and eventually, a successful business.

Boasting a 15-year experience in creating eCommerce solutions, Apptus continues to enhance their platform eSales so they can further understand customer behavior and preferences. eSales can promise you three things - growth, relevancy, and operational efficiency. This platform is crafted to grow your business faster by making the customers feel understood through AI technology that offers more relevant choices based on customers' experiences. The same AI technology ensures an organized product data and basic operations.

Apptus Homepage


The next top SaaS company is DigiExam which is used by universities and schools for grading and publishing academic tests.

Our schools are always evolving. We are no longer confined to the classroom experience because our learning can happen anywhere - even digitally. It makes perfect sense that DigiExam offers a platform that benefits teachers, students, and schools.

If you're a teacher who is tired of carrying and grading too many papers, DigiExam can help you. Through DigiExam, you can co-grade with your co-teachers, store your digital files in one place, and create a more efficient assessment process.

Of course, students also get perks! DigiExam works online and offline so you can be anywhere while you accomplish your academic tasks. It also has an automatic saving feature so you don't have to worry about your unsaved papers.

DigiExam makes it easier for schools to maintain an unbiased grading system. It also supports BYOD and managed environments.

DigiExam Homepage
DigiExam Homepage


Are you thinking about improving your cybersecurity? Clavister got you!

It offers solutions like 5G Security and Elastic Secure SD-WAN. With 5G Security, management is secured through network segmentation, VPN, and MFA. The impact of a potential breach is also effectively reduced. Their 5G security is one of the main reasons why Tier 1 operators trust them.

If you look around and observe, you will easily notice that the future of network security is in the Cloud because as more companies shift to remote working, cybersecurity needs to constantly upgrade. This is what Clavister focuses on.

Clavister Homepage
Clavister Homepage


Nowadays, remote controls are not limited to on and off functions. Have you ever dreamed of having a single application that controls all home appliances? That's the ultimate remote control! Linkafy already turned that into reality.

This top SaaS company for appliance manufacturers was able to develop a technology that enables your customer to control their home appliances using a single application. This provides smart functionality and an easier life that is free of app-clutter in mobile phones. Your customers can also share their home monitoring options with their family members. Aside from controlling and monitoring their home appliances, customers can also schedule tasks and manage notifications using Linkafy.

Linkafy also guides companies to achieve this feat so you can concentrate on improving your customers' lives.

linkafy homepage


The last to make it on our list of top SaaS companies is no other than Detectify. This company provides you with proactive security as they detect problems in production as soon as they arise. They can detect vulnerabilities such as Amazon S3 Bucket, OWASP Top 10, and even undocumented ones. Results are also delivered fast so you can proceed to fix the detected problems.

With their Deep Scan feature, you can immediately be notified about your web apps' vulnerabilities and ways to fix them. Their Asset Monitoring feature helps you monitor and test multiple assets without complicated configurations.

If you want a taste of how Detectify works, they offer a free 2-week trial so you can hack yourself and scale up your web app security. You can also request a demonstration of their Deep Scan and Asset Monitoring products.

Detectify Homepage
Detectify Homepage

Those are the top 7 SaaS companies that we have listed for you. Each has its own niche and advantages. Choosing the right one highly depends on your products, services, and business priorities.

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Top 7 SaaS Businesses – September 2021
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