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What is a Google Ads Account Audit?

What is a Google Ads Account Audit?

A Google ads account audit is first of all something all Google Ads accounts really need! We can describe it as a process where we evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A Google Ads Account audit will reveal issues and pain points in the campaigns. Issues that, when addressed, makes the campaigns more successful and to wastage is avoided. There are many automated tools for this, however they lack the context of your marketing goals.

What Do We Do During an Account Audit?

Taking a look at the audits:

  1. We find areas with spend waste.
  2. Identify new opportunities.
  3. Gaining audience insights. This insight is applicable to the account as well as all other social media marketing channels.

The analysis comes in a report with an action plan. This plan concerns both one time change and suggestions of ongoing management adjustments. It is like taking a step back and actually evaluate what you do. Before spending more money on things that might not be so effective.

Steps in An Account Audit

  • We review your goals
  • Revision of the account structure
  • Checking the Campaign Optimization
  • We check the ad groups
  • Optimization and generation of keywords
  • Optimization of the Ads
  • Checking landing pages

Once we have analyzed all these pain points we deliver a report to you. Whether you want to tackle all the areas that we identified needed improvement or not. It is valuable information. You can also take them step by step. The big difference is that now you know. You know what needs to be done and what would be good to do and it is up to you to prioritize. The main thing is that you don't have to assume, you know.

Do you want more information about Google Ads Account Audits? christina@lunarstrategy.com and We Are More Happy to Help!

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What is a Google Ads Account Audit?
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