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What Is Re-Marketing And How To Get The Most Out Of It?

What Is Re-Marketing And How To Get The Most Out Of It?

Re-targeting or Re-marketing has become one of the most efficient and rewarding ways to advertise. Catch past visitors of your website and keep your brand on top of their mind. This meanwhile they browse the web. Or read the news or watch YouTube videos. This is when you can incite them to come back to your site for more.  This action can drastically increase your conversion rates. Visitors that are already familiar with your products or services are more likely to complete actions on your website.

How Does It Work?

You can set the goals for each re-marketing campaign separate. For your first re-marketing campaign it is recommended to target all the visitors of your website. You can be more specific in your re-targeting approach later.

If you already advertise on Google Ads you only need to add a re-marketing tag to your website. This will start creating a list through the browser cookies. Through this tag you can target all the visitors. Or choose a specific action or a specific segment or your products or services. You can with other words customize the tag for different pages so it corresponds with defined categories.

Let's say you operate a travel company. You want to target the visitors who checked out your page about travel packages to Portugal. You know that they are already in the market. By offering them a special offer you have a great chance to convert them.

There is an infinite number of ways to target these audiences, including:

  • It can be based on the product or service page they visited
  • Based on visiting a certain page of your checkout process
  • If they were not visiting a certain page
  • How long they spent time on your site
  • Number of pages they visited
  • Demographic targeting
  • Geographic targeting

The benefit of Google's Display Network is that it reaches across millions of websites, videos and devices. Re-marketing makes it possible to reach them while they browse a vast number of Google partner sites. This is the benefit of Google Display Network.

Google Ads Remarketing Options

There are several options that you can choose when you decide to start a remarketing campaign:

  • Standard re-marketing is a feature that shows your ads to all past visitors on your website.
  • Dynamic re-marketing is the feature where you can not only show your ads to past visitors. But also a specific product or service that they viewed on your website.
  • Re-marketing for mobile apps is a feature where your ads will be shown when they use other mobile apps or websites after using your mobile app.
  • Re-marketing lists for search ads, also known as RLSA. This enables you to target your website visitors on the Search Network. All meanwhile they search on Google or Google's Search Partner sites.
  • Video Re-marketing will show your ads to people who have interacted with your YouTube channel or other videos. The ads will be served on YouTube or on the Display Network websites.
  • Email list re-marketing is also known as Customer Match. Upload your email list, and the ads will be served to the people on the list. This when people are on Google Search, Gmail or YouTube.

Know when you know all this you can think about and decide about the following:

  • Decide which pages your remarketing tags should be on
  • Choose a network and decide how to reach your target audience on that network.
  • Understand how to create ads tailored to your target audience.

Creating Banner Ads for Google Ads Remarketing

Doing re-marketing on Google Ads you have the option to create ads that include text, images, videos and rich media. This gives you an opportunity to create beautiful ads! These re-marketing ads can be based on the assets ( Pictures, text, videos etc) that you have on your website. There are with other words infinite opportunities to make outstanding ads!

Why Remarketing?

Some statistics show that only 2-4% of people visiting a website results in conversions. Re-marketing is the answer to once again catch the attention and convert the visitors!. The main point with re-marketing is to find people who have shown enough interest in your products or services. Enough interest to visit your website in the first place. People who have visited your website are much  more likely to convert. This no matter whatever activity you consider a conversion. t

Do you want to know more about this? Reach out to us at christina@lunarstrategy.com !

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What Is Re-Marketing And How To Get The Most Out Of It?
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