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Why Support to Earn is the New go-to Marketing Strategy in Web3

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Jan 23, 2024

Why Support to Earn is the New go-to Marketing Strategy in Web3

Ever wondered how Waleswoosh became one of the most influential figures on X? Or how Compound continues to keep more than $2 billion locked in their protocols and remain a trusted name in DeFi?

Times Have Changed

As Web3 marketers, we are all aware of the process of growth hacking a new project or developing our pseudonymous alter-egos. And with the advent of new technologies, it has become even simpler.

What's causing this shift in perspective? What's pushing us towards a more value and user-oriented experience? The answer can be traced back to the concept of support to earn, which presents a variety of Web3 rewards that are too enticing to ignore.

In this article, I'll walk you through how some of these support to earn tools work, what they look like and a range of options for you to explore.

Together we'll dive into dApps like Dework, Charmverse, Tide, Gleam and Zealy. We'll uncover what makes them unique and why you or your project might decide to use them in your support to earn endeavours. 

Understanding the Web3 Bounties Ecosystem

The bounty system of Web3 brings back memories of my childhood.

The excitement of discovering new rewards in a treasure hunt is constant. It's a thrilling experience to come across a new collection of treasures waiting to be claimed.

These digital rewards serve as catalysts for collaboration and engagement and enable participants to contribute their skills and enthusiasm to the ecosystem of a particular project, and in more recent times, a particular person too.

Different Types of Web3 Bounties

Generally speaking, there are two categories of Web3 bounties.

  1. Technical bounties, crafted with developers in mind, form one facet of this ecosystem. Developers are tasked with unravelling complex problems and enhancing blockchain functionalities, or finding bugs and weaknesses in a codebase.

Then we have the flip side:

  1. Non-technical bounties, designed for folks like you and me, community enthusiasts who wield influence beyond lines of code. These non-technical bounties open doors for writers, designers, marketers, and advocates to shine, acknowledging that building the Web3 future requires a diverse set of talents.

Common Tasks for Web3 Bounties

Users actively participate in various activities such as liking, commenting, and sharing posts, interacting with profiles, and fostering community engagement. In this interactive ecosystem, users are incentivized to contribute meaningfully to the community by earning rewards.

The more a user engages with posts and profiles, the higher their potential for accruing rewards, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between user activity and platform growth. 

Who is Using Support to Earn and Web3 Bounties?

While doing my usual digging and diving I identified two key player profiles shaping the game. 

First up, you've got the Web3 projects, like the DAOs or blockchain ventures, like us, Lunar Strategy. We're leveraging support to earn and Web3 bounties to propel our agency forward and remain ahead of the curve.

It's a smart move, tapping into our community's collective wisdom to code up solutions or take care of non-technical tasks, and we're not the only ones doing it either!

Then I came across something very interesting and unique, you've got individuals and influencers, people like Waleswoosh, leveraging tools previously reserved for Web3 projects and businesses. 

Waleswoosh Zealy

This genius method of growing a personal brand impressed me and from what I can tell, is very fast becoming the norm.

We're adopting similar tactics, adding support to earn into our strategy to attract enthusiasts, and elevate our projects. It's this dual dance of project advancement and personal community-building that makes the Web3 ecosystem truly dynamic.

Different Types of Bounties for Contributors

Bounties for contributors come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it's tokens or stablecoins, Web3 projects have options for everyone. Financial incentives have proven to be the most popular but the rewards don’t stop there.

I came across experience bounties, offering contributors unique opportunities or exclusive access to events and some projects get creative with NFTs, turning your contributions into digital art or collectibles.

If you're a bargain hunter, discounts on project-related products or services might be your bounty of choice. And for the altruistic contributors, there are impact bounties, where your efforts contribute to social or environmental causes.

It's bounties galore really, with tokens, experiences, NFTs, discounts, and impact – catering to every contributor's taste and motivation.

One project that really stood out was Celestia, who has recently undergone a very successful airdrop campaign worth over $350 million at the time of writing. It is encouraging to see the success that can generated when combining these new, forward thinking approaches to Web3 marketing. 

Best Support to Earn and Web3 Bounty Tools

Let's take a closer look at some useful tools shaping the support to earn landscape that has stood out to me.


First up, we have Dework, a tool that simplifies contribution by offering a global bounty board, letting you apply to tasks or submit contest bounties effortlessly.

Get paid directly to your wallet after completing a task, with the added bonus of storing your completed tasks on-chain.

The intuitive task feed keeps you in the loop on new opportunities, creating an organized task board to track everything in one place.

Dework Demo


Now, let's dive into Charmverse, a haven for Web3 communities. Beyond its Web3 native membership management, this tool fosters relationship-building with features like login options with Wallet, ENS, or Discord.

It boasts role-based access control, enabling you to grant roles and gate content based on token or NFT holdings.

Charmverse is a testament to community empowerment, as shared by Zack Guzman, founder of Coinage, highlighting its pivotal role in enabling community governance and creativity.

Charmverse Demo


Next on the list is Zealy, a growth-driving platform that transforms community members into contributors. 

Here, members engage in friendly competition for the leaderboard's top spots, earning instant rewards by completing quests.

Zealy's approach turns community growth into a collaborative and rewarding journey.

Zealy Demo


Venturing further, we encounter Tide, an all-encompassing marketing and analytics suite designed exclusively for Web3.

It empowers communities to launch and track campaigns that precisely target, connect with, and retain users. 

Tide is an on-chain game-changer, ensuring that communities receive the experiences they truly deserve.

Tide Demo


Last but not least, meet Gleam, where beauty meets functionality.

This platform allows you to effortlessly set up and run competitions, giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes that not only engage users but also drive real participation.

Verified actions and built-in viral sharing make the user journey seamless, while one-click entry simplifies the competition process. With over a million contests run.

Gleam is a trusted companion for those seeking visually attractive and effective engagement solutions in the Web3 space.

Gleam Demo

Benefits Beyond Bounties

The progression towards bounties for contributors and support to earn mechanisms offers up a world of benefits.

  • Contributors become fully integrated into societies where their knowledge is respected.
  • Financial or value-based rewards.
  • Promotion of creativity and teamwork. 
  • A healthy sense of purpose.

The Future of Support to Earn and Web3 Bounties

As I explore the potential of web3 growth, I can't help but feel optimistic about the future.

The traditional marketing funnel is giving way to an evolving ecosystem where contributors are not just spectators; they are active participants shaping the future of projects and communities.

The utilization of affiliate marketing methods, combined with incentivizing contributors through bounties, is bringing about a significant shift in the way digital growth is achieved.

Tools like Dework, Charmverse, Tide, Gleam, and Zealy are not just platforms; they are gateways to a future where contributors are the driving force behind success.

As we continue watching Web3 marketing evolve, one thing is clear: the future of web3 growth is collaborative, transparent, and full of opportunities for those ready to embrace it.

Tim Haldorsson
CEO of crypto and Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, involved in the crypto scene since 2017. Provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and Finance Magnates.
Jack Haldorsson
CMO at Lunar Strategy. Been in the crypto space since 2017. Jack leverages his know-how of the blockchain ecosystems and strong KOL relationships to execute result-focused strategies that amplify brand storytelling, drive awareness and grow the project sustainably with the help of Influencer relations.
Adam Westerén
Head of Sales
Adam's passion is to create self-sustainable communities in the Web3 world. He enjoys when you create a Web3 community that can grow by itself. This is what he does in his current role as Head of sales.
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As a Community Manager at Lunar Strategy, I'm passionate about finding new ways to connect people, add value and build strong community relationships.
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As head of growth at Lunar Strategy, I understand the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require.
Nick Ballanutsa
Crypto Content Creator
Crypto Content Creator, Nick is creating engaging Twitter threads & posts for leading crypto & NFT companies.
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Influencer Manager
Influencer Manager at Lunar Strategy.
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Head of Partnerships
Head of Partnerships at Lunar Strategy, creating win-win solutions for Web3 companies. You might have heard his music on Tomorrowland from his previous ventures in the music industry.
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Head of Community
Jarrod is responsible for the teams that provide both engaging social media content and enticing and informative articles for our clients.
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Editor at Coin Bureau
Tayler McCracken is the Editor-in-Chief of the Coin Bureau, a leading publication that provides cryptocurrency education.
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As a web3 storyteller, Vineet brings a wealth of experience in content, journalism, and management, with hands-on knowledge of metaverses, NFTs, AI, and finance.
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Lunar Strategy
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Content & Marketing Specialist
Content & Marketing Specialist at Lunar Strategy.
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Raised in the spring of technology, solving problems and finding simple digital solutions is part of my nature. I’m a teachable individual who is always eager to learn and develop as a person.
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Google Ads Specialist
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Media Manager
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Why Support to Earn is the New go-to Marketing Strategy in Web3
Why Support to Earn is the New go-to Marketing Strategy in Web3
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