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12 Community Growth Tips in the Age of AI

12 Community Growth Tips in the Age of AI

In the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrency, it’s essential to maintain and sustain, which calls for networking with investors. While it applies to any niche, in the case of cryptocurrency, where people are less aware, or there are many scams, you need to stay in constant touch with the enthusiasts and investors to keep them updated.

This is accomplished by having more than just a bunch of followers on Twitter or Facebook. Interesting discussions among members can be initiated only through platforms like Reddit or Discord.

In addition, it makes a lot of sense to start and grow a community wherein you encourage members worldwide to participate, contribute ideas, offer opinions, and more.

In this article, I discuss 12 amazing ways to foster community growth in this era of emerging technologies like AI.

12 Interesting Ways to Foster Community Growth with AI


12 Interesting Ways to Foster Community Growth with AI

Promote Community Growth

The crypto sphere is constantly coming up with developments, changing trends, and more. For investors and enthusiasts alike, staying aware of these movements is important. Besides, it would create interest and impart knowledge if the people get engaged in a discussion. That opens the gateways to a community - a place where crypto fiends can showcase their talent, suggest ideas, offer opinions, support or oppose others' viewpoints, and do much more.

With AI, it is possible to have chatbots that would respond to queries or participate in discussions in your absence and keep the audience engaged.

Crypto projects need community

The price of crypto coins depends on market forces of supply and demand. While these keep fluctuating, investors need to stay updated. This calls for a robust community wherein they can exchange information and collaborate.

Modern technology like AI can help by serving as a moderator in community discussions.

Use the NFT community strategy

NFT communities are often created to inform users about upcoming collections, offer airdrops, promote protocol to more coders, or increase liquidity. Discuss with your internal team the primary goals. Besides, keeping users well-informed is crucial. Here, you can take advantage of AI. Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI technology can be operational 24/7 and resolve the queries of users, helping in NFT community growth.

Defend your project

However great your strategies might be, all projects are prone to disputes. Users often bring in some or other concerns. Deploy AI tools to address minor complaints while you focus on the more critical ones.

Reward users and let them redeem crypto coins

It’s an awesome way to foster community growth by encouraging healthy competition among participants and rewarding them with coins. I suggest using a virtual currency system to reward the users. Use AI-powered software to establish competitions and reward the participants.

Encourage Innovation

While you have ideas to grow your project, it certainly benefits from inviting ideas from others in the community. This would result in newer ways of innovation and foster community growth.

Powerful tools based on AI can keep the members engaged in the interactions by responding to their queries promptly.

Incentivize the community

An interesting strategy to foster community growth is conducting social media contests, meme contests, free giveaways, and more. Here, AI can be leveraged to design and conduct contests on social media and such.

Manage the community

Ensuring proper management of your community is vital. As the members of an online community belong to diverse backgrounds, they would need different kinds of inputs to make decisions. Usually, a representative constantly keeps in conversation with the online community to engage with the members. However, in this age of AI, chatbots can do the tasks obviating the need for a representative, thus reducing time and costs.

Communicate and Collaborate with other projects

While it might appear strange, acquainting users with other projects helps them develop a broader vision of the community as a whole. AI chatbots can inform users and respond to their queries on other projects.


Invite your community members interested in the project and clarify the goals, milestones to be achieved, and how they can refer others. You can unleash the potential of AI tools to interact and network with community members.

Acquire a blockchain network

A blockchain network brings together users and developers, who, in turn, are sources of rich ideas. It makes sense to have a branded community that attracts more users.

AI tools can help create text and visual content, offer ideas for research, and create awesome content calendars that will contribute significantly to community marketing.

Seek professional help

Doing everything yourself could seem daunting. There are various professional services offered by organizations that can not only contribute ideas but even help in easy user onboarding.

Closing thoughts

The crypto sphere needs sound marketing, and the best strategy to achieve this is through a branded community. I believe the methods discussed here would surely help you enhance your community growth.

12 Community Growth Tips in the Age of AI
William Rejström
As a Community Manager at Lunar Strategy, I'm passionate about finding new ways to connect people, add value and build strong community relationships.

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