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Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies of 2023

Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies of 2023

PR Marketing Agencies with a focus on Crypto and NFT projects are launching every month - so we thought we'd bring you a list of the ones we think are leading the way in the NFT and Crypto niche for 2023.

About NFT and Crypto PR

Our list explores the top NFT & Crypto PR Agencies - but also why you need them, and what to expect from them. Feel free to skip to the reviews, or read on to learn a bit more about what to expect when you hire a leading crypto marketing agency to handle the PR for your NFT or Crypto launch.

Chasing the Moon

In the world of Web3, we often see an NFT or crypto project rocket to the moon and pin it down to a lucky break. But when you take a look underneath the raging success - you’ll almost always find a dynamic Crypto PR Agency.

In the consumer-first Web3 world, Public Relations and Community Management are where the real magic happens.

It is the work of seasoned crypto marketing agencies that can really bring your NFT project to life. And it’s not just about community building and running a Discord. Top PR firms will engage with your ideal audience wherever they are, making use of a whole suite of services to get your project the attention it needs to fly.

But do you really need a PR Agency to get your project to the moon? Before we explore our list - let’s take a look at what you can expect from the best PR Agencies in Crypto.

Crypto Public Relations in 2023

In crypto marketing, public relations receives a lot more focus than other marketing strategies - and for good reason. In fact, a lot of traditional business people still think PR just stands for Press Release or that the two PRs are effectively the same thing. Once you understand the value of effective public relations - a whole new world of opportunity opens up.  

Take a look at this quote from our very own CEO, Tim Haldorsson when he was discussing marketing in Web3:

Tim Haldorsson says PR is a great tool for crypto companies to tell their stories.

It's the core of your marketing strategy

As you can see, we believe PR will be at the very core of your successful crypto marketing plan for your Web3 and NFT projects. 

Why? Well, because it directly influences and impacts your community. A great PR strategy gets the attention of your perfect audience to build interest in your project.

It informs and educates your audience and attracts them through storytelling. When you combine this with first-class community management, it’ll nurture them into clients and then longstanding customers, advocates, and ambassadors.

What does a Web3 PR Strategy Include?

A Web3 PR strategy is primarily built around superb content. This is what you’ll use to deliver relevant social media posts, long-form articles, yes - press releases, blog posts, Twitter threads, videos, and other relevant engagement opportunities.

Great Content Matters

Most of your content should discuss the benefits, unique qualities, and value-adds that your project (and your team) bring to your ideal audience.

  • What sets you apart?
  • Is it innovative?
  • What impact will it make?
  • What is your story?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • How does it help your user?
  • How does it make them overcome their challenges?

Creating the best content for your story counts - it is really worth the effort. 

Planning your content is going to help you get a content creation system going so you can deliver a consistent, relevant, on-brand flow of new and relevant content to support your PR efforts.

If this sounds like too much to handle by yourself - the good news is that it’s one of the big perks of using tried and tested NFT marketing agency - especially one with a good influencer marketing track record.

Content Distribution is Key

Once you have some content ideas and you’ve turned them into posts and articles, it's time to publish your content. Content distribution is really where an effective PR agency can make a huge impact if you want to get your project to reach for the moon. 

In short, you want your content to be on the channels where your ideal Web3 users are already busy connecting.

Channels can include blockchain social media, tech websites, crypto websites, industry news publications, Discord and Telegram chats, relevant e-newsletters, podcasts, or WhatsApp communities. Influencer marketing sites and newsletters are also great places to target.

Take a look at this resource from Hubspot about traditional marketing Press Releases. Much of it can still apply to Web3 as well.


In Crypto Marketing - you need to get your content in front of your ideal audience.

Reputation Management

A key part of your PR Strategy is what happens after your content is published. Does it just sit there? Do you share it far and wide? If it’s well received, do you connect with and build an audience from those people? If it lands like a lead balloon - do you engage and learn and still build community?

These are some of the things a PR crypto marketing agency will have in mind when they partner with you to launch and grow your Web3 or Crypto project.

DIY or Partnering is a big decision

With the scope and scale of work required to make a big impact in the Web3 and Crypto world we think you’ll agree that there’s a definite need for professional Web3 and Crypto PR Agencies as you go out to launch your NFT project.

In case you’d like to go it alone, we’ve published a more detailed overview of creating your PR Strategy here:

Lunar Strategy published a more comprehensive Guide to PR for Web3 Projects.

Now that you have a bit of context and some background - let’s review our top picks for the eight best PR agencies that can rocket your project to the moon in 2023.

The List: Our Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies for 2023

Tips when making your decision

When selecting your perfect NFT marketing agency partner to help you with your crypto marketing campaigns there are a few things to keep in mind as you make your decisions:

  • How much content will be delivered?
  • Who will be writing the content?
  • Are you looking for full service or just a few promo pieces?
  • What reach does that agency have?
  • What is the cost of getting featured on the agency’s partner sites?
  • Is influencer marketing important to you?
  • What influencers does the agency have access to?
  • Does the agency have a minimum budget requirement?
  • What is the agency's reputation?
  • Have they had experience with crypto projects similar to yours?
  • What is required of you - and what deliverables must they bring to the partnership?

These questions will help you define the scope and expectations for engaging with one of our top eight PR Agencies in the Crypto and Web3 industry.

The Top 8

1) Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is now one of the top crypto marketing agencies and PR services. With this team, you’ll find a keen focus on Web3 with extensive experience in NFT marketing strategies, PR services, and community marketing services. Lunar will help you refine your marketing strategy and achieve growth. A highly professional team ensures you're working with one of the best NFT marketing agencies around.

Based in Lisbon, Lunar has helped many NFT and crypto projects reach their growth and marketing goals. They deliver many effective marketing services, including PR campaigns, community building, blockchain marketing, paid ads, email marketing, NFT influencer marketing, and a focus on reaching your target audience to deliver growth.

Lunar also has a very experienced content marketing team who can help you to plan, produce and publish content that fits your project’s image, tone and approach. 

Book a free consolation with Lunar Strategy here and see the results start rolling in.

2) Jukebox

Jukebox leads influencer marketing and PR services for the music industry.

If music is your thing - then Jukebox is your go-to. Currently the leading NFT and Web3 crypto agency for music-focused crypto brands. Made famous by their launch of the Atari Metaverse Gaming project, Jukebox is a niche-focused cryptocurrency marketing agency. 

As a traditional marketing agency for real-life festivals, individual artists, and even entire labels, Jukebox can give your music-based crypto project the creative services and crypto influencer introductions you need for business success. 

In terms of NFT marketing services, Jukebox delivered the Sven Vath NFT drop. In this campaign, Sven released his unique NFT collection, including a virtually autographed photo and unreleased tracks. 

Jukebox Launched the Sven Vath NFT in 2021

In short - if music is your industry, then Jukebox is your ideal agency.

3) Blockwiz

For NFT Marketing Services and Web3 PR - Blockwiz is big.

With years of experience in the crypto marketing game, Blockwiz is one of the best NFT marketing agencies. Their expert team offers a full suite of crypto marketing services and brings a wealth of experience to any crypto business.

They've delivered successful campaigns to some massive brands with their digital marketing solutions - including KuCoin and Huobi. Their PR services are proven in marketing crypto and their marketing campaigns have a broad reach.

Meet their founder, Dev Sharma on YouTube:

Their effective marketing strategies embrace opportunities across the full digital marketing spectrum, including social media management, content writing, PR services and search engine optimization. Blockwiz has a global reach and a focus on crypto influencer marketing.

4) CryptoPR

As a top crypto NFT Marketing Agency, CryptoPR is bold to claim the #1 spot.

In direct competition with Blockwiz is PR firm CryptoPR. Like Blockwiz, CryptoPR has handled press releases for some of the most recognizable brands in the crypto space. Past clients include Crypto.com, Binance, and Cryptopia. 

They are a highly professional team and are seriously well connected to traditional media, which helps with getting your project onto mediums like Coin Telegraph, Yahoo Finance and Benzinga.

This is one of the crypto agencies that offer guaranteed coverage from top crypto media sites and news agencies (at a fee, of course). This has allowed CryptoPR to present some exceptional case studies, such as DeFi coins - a crypto project that raised $750,000 having featured on over 20 different top crypto media outlets. 

As with Blockwiz you can arrange an interview for your project at CryptoPR. You just may need rather deep pockets to unlock the full potential of their PR services.

5) Single Grain

NFT Marketing is a newer service for Single Grain.

As a legacy digital marketing agency, Single Grain has dabbled in NFT marketing and is the king of keyword optimization. This helps boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will help any NFT business to grow. They have mammoth traditional clients in the likes of Amazon, Lyft and Uber. From a content marketing point-of-view - their experience is highly valuable when planning a content strategy.

For us, it’s exciting to see a non-crypto team take crypto PR so seriously and deliver some excellent results.

Focusing on marketing through Google ads, conversion optimization and Facebook (Meta) advertising, Single Grain is shooting for the stars by promising "limitless growth" as a result of their marketing. They can assist NFT brands with content plans or full-scale marketing campaigns.

You can get a free consultation from Single Grain today, here.

6) Coinbound

NFT Marketing comes naturally to Coinbound

As the exclusive PR agency for both Coinstats and CryptoDaily, Coinbound marketing has worked with leading crypto influencers such as BitBoy and even bigger companies like Nexo, helping them all achieve their growth goals.  

Their agency services span social media management, influencer marketing, and public relations campaigns. Coinbound manages the most extensive collection of crypto influencer marketing experts spanning the biggest social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and more. Their PR Services are highly effective for building brand awareness in the crypto space and NFT marketing.

You can learn about their story here:

The team hosts a great crypto marketing podcast here or book a free consultation.

7) Crowdcreate

NFT Marketing is a key focus of Crowdcreate.

Previously featured in Forbes and CoinBureau as the best crypto marketing agency, Crowdcreate has delivered NFT marketing services to projects such as Solana, Axie Infinity and Morgan Creek.

Founded in 2017, they are experts in NFT marketing strategies, connecting each of their clients to a massive curated list of crypto influencers to suit their needs. PR Services, brand awareness - this agency has a full range of offerings for startups or established brands. 

Their NFT PR services encompass in-depth guidance every step of the way, including unique products such as an NFT minting advisory and smart contract strategy consulting. As such they have carved out a reputation as one of the top NFT marketing agencies for focused NFT marketing strategies.

If you're looking for the best NFT marketing services partner, book a free consultation with Crowdcreate here.

8) Ninjapromo

Ninja knows how to market NFT projects.

Last up on our crypto marketing list is Ninjapromo, a social media marketing services agency specializing in unique and creative content production. Their "solutions" include social media marketing, email campaigns, crypto influencer marketing, NFT listing services, NFT marketplace marketing, and other traditional agency services.

Well-known case studies from Ninjapromo include Debay or Bitforex. If you're an established business - test them out with their free social media checkup.

Their marketing work extends beyond the crypto industry and NFT services. Traditional marketing focuses on helping B2B and Fintech companies to meet their growth and marketing goals year-round.

PR Services in Crypto vs Traditional Marketing

If you're serious about growing your NFT projects - selecting the right partner from the marketing agencies above will put you on track to success. These agencies offer a broad range of solutions with a focus on Web3.

Crypto marketing is a highly focused niche industry - quite different from what a traditional marketing agency may be used to. Selecting from these vetted NFT marketing agencies will ensure you find the right marketing services to take your crypto project to the next level.

Remember, in Web3 it's all about the user. Build, write and market for your consumer and you're off to the right start.


With our Top 8 NFT and Crypto PR Agencies to consider for 2023 list done and dusted - we hope you found a partner or two worth connecting with to take your NFT and Crypto projects forward.

As a recap - we've covered influencer marketing, NFT marketing services, crypto marketing, NFT community marketing, PR services, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and had a look at some of the best NFT marketing agencies and crypto marketing agencies to help you implement the perfect crypto PR plan!

Have you found the PR agency which will best understand your goals and vision - with the team and experience to take you forward? Let us know or complete the form below to book a strategy call with Lunar Strategy - and we'll help you reach for the moon!


Here's an additional resource from the Lunar Academy with a quick intro to PR Marketing:

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Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies of 2023
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As head of growth at Lunar Strategy, I understand the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require.

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